Darlings… Aankhein Chaar Ho Gayi Tera Ye Wala Change Dekhkar…

Honestly, I want to appreciate Alia to set an example as a lead role that the change has arrived and the girl like her who was madly in love with her male counterpart can still take a step and spread the fire. 

A few weeks ago trend on twitter was is #boycottaliabhat. But why? Something that was always there for ages, on that people didn’t react this way.

Nowadays they talk, in fact, many do talk, but do we #boycott the husbands who do domestic violence? The answer is no!! Then why just one portrayal is receiving such hate?

This comes as no surprise. Amidst all happening in Bollywood, it seems like Chalo let’s make something different trending!

We face domestic violence, but still persist

Arey when the trailer was released many days back and we knew the plot was #domesticviolence and we were eagerly waiting for the movie. Yet since the movie actually released on Netflix the reaction was completely different. I mean why? Because the girl decides to do the same as what she received for good 3 years of her marriage?! After all the trust, hopes and chances she gave. Poor girl always thinks that alcohol was the reason! Hell no! Patriarchy was!

Hamsa is well played on behalf of every second moron of our society who not always physically but also emotionally abuses their wives. 60% or more girls never share anywhere, not in their homes not even with friends, might be in one hope that he will change, and the story continues…

Here Alia’s mom played by Shefali Shah was also a victim of domestic violence and was always seen trying to show the red flags to her daughter. Yet, we all still believe that moving out seems impossible, as without this husband we do not have any identity. Everything will be fucked! Damn, everything is fucked now…

Why the unnecessary boycott?

Though certain points were disappointing and I’ll come to them later. First, I want to highlight the reason behind this baseless boycott. It is fear spread along the crowd.

Fear of change.

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Fear of rebellion.

Honestly, I want to appreciate Alia to set an example as a lead role that the change has arrived and the girl like her who was madly in love with her male counterpart can still take a step and spread the fire.

Those who are saying this movie is supporting violence against men are the same who boycotted #ranvirsingh for the nude photo shoot and who can’t hold their pee until they reach home or find a public toilet to unzip them to relieve them amidst working road.

Hypocrisy is at its peak!

I know I’ll not support Alia’s character in one thing though it was important to run the storyline. I don’t understand why she waited to take a stand for her until she lost a child. I mean were the taradiddles not enough to unveil the evil side of her husband?

It is present in every second household, somewhere physical somewhere mental torture but it is there!

Most women would hesitate

Again, one thing I recall, when the first time Alia went to the police station to file charges again Hamsa (her husband), the inspector said why can’t she just divorce him? Shefali Shah (the mother) said, this word is good and trending but only on Twitter!

This shows how much still we need to normalise the thing. We are writing, and reading about it every day but still, it is a big taboo! The statement is a reflection of our society that even after we have started taking such things normally, the change belongs to a particular community and not to all. Whereas it must be normal for everyone.

The second statement was when Shefali says; “pata nahin ye mard itna julm kaise kar lete hai?”

The response was “kyunki aurat karne deti hai!”

Par kyu karne deti hai? Why does she allow it? Do we know? Don’t we want to break the chain? Or do we want someone else to break it for us? We think that if I’ll get separated whose name will my children take? We are stuck in baseless things.

The change has begun; we have to take it far

I never meant leaving a relationship for small things is okay, but things like torture is never acceptable. Is this fear of living alone or society who will talk about her, keeping Alia with Hamsa even after such treatment every night? And domestic violence against women is so common that when it was happening vice-versa, the neighbours not once thought it could have been her hitting Hamsa. That was something that made me laugh while watching, but made me ponder while writing this blog.

This movie is an example set for change. When Alia said why I’m asking for self-respect; it is very much there, I just need to accept it myself – is a change welcomed by all in the movie.

Alia’s character can be more powerfully portrayed as when Hamsa hit Shefali Shah and she gave Alia a choice; there the girl failed many women out there who still support that a child is enough to change an asshole mentality like his.

Darlings is good for a starter to serve the wave of in the society.

When the mother Shefali Shah kissed the younger man; my dil went mmmm… life can be lived at 40…50…60… or 90! None of anyone else’s business!

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