6 Things A Dream First Solo Trip As A Woman Taught Me

When you travel solo, you are fully responsible for yourself. You are also not needed to look after others' needs so you can focus completely on yourself.

When you travel solo, you are fully responsible for yourself. You are also not needed to look after others’ needs so you can focus completely on yourself.

Discovering myself with a new set of eyes is the motto of solo travelling for me. We live in a judgemental society. Yet, my restless feet and curious mind helped me fight the judgments around me.

Also, having parents who believe in me more than the society helped me go on my first ever solo trip to Sri Lanka. Here’s a listicle of things that I learnt in the journey.

It’s Ok not to have planned everything

The real thrill of solo travelling is that you don’t need to call that one group that always plans a trip, only to cancel it.

One day I got a call from my boss’s office informing me that we would be having four days off in the following week. These days were followed by a weekend. So, my mind just wove the next trip as I returned to my seat. I was my own boss, and it took me just 15 minutes to settle on a destination.

I wanted that first stamp on my passport. Due to the crunch in savings, I decided to go to Sri Lanka. I did not call any agent. I was the sole planner. I used Airbnb (a hotel in Katunayaka) for the stay. I booked my flight via Make My Trip, using some points from a friend to get a discount. That was all!

Best way to enjoy is to pamper yourself

For me, pampering isn’t simply about staying in cosy surroundings. It’s also about learning to challenge my extremes and trust my guts. Being an adventure lover, I searched for all the places to see in Sri Lanka from the moment I booked my ticket.

I was a bit hesitant upon reaching the airport as many female travellers had informed me that it wasn’t safe for girls, but I had the best time of my life on those 6 days and 5 nights.

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The hotel staff welcomed me with coconut water and a big piece of jackfruit. The jackfruit seemed a little weird, so I asked the staff to cook it for dinner. The receptionist was a local girl who connected with me easily because it was also her dream to travel alone, as it had been for me three days ago.

Sri Pada Adam’s peak gave me the best view of Sri Lanka after I had climbed almost 5,781 stairs. It felt like I was walking on the clouds.

You are not alone

Solo travelling can be a bit intimidating as we travel alone, but it’s far from the truth. Yes, you start the journey alone, but the feeling of being alone doesn’t last long. Often, people who appear to be alone are much more approachable than people travelling in groups.

Trust me, others are more comfortable talking to solo travellers. The chances are that you will meet many interesting people when you travel solo. Apart from the hotel receptionist, I met a Norwegian couple, and am still connected with them on Facebook.

You become more aware, and also a problem solver

When there is no one around to wake you up or take care of your actions, then you automatically become more aware of your surroundings. You become responsible enough to not put yourself in danger. Be it about getting fooled by people in money matters or anything else, you make your own decisions.

This, in turn, makes you a decisive person.

This trip taught me that you may end up sleeping less, or you may travel more than you had planned, you may have to take the typical local transport where everybody’s staring at you because you’re a tourist. But, you take it all as it comes, become a go-getter to solve anyyour problems.

Engaging more with the destination than with your partner or companion

While travelling solo, you are not responsible for others. You are more into making local connections. So, you return home with some of the best experiences ever in life.

I hired an auto, called tuk-tuk in the local language. The auto-driver became my full-time guide. He took me to some major attractions at offbeat places, and explained everything. He even clicked beautiful pictures of me for memories!

Fewer money issues

You can manage money issues on your own, easily. There will not be any fuss about money distribution, or downloading a Splitwise app, or maintaining any excel sheet. You can spend and save money as per your wish and requirement.

You will become a content heart and start travelling more often.

After this trip, now my motive is just to save money, and plan my next solo trip to less exploited places. I will also try to plan or cover up the gaps which I left in this trip. One can become a highly free-spirited person. From finding an ATM to a food joint, every bit made my trip a memorable one.

Travelling solo allows you to know a stronger person within you. And, you will realise life is much more beautiful outside when you look from within.

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