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How To Get What You Want? Leadership Lessons From Kids

Kids' behaviour can often teach you a lot about life. Including leadership lessons. How? Read on to find out.

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15 Life Lessons Learnt As A Woman That I Can Take Forward With Me In 2016

Experience is the best teacher, and our place in society often determines what we learn. Here are 15 life lessons learnt as a woman that the writer would want to take forward into the new year.

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These Online Initiatives Boost The Rise Of #WomenAtWork In India

These online initiatives boost the rise of women at work in India. Make use of them, and let us know if you are aware of any more too.

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The 10 Ms That Affect A Woman’s Career Trajectory

No matter what your priorities are and in what order, here are the 10 Ms that are likely to affect your career trajectory.

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Why Today, The 1st Of November, Is A Good Day To Start Your Weight Loss Program

Today is as good as any to start that weight loss program you've always contemplated but today does have its tactical advantages. Find out how!

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Are You On A Weight Loss Journey? Here Are 9 Things You Should Understand Before You Start

There are many ways to lose weight. Here's what I learned from my own journey. You can make it work for you too.

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4 Content Myths Busted

Content is changing the way we look at the world. What once used to be just a tool to communicate has now become the very ground from which marketing executives, influencers and media leaders operate.

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4 Ways To Network Effectively In India
4 Ways To Network Effectively In India

Networking is not about the numbers, but about a genuine interest in people. Here are 4 ways to network effectively and be good at it.

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The Great Indian Tuition Raj

Tuitions all the rage today and the specifics will astonish you! The writer recounts how this trend is inescapable and the reasons for its prevalence.

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What After Blogging? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

After successful blogging, what do you do next? Here are 5 things you can do, after blogging and monetize your services too.

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What 5 Days Of A Digital Detox Diet Taught Me

Going offline is good for you. You connect to the real world, in ways that constant digital connectivity does not allow you to. Here is an account.

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Going To Be ‘THE’ Mother-In-Law? | The Good, Bad and Ugly

Is your relationship with your mother-in-law good, bad or ugly? Mutual respect and willingness to rewrite the rules can salvage this often rocky relationship.

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Open Letter To Anyone Working With Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not an illness, but it can be a vulnerable time for many women. Remember these tips when interacting with any pregnant woman at work.

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18 Things You Really Miss About Being Pregnant – Once It Is Behind You!

Whether an easy or difficult pregnancy, it is a memorable time for sure! What do you miss about being pregnant? Share!

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46 Nuggets Of Everyday Wisdom From Working Moms: How They Make It Work

A Mother's Day special: Every working mother has ever own secret mantra to juggle the work life roles. 46 real life pieces of wisdom from working moms.

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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Participate In Tweet Chats

In today's world, it is very important to have a strong online brand value. Here are 6 compelling reasons why you should participate in tweet chats.

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34 Compelling Topics For Business Blogs To Keep You Going A Whole Year!

It’s important to update your business blog regularly. So, here’s a free list of topics for business blogs - use these for the next one year!

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How To Resume Work After A Career Break

Here is a post, by Nischala Murthy, that will help you find the answers to the question 'How to resume work after a career break?'.

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Sex = Female. Status = Married. Address = Kitchen. Do You Know ‘Her’?

Kitchen is a known territory. For some it is comfortable too, while not so for others. But do you think it is just ours: Woman's territory?

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36 Compelling Reasons For More Women To Turn Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be an excellent, empowering choice for women, and here are 36 compelling reasons why.

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Love Yourself First: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself On Valentine’s Day

There is happiness is loving others, but there is freedom in loving yourself! This Valentine's Day, love yourself first.

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twitter for small business owners
7 Great Ways To Use Twitter For Small Business Owners

Twitter for small business owners can be so much more than a promotional channel. Use Twitter effectively to research and get inspired too!

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Michelle Obama on working moms
7 Key Messages I Took From Michelle Obama’s Talk On Working Families

This video interview with US First Lady Michelle Obama on working moms, and enabling working families will resonate with you. Here are some key messages.

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If He’s Not Well, She’s There. If She’s Not Well, Who’s There?

Our society reinforces women's role as caregivers, time and again. It's time this changed to help women focus on their own health, says this post.

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Why women should work
From Learning To Legacy: 30 Great Reasons For Women To Work

What do women gain from working outside the home? From financial independence to self-actualization, here are 30 great reasons for women to work.

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50 Things I Wish I’d Truly Understood (As A Woman) On Starting My Career

These 50 tips for women starting (or re-starting!) their careers are born from experience. Keep this excellent list handy.

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Why Extra-Marital Affairs Happen And Are Here To Stay

Why do extra-marital affairs happen? This post examines the many reasons for extra-marital affairs and why they are here to stay.

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The ‘Only Women’ Social Networks: A Powerful Change Is Underway

The rise of 'Only Women' social networks has the potential to transform how women work with and support each other.

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I believe in you
I Believe In You, Do You?

When so many people pull down a woman's confidence, sometimes, all she needs to hear is 6 little words: I believe in you, Do you?

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Do You Love Yourself? Go Learn Something New

Once we hit the 30s, most of us stop investing in learning new things, and in ourselves. Here's what you gain when you learn something new.

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Do we need a Lean In movement for India?
Why We Need Everybody To Create A ‘Lean In’ Movement For Indian Women

A Lean In movement for Indian women has to be about women leaning in to their careers, but also an entire ecosystem coming together to enable women to lean in.

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Asking For Help: Are You An A+ Or A D-?

Asking for help doesn't come easy. Here are some pointers on how you can avoid stress - by knowing when to ask for help, and how much.

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Integrated Housing Townships | Possible Solution To The Woes Of Working Women In India?

With working women in India often fighting a battle on dual - work and home fronts, are integrated housing townships a good solution in the here and now?

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What working mothers need to succeed
The Working Mother’s Career Continuum: Focus. Flow. Flex

On this Mother's Day, take a look at the three foundational pillars of a working mother's career. And celebrate the choices and work of all mothers!

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The productivity secrets of ants that every working woman must know
7 Productivity Lessons From Ants That Every Working Woman Should Know

Being a working woman in India is often not easy: there always seems to be 'too much to do'. 7 productivity lessons from ants every woman should know.

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India 2014 Elections: Why women must vote
2014 India Elections: The power of ‘Womaniya’

When women form 49% of India's population, why are only 11% of registered voters women? Here is why women must vote in the 2014 India elections.

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Girl? Woman? Wife? Mother? Grandmother? When Did You Last Say NO?

Most women cannot get themselves to say NO due to their upbringing, social conditioning and their own fears of the repercussions of saying NO

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Why working women in India need mentors
Why Every Working Woman Needs To Find A Mentor

Having a mentor can make a big difference to a woman’s career, career choices and ability to make the best of those choices.

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The Forbes India 30 Under 30 List: 20% Women. Good, Great or What?

6 women in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Good, great or enough? Why don't we more women in the list of achievers?

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After Maternity Leave – Getting Back To Work?

Getting back to work after maternity leave? Highly practical tips for working mothers from a mother who's been there, done that.

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how to deal with workplace bullying
How To Handle Workplace Bullying

Women encounter offensive remarks and nasty behaviour in the workplace on account of their gender. How can women handle workplace bullying stemming from gender bias?

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Why Do Women ‘Stay Put’ In Bad Marriages?

The reasons why Indian women stay in bad marriages don't seem to have changed much, or have they?

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To The Women Who Made My World Go Round In 2013

To the women who made my world go round in 2013 - A lovely note of thanks for all the sisterhood!

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Men and vegetable shopping
Men And Vegetable Shopping…?!

Men and vegetable shopping - why can't men get vegetable shopping right? Really, what is so hard about it?

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Reading the newspaper
Girl…Do You Know What’s In The News?

Girls and women need to read the news to stay informed and use it for their careers as they step out into the world.

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married womans expression
Married Women And The ‘BUDDHA Expression’

Why do married women in India display a Buddha expression? Analyzing how Indian women respond to daily problems.

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Girls can fly
Will You Let ‘HER’ Fly?

Will you let her fly? Girls are born to fly, but we try to keep them on the ground as much as we can.

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Girls Rock campaign for girls
My Secret Wish List For My Girls

Kicking off the #GirlsROCK campaign is this secret wishlist for girls. What do you wish for your girls?

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Why is life tough for working mothers in India?
Working Mothers In India: Its TOUGH – But WHY?

Why is it so tough for working mothers in India? A comprehensive look at what holds back working mothers in India from their careers.

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mummies and worries
Mummies & Worries: Born Together?

Mummies and worries: When a woman becomes a mother, why does she start worrying?

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Why Are Women Behind Most Parenting Blogs?

Why is that largely, only women write parenting blogs? Does it say anything about the roles of dads in our families?

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Who is a woman's best friend?
Who Is A Woman’s BEST FRIEND?

Talking about women and friendships, Who is a woman's best friend? Some interesting thoughts.

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Is Writing Emerging As A Serious Career Option For The Indian Mother?

Why is writing emerging as such an attractive career option for Indian mothers? Exploring careers in freelance writing.

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Power of woman
The Power Of A Woman

The power of a woman - where does it really lie? An interesting poem on the power of women.

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Women and friendships
Why Do Women Stop Investing In Friendships?

Why do women lose friendships as they grow older? Let us nurture the beauty of our friendships.

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Why women dont dream
Why More Women Don’t Dream

Why women don't dream, especially after a certain age: Is it conditioning or circumstances that make us give up our dreams?

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Womens choices - SAHM or working mom?
SAHM v/s Working Mom

Women make tough choices - to be a SAHM or a working mother? Which one works for you?

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Natural Childbirth
Having A Baby The ‘Normal’ Way In Urban India – A Thing Of The Past?

Why are more pregnant women in India having to undergo caesarians? Is having a baby the normal way a thing of the past?

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Benefits of Yoga for working mothers
Working Mothers – Is There A Magic Mantra?

Is yoga and meditation the magic mantra that can help working mothers handle challenges in life?

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