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Isn’t It Just As Creepy If A Woman Openly Checks Out The Underwear A Man Is Wearing?

A woman ogling a man's underwear at a fitness class is just as creepy as a man doing this to a woman, so why is this 'Macho Man' ad showing this as acceptable?

A woman ogling a man’s underwear at a fitness class is just as creepy as a man doing this to a woman, so why is this ‘Macho Man’ ad showing this as acceptable?

Advertisements and social media are mirrors in which we can see ourselves as well, as they reflect our own perspectives of the moment. Like I was extremely happy to see the recent Cadbury Dairy Milk ad, and everyone was sharing it with others, tagging their friends on social media, so that they could see it and feel the change.

We indeed need more like that one, but not like the one I watched, flabbergasted, yesterday.

Like why would a woman check out the underwear a man is wearing, with such desperation? I mean it’s okay to check out if one really wants, but discreetly.

How is it Ok to be so obvious about it, and then to highlight that in an inappropriate way, just for an ad? I am certain that Vicky Kaushal, the actor who is playing a ‘Macho man’ in the ad would have been super uncomfortable if he was not in an ad! Not just me.

What if the genders were reversed – wouldn’t we call the man creepy?

Let’s reverse the roles and imagine, if it were a man staring like this at a female’s inner wear. Wouldn’t a woman in this position feel creeped out? Women would have been up in arms on her behalf.

Now, my question is to the same group, how is it then okay for a woman to play a creep, if it’s not acceptable in a man?

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For god’s sake let us stop showing such things in ads – they do more damage than anyone can imagine. This is no women’s empowerment.

And a fitness class is no place for placing such behaviour. Health and fitness classes are a common space today for a guy or a girl to workout at, to meditate or do anything else fitness related, but not to checkout some sexy moves and inner linings of undergarments. Be it a man or a woman, it is not Ok to show this as ‘normal’. While here Vicky Kaushal seems happy with this, reality is different, totally different, so let’s not put such ‘role models’ in front of young people.

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