36 Compelling Reasons For More Women To Turn Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be an excellent, empowering choice for women, and here are 36 compelling reasons why.

Entrepreneurship can be an excellent, empowering choice for women, and here are 36 compelling reasons why.

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates

The decision or choice to be an entrepreneur is no easy one; whether you are a new kid on the block or you’ve had a corporate career for some (or large) part of your life and especially if you are a girl/woman. And yet, I increasingly read, see and hear of so many women taking the deep plunge into entrepreneurship.

I always wondered, “Why entrepreneurship?”

As I read, heard and interacted with many of these women entrepreneurs at various phases of their entrepreneurial journey, I discovered 36 compelling reasons.

  1. To create something new/unique/innovative
  2. To have a fair chance to make money that a corporate job can probably never really pay
  3. To fell the thrill/high of building a new business/enterprise (This is very different from 1 above)
  4. To be your own boss
  5. To get away from your current boss/company/life
  6. To work on a purpose larger than yourself
  7. To generate employment and improve the quality of life for someone somewhere
  8. To work wholeheartedly on something that you are deeply passionate about, and strongly committed to
  9. To create wealth
  10. To experiment with something you’ve never done before
  11. To fulfil a dream
  12. Entrepreneurship is in the blood; You can’t/won’t do anything else
  13. To lead from the front (really from the front)
  14. To make life worthwhile
  15. To truly solve a problem/market need
  16. To make life easier for someone somewhere
  17. To address a higher calling
  18. To challenge yourself, and push the envelope
  19. To be in control of your life – and not dependent on someone
  20. To live a life (style) that you’ve always desired
  21. To be in full-control of your time at work
  22. To take-over the family business/set-up
  23. To be in power, and to have the power to control, influence and determine the outcome of a zillion things
  24. To build/create/groom/mentor individuals; a great opportunity to do it your way
  25. To prove a point – to yourself or someone else
  26. To dis-prove a theory/hypothesis/widely held popular belief. For e.g: He/she can never be an entrepreneur
  27. To find a way to do something better/faster
  28. To pioneer the way to do something in a cost effective manner
  29. To settle past scores with someone. Sometimes jealousy or revenge are the cause for one to embark on entrepreneurial ventures
  30. To heal wounds of the mind and heart; to some, entrepreneurship is therapeutic I’m told
  31. To do something worthwhile/productive with your time, skills and knowledge
  32. To pay the bills and put food on the table
  33. No one else is ready to employ/hire you!
  34. To make a difference in someone’s life
  35. To maximize usage of both sides of your brain – entrepreneurship needs optimal usage of the left and right side of the brain. Ample role of creativity and logic
  36. To leave a legacy which your forthcoming generations will be proud of

Did that inspire you to become an entrepreneur? To consider entrepreneurship? Yes or No, leave a comment to let the community know.

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