My Latest Netflix Binge Was Ajeeb Daastan, Which Left Me Awestruck

Ajeeb Daastan consists of four stories, an amalgamation of thoughts to which I don’t remember the sequence, but the short films are highly impactful.

Ajeeb Daastan consists of four stories, an amalgamation of thoughts to which I don’t remember the sequence, but the short films are highly impactful.

With such easiness, the movies attempt to elicit an easy effort of real-life. I was engrossed in the stories  far longer than usual. The relationships have changed through time, and patience is virtually gone. Impulsiveness has become the need as the idea of living in the present overhauls all other valuable aspects.

Starting with the first narrative, which has little influence on me, the need to play the next one is unavoidable.


It started with the story Majnu, in which a man married being dominated by his father in order to build an empire and submit his true personality to the circumstances.

It was more like a bargain, when the wife openly and blatantly expresses her demands and wishfully flirts with other men around her. They were both deceived by someone who preyed on their distant feelings in their marriage.

The story ends with horrifying and absurd dialogue, so there are no hard emotions, but the storyline cannot be overlooked.


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Then there’s Khilona, the second book in the series, which didn’t have much of an impact on me. I’m a firm believer in responsible and cautious parenting. This is depicted in the film.

Whatever you do, the youngster will imitate it and may end up reacting impulsively to the victim. Despite her background as a housemaid, Nusrat Barucha plays a deceptive role.

It’s also difficult to believe such a diva as a housemaid at first appearance. Her appearance might be a lot better. Her daughter has savagely recreated the strategies she does to get things done for a living. A child’s open use of abusive words is worrisome. This film didn’t have much of an impact on me, but it was one of the worst parenting example.

Geeli Pucchi

The third story Geeli pucchi is just another rendition of issues in the workplace, but in a manner where Konkana Sen played a role of an educated Dalit woman who waited for equal work opportunities and environment which wasn’t possible until the entry of Aditi Hyadri who is a cream class of the society and is married to a loving open-minded man.

I mean yet another depiction of the male dominant society. Majorly, the role of Konkana Sen is of a powerful protagonist. She doesn’t fear fighting for her right. In her 30’s a Dalit divorced woman is good until she took the favor of her workplace friend Aditi to manipulate the Hierarchy. A friend to her but a chance to take her place equal to the cream class of the society. 


The fourth story Ankahi is an example of the mistakes we make when the present is not going well. Lack of patience where I do not just mention that being an unhappy woman in a marriage is not enough to move on and start a life, yet the role of Shefali Shah is a blend of a strong and weak woman at the same time. The complexities of life tend to make bad decisions not good in the long run. Yet, for our present, we also mustn’t be responsible for playing with someone else’s feelings.

Chronology of my liking from best to worst!

If I have to rate the movies in a chronology of my liking from best to worst. I’d give them a:

Ankahi- 4.2/5 

Geeli Pucchi  – 4/5

Khilauna -3/5

Majnu- 1.5/5

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