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Things I Learnt From My Mother

Posted: November 18, 2020

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Once again let me look at her
to recall the lessons,
it is important
as beyond her embrace,
of touch when she is near
or as telepathy when I’m far,
can’t see my path clear.
I’m living in a world so hi-tech,
There isn’t an instrument
to unearth pain,
Just with her gesture
I started to bud.
Where I was broken!
and my mascara was telling
time was roughened,
I was clouded with misery,
Yet smile was there,
She taught me not everyone you meet is your friend,
Every step would be stab disguised in sympathy,
delirious decisions,
doomed in all dimensions,
she taught me to let go,
to build a bridge on shattered dreams,
before they called forgotten.
love ages too;
it becomes ripe if treated with patience,
cooked with tolerance,
she loved me for all the wrong reasons,
and taught me the meaning of forever,
she had the heart of a sea,
and I had qualities of sea,
quite in a day and stormy at night,
abstract things when getting wrong
I threw the concrete ones by my side,
Empty almirahs on the filthy grounds
she taught me the power of faith until next try,
She even taught me times change,
so as it’s need,
the first they say never lie or steal or cheat,
yet there is something you should not always describe and speak,
Roots of only your own cultivated Rose Garden would be so tight.
As I cultivated you,
you also know it from all insights,
Without her,
I would have traded my apologies for my soul,
she was there always to make the dark around me an enchanted forest.

A passionate scribbler and wishful bread earner. A voracious reader and loves to connect readers

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