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34 Compelling Topics For Business Blogs To Keep You Going A Whole Year!

It’s important to update your business blog regularly. So, here’s a free list of topics for business blogs - use these for the next one year!


It’s important to update your business blog regularly. So, here’s a free list of topics for business blogs – use these for the next one year!

Are you blogging for your business? Do you run a corporate blog to gain mind-share, market-share or profit-share?

And you don’t know what to blog about?

If I had to create a Blogging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on what I get asked most of the time, the top questions would be:

1. Why blog?
2. What to blog about?

Why blog?

If I had to answer, Why should a business/corporate blog?, the answers are manifold:

  • To share your views/voice
  • To engage/nurture your industry ecosystem by connecting with customers, partners, suppliers, analysts and solution providers
  • To learn yourself and stay updated with the market and industry trends
  • To generate leads and
  • To create a brand!

What should I blog about?

The next question is, What should I blog about?

In this post, I’m listing blog post ideas for a business blog which can last you for 1 year, if you publish at least 1 post a week. The key to success is consistency over a long period. For that, focus, planning and a commitment to invest in your blog are the most important requirements.

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I usually recommend a healthy mix of different content formats on a corporate blog including blogs, pictures, infographics and video content.

So, choose a topic from the list below, decide on the format, and publish, publish, and publish away!

  1. Why did your business or corporate start? What was the idea and how did it come to be?
  2. The initial phase – challenges and lessons. What did you learn from setting up your business
  3. The founding team – Who they were and how did they come to be? Look for fun or lesser known facts about the team. It always makes for an interesting read if a reader knows a ‘personal/human’ side to you.
  4. A timeline which highlights key dates/milestones since inception.
  5. What are your offerings (services/products)?
  6. Recent innovations in your business, which affect your business – this could be done once in 3 months, so you can have at least 4 posts in a year.
  7. What is unique about your offerings?
  8. What difference will your offering make to a customer?
  9. An industry timeline or infographic (how the industry came to be?)
  10. Lesser-known facts about your business/industry – with interesting trivia, facts and figures (well-researched and data accuracy is important.)
  11. Industry surveys and trends – infographic (what the latest market surveys are saying, for your industry as a whole).
  12. Video from your CEO on any topic that he is passionate about.
  13. A blog post on the current trending topic (technology/business/process) and your views on it. You could even do this once in 2 months, you’ll have 6 posts for a year.
  14. A success story for your business: Who was the client? What was the problem? How did you solve it? This could be done at least 2 times in a year.
  15. Lessons learned from a not-so-successful customer project: What was the problem? What did you learn? This could be done at least 2 times in a year.
  16. A must-read monthly round-up of 8 – 10 interesting industry articles, news, views, opinions, perspectives – from your customer, partners and competitors as an online curated resource that anyone can refer to (With 1 per month, this adds up to 12 posts for the year).
  17. A must-read monthly round-up of 8 – 10 interesting articles, news, views, opinions, perspectives – on life hacks, productivity, getting better at work and general inspiration as an online curated resource, which anyone can refer to (With 1 per month, this adds up to 12 posts for the year.)
  18. Interviews with experts – What are your industry experts are saying about the future? Even if you do 1 per quarter, you will have 4 posts in a year.
  19. Choose any topic that is currently trending and get 3 or more alternate views on the subject. For instance, if the topic you are currently interested in is around next generation analytics solutions, write a post with the views of a customer, technology provider, product vendor and analyst. Just bringing together voices from different perspectives can make it a truly unique and compelling read.
  20. A note about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and what your company is doing towards specific causes.
  21. 10 reasons why anyone should join your company.
  22. A post on marketing – its relevance and importance for your business.
  23. A post on digital – its relevance and importance for your business.
  24. A post on social – its relevance and importance for your business.
  25. A post on big data – its relevance and importance for your business.
  26. A post on analytics – its relevance and importance for your business.
  27. A post on cloud – its relevance and importance for your business.
  28. Your company’s view on the next big thing that can change the world.
  29. Your company’s view on innovation.
  30. Your company’s view on change in leadership.
  31. 10 must-read books – for your business and industry, and why.
  32. An open letter to anyone joining your company.
  33. 5 – 10 blogs you suggest anyone to follow to stay updated, relevant in your business/industry.
  34. 10 – 20 Twitter thinkers/influencers you recommend others to follow and why

NOTE: Some of the above may already be part of most company websites, but a blog post is usually more informal and can be written by the CEO/founder/core team in an anectodal/story-telling fashion.

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