Why More Women Don’t Dream

Why women don't dream, especially after a certain age: Is it conditioning or circumstances that make us give up our dreams?

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” Dr. Abdul Kalam

Over the past few months, I ‘ve been doing a lot of reading, thinking and writing about the importance of having “dreams” in the journey of life. And by dreams, I don’t mean the dreams which you get when you’re asleep. I’m talking about dreams which make you want to jump up from bed each day, and live your life fulfilling your dreams.

Why women dont dreamI quizzed people in my network about their dreams, and as expected there was a range of responses which inspired a post on “Are you too old to have a dream?”. Evidently, the answer is NO. You are never too old to have a dream!

But there were other interesting observations that I also made in connection to women and dreams:
1. Women after a particular age found it harder to articulate and express their dreams? I can’t help but wonder why?
o    Is it because women don’t have dreams?
o  Is it because women don’t want to share their dreams?
o    Is it because women have not really thought about their dreams?

2. The dreams of many women after a particular phase of life (read as marriage, or becoming mothers) hardly revolve around them. Again, I can’t help but wonder why?
o    Is it the genes?
o    Is it the way women have been conditioned?
o    Is it that their lives revolve so much around their families that their dreams also revolve around their family?
o    Is it that their own dreams are somewhat side-lined / put on the back-burner to enable others to live their dreams?
o    Is it that somewhere they’ve lost their own view of “their dreams”?

3. So many women did not have any real long term dreams at all. Again, I can’t help but wonder why?
o    Is it that there are genuinely no dreams?
o    Is it that they don’t believe in the power of dreams?
o    Is it that they have accepted that dreams don’t always become reality, and hence there’s no point in having a dream
I don’t have all the answers, But here’s what I do know..

Dreams are vital to the journey of life
Dreams change with time and life
Dare to Dream!
And work to make your dream a reality!

Here’s to DREAM POWER!

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