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Little Deaths By You

Posted: December 9, 2020

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plundered from the depth till my death,
wetness felt,
Amber smells for you,
Coffee beans spilt around for me,
At the touch of you,
erected the goosebumps from head to toe,
Cold rugs went hot,
We entwined two as one,
I am deaf to any sound apart from yours,
I am blind to any vision apart from any skin,
I am dumb to any word apart from muttering and whispering my love into your ears,
A bit of yours gave me many little deaths in one night.

Trail of clothes, on every surface
That we came undone on
The entire world appears to be gone
I only see the pure ecstasy
As you look down onto me
My skin is tender to your touch
One that I simply can’t get enough
Your almond brown eyes send me over the edge
No teasing, don’t make me beg
Our bodies are intertwined
The temperature continues to rise all night
I continue to give you everything my body holds
As the rugs used to be cold
A bit of yours gave me many little deaths in one night.

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