Who Is A Woman’s BEST FRIEND?

Posted: August 30, 2013

One of my earlier posts here on Women’s Web was about Women and Friendships, specially on the question “Why do women stop investing in friendships?“. Interestingly and surprisingly, the post generated a lot of discussion – especially offline in my personal networks! In fact, a lot of my friends who read the post actually called me after ages just to say Hello, and connect – And I must confess, that did feel good! (Wow! If writing such posts helps me in maintaining my own friendships, that would be AWESOME!)

But more importantly, the discussions primarily revolved around one key question “Who really is a woman’s BEST FRIEND?

Did I hear you say “DIAMONDS”?.. Well! Not for the women I know…

So, who then is a woman’s BEST FRIEND? Sharing below some of the most prominent and interesting threads which emerged from my conversations:

Who is a woman's best friend?(1) BOOKS

There’s so much written and said about the beauty of the world of books. And that’s so true! Books can indeed be your best friend for life. Simply because you learn, you grow, you understand, you gain new insights / perspectives, you can travel around the world sitting on your bed, you can laugh, you can cry, you can think, you can dream, you can hope… And many a times, you can fall asleep with a book! The words of a book can sometimes be the medicine that can soothe many a wound in your life – Of the body, heart, mind and soul! The words of a book can inspire, motivate and show you the light when there’s darkness all around. And the world of books can sometimes actually help you connect with yourself in ways you’d never ever imagine.


To a lot of woman, their best friend is actually their freedom. Freedom to think, to speak, to act, to emote, to express, to choose, to hold-on, to let-go, to endure, to bear and to just be.


“Knowledge is power” in today’s world. And that’s true! More true for a woman. What knowledge is critical for a woman? Knowledge of self, of people, of finance, of laws, of rights, of options, of alternatives, of procedures, of processes, of the world ways, of technology, of the How’s, of the Whom’s, of the Who’s, of the What’s, of the Where’s : All go a long way in how your life eventually turns out. And how can any woman build this knowledge? By continuously focusing on learning, and dedicating some time every single day to learn something new. Read about a topic less known to you. Speak to someone who knows more than you. Watch programs which expand your knowledge base. In the long run, your knowledge will hold you in good stead – No matter what life throws at you!


Interestingly, to a lot of women music is their best friend for life. Because it touches and soothes something deep within! Of course, every woman has different flavors of music which appeal to her, but music again can sometimes touch and heal you in ways that nothing else can!


Last but not least, independence is the best friend from many women. Financial independence of course tops the list for many women. And then of course, there’s physical independence (which translates to just being able to go where you want & when you want!), social independence, religious independence and spiritual independence. For a lot of women, their own independence is / will always be their best friend!

And then of course, I can go on adding to the list. There can be so many other BEST FRIENDS for any woman – your parents, your spouse, your siblings, your real-life friends, your pets, your kids, your wealth, your name……

What’s important is to know who is your BEST FRIEND? And then invest in that FRIENDSHIP for LIFE!

I’d like to hear your views on this.. “As a woman, who is your BEST FRIEND?“.. Leave a comment to let the community know.. May be it helps some woman somewhere… make a new friend!

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  1. Nice article. All very true points. But you still need that one person you can talk to, share the good and the bad, call up in times of emergencies, without wondering whether you are bothering him/her. Talking is essential, and one always needs that “one” person you can talk to (surprisingly for a lot of women I know, including myself, the husband is “not” that person)

    • Very True Arunima…..Nothing can replace the value of quality human interaction 🙂
      Sharing and appreciation knowledge, music, books with that special friend makes life special.

    • Hey Shonali – I agree that nothing beats human interactions.. But today, time is a scarce commodity and human interactions are a privilege, even with sometimes your closest friends. And yes! if you can share with a real friend .. nothing like it! – Nischala

    • I agree Arunima.. Indeed if you have one such friend, I think you are lucky and blessed.. Hold on to him / her.. The thing is with the busy lives we lead, many times we do intend to keep friendships going.. but sometimes you’re just not able to give it time.. I’ve found both books and music can heal many a wound of the head / heart – as effectively as a real life friend.. I speak for myself here! – Nischala

    • I agree Arunima.. Even I feel there has to be a PERSON. Somebody with whom we can share anything and everything.. Somebody with whom we can talk, somebody with whom we can cry.. And I am lucky that I have one.. 🙂

  2. Nischala, pls add HEALTH and Domestic Help to the list. You just can’t survive without both of them.

  3. My mother has two friends who she can tell anything to: her younger sister and my father. As for me, I can tell anything to my younger brother, who is one of my greatest supporters in life. Also, I can tell everything to my dog. 🙂

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