Is Writing Emerging As A Serious Career Option For The Indian Mother?

Posted: August 19, 2013

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Many an Indian mother today ends up as a Stay-At-Home-Mother (SAHM). For some, this phase is temporary (lasting a few months to years) and for many it is somewhat permanent (extending to a lifetime). For some, it is a personal choice (For e.g.: They don’t want to leave their children with maids / nannies / grandparents) and for many it is out of lack of choice. (For e.g.: A nuclear family with no real social support system or they can’t afford nannies / fancy day-care with one income).

So here’s the first thing | Being a mother and primary care-giver for your child in the initial parenting years can be an intense and lonely experience. It can drain you physically, mentally and emotionally (& even financially), and can take you away from social networks and connections – which are important for any human being. Especially if you are well-educated or/and have been working before, just going through every single day as the primary care-giver for your baby can be a challenge; and takes you through phases of emotional lows. During this period, a lot of mothers are exploring ways to express themselves, share, connect and engage with people from within the confines of their homes.

flexi-workingHere’s the second thing | Social media today is ubiquitous. And most Indian homes do have a laptop and internet connection at home. So, several new mothers attempt to solve part of the issues listed above in the virtual (online) world. One popular route is by writing blogs on topics of personal interest (Could be parenting, cooking, book reviews or just their personal thoughts). Not only does writing a blog provide a mother a channel to express herself, but also gives her some “ME time” for herself; and something to do on a daily basis which is really about “her” & not her baby or the family. In addition when your life revolves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24 X 7) around a “baby”, the interactions with other people through social media platforms provides some social / emotional / intellectual stimulation; and is a welcome break even if its for a few minutes. It does wonders to a mother’s overall sense of well-being.

The good thing about blogging is that it is “good writing practice” for anyone. And practice does make one perfect. Hence, many a mother who continues blogging for months / years improves her writing skills over a period of time. As her baby  grows, several mothers are keen to resume active employment. But they are on the look-out for flexible working arrangements, and  freelance writing / content writing (online and offline) / business blogging / ghost-writing are great options – especially if you need to continue to work from home. So many mothers take up work involving writing! And with this comes more “writing practice and experience”; and of course some financial earnings! Not to mention professional connections and networks, which definitely help in the long run. Over a period of time, many mothers gain more confidence in their writing skills & also join communities and groups and start writing in more than one national / global forums.

Here’s the third thing | Social Media is here to stay. And “Content is KING on Social Media” (Personally I think Content is the KING, Social Media is the Queen and together they rule the Online World! ). So if you have the skills to continuously generate compelling content, that’s definitely a plus as far as your career is concerned.

And then moving ahead. Interestingly, for many Indian mothers – Their blogs are the starting platform to build a personal brand and reader base. At some point in time (when they have a book idea), they make the transition to books and serious writing; and end up as published authors. The good part is that there are many real-life success stories of many an Indian mother who has turned into a published author.. Examples include Shoba De, Kiran Manral, Preeti Shenoy, Rashmi Bansal, Yashodhara Lal, Judy Balan, Madhuri Banerjee, Sonja Chandrachaud. And almost all these Indian mothers are also regular bloggers.

Lastly – if you look at data, it is evident that the Indian publishing industry has been open to new authors / new book genres (Though I still wonder who reads all these published books) over the past few years. Also self-publishing is an alternate medium for writers to publish books (Though it is still new and evolving in India). Add to this the fact that book-writing / publishing is showing positive growth potential in the years to come, writing sure looks to be a serious career option for the Indian Mother.

That’s my view.. What do you think? Is writing emerging to be a serious career option for the Indian Mother?  Leave a comment to let me know.

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  1. I agree with you totally!! I’m a mother to a 15 yr old and have been a freelance writer by choice. I have written for some of the best publications in the country and worked with reputed companies as a writer. yes, social media has made it enormously easy for women to explore freelance writing as a flexi career option. I founded my company WRITEWORD …to help women get started as a freelance writing. I believe anyone can write, provided they have guidance and lots of practise. overwhelming response from women across cities…encouraged me to carry Writeword forward. Write away…ladies!! for details, visit

    • Dear Kanchana – Thanks for leaving a comment. great to hear about your company, and its also good to hear that the response is good. i agree that anyone can write, practice & guidance surely make all the difference. good luck for your initiative, and it would be great if 10 years from now women ruled and rocked the writing industry .. Nischala

  2. totally agree with you.. I am mother of one and half year old son.. I have started writing since June and feel very satisfied. i am taking care of my baby with a new spirit. when i got positive response from my writing i started my own site where i provide study materials for UPSC / CIVIL SERVICES aspirants. I really feel good and happy .

  3. Liked this write up.Yes,my writing has improved though I feel I am stagnating now.Writing helps me keep in touch with others.

    I have been blogging since 4-5 years & yet unable to carve a niche.

    Can you please suggest publications ( online included ) which accept articles or write ups from bloggers ? Publications must give credit to the writers not necessarily money…just a passing mention of the writer’s bio in 2-3 lines would be welcome.

    • Vasudha – You can try writing guest blogs at others sites. That gives a lot of visibility and reach to your work. Many blogs are open to guest writers. You can write to the editorial team to get your work published. Good luck. nischala

  4. History of women in India is not very well written, some only very few books historically were written by women and they talk about so much which were unspoken in history wrote by men. So writing their stories, about their strengths that can be science, art, music or philosophy, along with their lifestyles, and other experiences will surely bring Indian women of today more close to woman of tomorrow. I write scientific reports, to science related articles, articles about women in science to personal blogs. Each article I write gives me assurance that I am keeping some evidences of my life and thoughts to the generation of my daughter. So writing is a great bridge between generations.

  5. Nice Post 🙂 I LIKE it.

  6. Very good post 🙂 Keep sharing good thoughts 🙂

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