The 10 Ms That Affect A Woman’s Career Trajectory

No matter what your priorities are and in what order, here are the 10 Ms that are likely to affect your career trajectory.

No matter what your priorities are and in what order, here are the 10 Ms that are likely to affect your career trajectory. 

When you started learning the English alphabet, it always started with A for Apple. By the time it reached M, there were many words. M for Monkey, M for Milk, M for Mouse, M for Mirror. There are just so many M words that come naturally. It is no different for working women. In this post, I am listing down the 10 Ms that affect the career and life trajectory of women at work

1. Mother

How she conducted her life and what she said to you matters. What she did not say to you matters even more. What she taught you, what she expected of you and how much she supported your choices and decisions (especially during the vulnerable moments), your mom’s belief system and what she expected from you matter a lot.

2. Men

How he looks at you, talks to you, thinks about you, what he expects from you, how he values you, helps you and supports you matters! How he does not look at you, does not talk to you, does not think about you and does not expect from you, does not help you, does not support you, these things matter even more! The way the men in your life treat you and all the women in their lives affect your choices.

3. Mindset

Your individual personality, thoughts, goals, dreams, aspirations, priorities, preferences – and what you are willing to do despite all odds will determine the quality and longevity of your career as a woman at work. Your DNA, experiences, priorities and choices influence your decisions.

4. Money

The value you associate with money based on your upbringing, and what money could not buy you / get you in the formative years of life is key. Most importantly, are you working to put food on the table or not determines how you navigate your career trajectory. The value you associate with money and the need to work changes how you make choices.

5. Marriage

Your expectations of yourself, your spouse, your marriages is important. But more important is your clarity on where you career comes in the list of priorities after marriages changes the complete equation. When, why, how and whom you marry can transform your career and life.

6. Mother-in-law

What she told her son about the differences between a man and a woman, what she did not tell him about the similarities between a man and a woman, all these things matter. How much he heard and understood matters even more. How she raised her son (your husband) and what she expects from you (on a daily basis) will influence your everyday lifestyle

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7. Motherhood

How your feel when you see your baby for the first time, when you hold him / her in your arms and what you are willing to let-go and what you need to hold-on to will determine all your career choices and preferences for the next 10 – 20 years of your life. How you feel for your kids and what you believe is non-negotiable as a mother will determine everything you do.

8. Maids

What kind of paid support system you have at home is one of the most deciding variables in the choices you can make in your career and life. Also, your ability to pay for such services will determine what you can afford and for how long. How regular and reliable they are will determine how you think, what you can do and what you cannot do.

9. Movement

When, where and how you make a shift (in terms of transfer to a new place) and the governing employment guidelines will determine what you can do in terms of work and beyond? Physical relocation to a new place will determine the opportunities based on where you reside.

10. Medical issues

How good your health is (both minor / major issues) and how healthy are your loved ones (again both minor / major issues) will determine what career opportunities you can choose, what organizations you can work for, how long your career lasts and what career growth you can expect. Your health and the health of loved one’s will determine the focus and time you can invest in your career and yourself.

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