I am a former bureaucrat, and have worked a lot on gender issues, disaster management and good governance. I am also the proud father of two lovely daughters.

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Daughters’ Rights Are Natural Rights: A Father Speaks

A father writes that his daughters rights are natural rights, and so is every woman's. Let no one let you think otherwise.

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Daddy’s Girl Grows Up

A father recounts how his little girl, who would once cling to him, is now a young independent woman.

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A Letter To All Fathers On Raising Boys Who Don’t ‘Eve-Tease’

As boys learn what it means to be a man from their fathers, the role of a father in raising a humane man is critical.

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Tapas Pal Doesn’t Scare Me

India's politicians often make inappropriate, insensitive and misogynistic comments, and get away with it. This insightful post questions why.

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Habitual Victim-Blaming

Instead of focusing on offenders in harassment cases, the Indian judiciary and society at large often resorts to victim blaming

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She Must Be Black, no? (Part 2)

Sexism is well and alive in every political party in India, including the AAP which promised to be different

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A Tale Of Two Women

How much has really changed when it comes to dowry deaths in India? The recent stories of two young women are revealing.

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Respect Begins At Home

Safety for women in public, starts with respect for women at home - the attitudes are very much linked to each other

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Judge, Judge Thyself

A judge has an unusual ruling on a case of bigamy in India. What do you think?

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Homemakers and stress
Do Homemakers Face Burnout?

We think of burnout as happening to only those in high profile jobs, but homemakers face stress and can burnout too.

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How women react to stress
Fight Or Flight OR Tend And Befriend?

How women react to stress seems to be different from the way men to - The 'tend and befriend' response seems to work positively for them

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why are Indian women stressed?
Indian Women Are The Most Stressed

Why are Indian women stressed? The dual burden of managing home and family still falls on women's shoulders.

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Pink chaddi campaign poster
Where Are The Pink Chaddis?

With a spate in crime against women and victim blaming, is it time to resume the Pink Chaddi campaign?

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Section 000, Indian Penal Code: Attempt To Rape

Did you know that a rape attempt is not strictly speaking, considered a crime in India? An insight into crime against women

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capital punishment in India
Pardon Me, I Am A Rapist And A Killer

When capital punishment in India is legal, why should the President give a pardon to rapists and murderers of women and children?

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suicide among Indian homemakers
Anomic Suicide And Indian Homemakers

What is the reason for a high rate of suicide among young Indian women, and especially suicide among Indian homemakers?

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Molest, And Get Away

Molestation and other crimes against women in India rarely carry stringent punishment - the accused get bail very easily.

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rape fantasies in women
Perversion, Possession, Or Just Normal?

On the male response to hearing of rape and on rape fantasies in women : how "normal" are these?

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Indian wedding food
Food For Thought; A Thought For Food

Indian weddings are among the most ostentatious weddings ever! Do we really need such expensive weddings?

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NCW in India
The National Commission For What?

Does the National Commission For Women (NCW) really matter? How are its members selected and what is their record on women's rights?

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Paralysis By Analysis

We need swift punishment for those who perpetrate crimes against women - like those in the recent Guwahati case

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Women Have No Safety Zones

Think crime against women is confined to the 'crime capital', Delhi? The data on crime against women in Kerala makes you rethink!

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salute to a young woman
A Salute To Sharanya

A salute to a young woman, who even in death, has helped other people through organ donation

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Indian woman empowerment
Liberated…With Clauses: Sociologically Speaking

Women's liberation and empowerment in India: examining the reasons for why it is so superficial

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A beautiful love story
Married In Haste, Loved For A Lifetime

A beautiful love story, shared in retrospect; A boy and a girl meet at a training academy, but only one of them gets through. What follows next?

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Games People Play

The existence of perverted rape games reveals the prevalence of misogyny in the world of online gaming

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beautiful woman
Penalized For Being Pretty?

Are beautiful women treated differently during job interviews? Is there a bias for or against them?

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Everybody Loves A Good Cause

Do we need a celebrity to help us debate social causes? Or are programs like Satyameva Jayate only meant to increase TRPs?

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Live In Relationships And Maintenance Law

How is Maintenance defined in the Indian constitution? And does it apply to live-in relationships as well? An introduction to Maintenance Laws in India.

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My Heroines Through History

Some lesser known heroines through history, who stood up for their independence and shaped the course of women's rights

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Motherhood, Through A Father’s Eyes

When a parent with young children is gravely ill, what thoughts run through their mind in those last days?

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Dimwits, All

What have great men over the ages said about women? Let's find out!

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Amartya Sen To Aamir Khan

Did we really need an Aamir Khan to tell us that sex-selective abortion is leading to an India of no women?

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Who Will Protect Them From Us?

Why has all the outrage over son-preference and daughter-avoidance in India hardly made any difference to the sex-ratio?

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Father Of The Bride

An Indian dad speculates on the multi-cultural wedding his daughter might have - and derives much fun out of it!

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Tick Mark The Correct Answer

I recently came across the blog post ‘Madam Justice, Here’s My Character Certificate’ on Women’s Web. It is about the insensitivity shown by the then Chairperson of the Kerala Women’s Commission (Justice Sreedevi) – she is quoted as saying that if a woman wears revealing clothes, men are bound to be tempted to touch her. […]

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Add A Fire And Priest

What happens to a woman's dreams and wishes when she marries someone she hardly knows, in that form we call 'arranged marriage'?

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More Musings From A Father

Bringing up independent and intelligent daughters as an Indian father.

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Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Why do we encourage the dowry system in India till today?

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I Demand A National Commission For Men

I am a harassed Indian male, only I didn’t know it. I hereby acknowledge with gratitude the role played by the All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) in opening my eyes to the harassment, sexual exploitation, torture and abuse that I face at the hands of women day in and day out, to the extent […]

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A Night Without End

A bureaucrat remembers his first brush with a dowry death as a young man sent to investigate a case

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Marriages Are Made In The Academy

IAS officers - a "catch" in India for whom "high prices" in the form of dowry are offered - and paid

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Meena’s Story

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone - as seen by the story of Meena Kandasamy, a feminist, writer, poet, translator and champion of Dalit rights

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The Arrangers Of Lives

While all parents wish their children well, somewhere down the line, we become less of parents and more of "arrangers" of their lives.

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She Must Be Black, No?

Fair, homely, traditional, modern, rich family, same-caste and of course virginal - the main requirements from an Indian bride

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A Little Girl Who Grows Up To Be A Friend

The biggest gift a father can give a daughter is the ability to stand on her two feet.

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The Stockholm Syndrome

Is an abusive marriage, which sees domestic violence, similiar to the Stockholm Syndrome?

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Against The Order Of Nature

Much noise has been created over the legalization of homosexuality by the Delhi High Court without understanding that Article 377 was a British creation

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No Smoke Without A Pyre

While the plight of Vrindavan widows is well-known, the recent report on them being denied dignity even in death, is shocking.

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