Ruchi Verma

Ruchi Verma Rajan is a woman on a mission of self-discovery. An avid reader since childhood, she grew up in the idyllic world of Enid Blyton and went on to devour the age old classics, her favorite being “Little Women”. While her academic pursuits led her to an MBA and then an HR job in the Corporate world, she gained something far more in terms of “the people she met”, learning valuable life lessons from each of her friends. The world opened up its plethora of differences to her, revealing brilliance in fields beyond mere academics. Since then, she has lived by the rule of “breaking her own barriers” and achieving things which she might never have considered before. Be it the pursuit of fitness , the thrill of ditching an Activa for an Avenger, or quitting her job to raise her two sons, she believes a person needs to do a lot in one life to raise it beyond the level of “existence.” In much the same manner, she picked up writing on a whim and discovered another side to herself. She writes mostly in the hours after midnight, after putting her screeching children to bed. But with yet another path laid out in front of her, the thrill is far more than the call of sleep. And that’s what being a woman has meant to her all along.

Voice of Ruchi Verma

I Live With The Guilt Of Not Being Able To Save My Friend

An intensely personal account of the suicide of the author's friend, with the regret that it could have been prevented... if only they had known!

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The Other Gender Gap: We Need To Talk About The Digital Divide

We all know about the gender pay gap, but in today’s digital world, there’s another gap that is equally important: the digital gender gap.

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“I Want To Be Treated The Same And Equal As Any Other Person”: Shanthi

Shanthi, a transgender rights activist reminds us that transgendered people do not need our pity - only our recognition that they deserve the same opportunities as everybody else.

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This Anniversary, Take an Extra Step Towards Ensuring Your Wife’s Safety

Are your loved ones safe on the road? Equip your car with the best security devices to ensure they feel protected even when you are not around.

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Devil's Circuit
4 Inspiring Reasons Why All Women Must Try The Devil’s Circuit At Least Once

Devil's Circuit is more than just an obstacle race and women from all over the country are slaying it at the event like never before. Have you tried as yet?

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Lucifer Rising 

It hit the earth with titanic force. The very crust of the planet was thrown out of the atmosphere, falling back to the earth like a rain of fire. But through it all, I flew, unmindful of my melting flesh.

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The Monk Who Bought Back His Soul

They say you remember your first kill, that you cannot forget the sight of your own face reflected in the eyes of your prey.

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When This ‘Paranoid’ Mummy Learnt What True Protection Means

Do you have the urge to protect your child from all uncertainties? If yes, then don’t just think of ‘today’ - think about both short term and long term protection for your family.

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How Memory Foam Mattress Improves Your Sleep

For a restful sleep, it is not just your mental state that matters; it is also the mattress and the comfort that it provides that do the trick.

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How Technology Is Enabling Women To Conceive Naturally

Having a baby is supposed to be a happy experience for couples but the process of conceiving often becomes stressful and anxiety ridden.

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Post Partum Depression – It’s Time To Accept It, Not Ignore It!

Post Partum Depression is a term that most new mothers and people around them do not want to be associated with.

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How I Reached For My Dreams And Refused To Let Go

Are you the ‘average girl’? Well, deep inside every average girl is the potential for more, says author Deesha Sangani in her new novel, She Dared To Dream Through Her Eyes.

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More Than ‘Dancing Girls’ – A Peek At The Courtesans Of Ancient India

Courtesans may have evolved as entertainment for kings, but they were far from being just objects of desire! A new historical novel, The King Within, explores.

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time to take care
Attention Ladies! These 5 Health Problems Call For Your Immediate Action

Women in India are culturally ingrained to prioritize everything to do with the family - even if it comes at the cost of their health. It’s time to take care.

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I Looked Everywhere For Comfort – But Ended Up Finding It In My True Self

Our society talks about experimenting and being different, but the moment you do that, it isolates you and gives you tags like ‘weirdo’.

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Life Is An Adventure, But Some People Make The Journey Even More Fun!

Individual successes are more often than not a result of a rock solid partnership between two people who care for each other. Here is my story!

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Suffering From Urinary Incontinence After Menopause? There Is Nothing Shameful About It

Urinary incontinence can be a very real problem after menopause. Here is why we must talk about it and not hide behind a veil of shame.

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Having A UTI During Pregnancy Isn’t Unusual – And Doesn’t Need To Scare You!

Urinary Tract Infection – UTI during pregnancy - is a common problem. Knowing the symptoms and precautions can ensure you have an easier time during those nine months!

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New Mom Dilemmas: When Too Much Info Makes Newborn Care Confusing!

Newborn care is hard enough with sleep deprivation and can be even more stressful when you have advice from mom, granny and the Internet!

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An Ice Cream Diet In Pregnancy Is Delicious, But Comes With Strings Attached!

Weight gain in pregnancy is a given! The mantra to follow is healthy weight gain, following a balanced diet and loving the changes in your body.

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Delicious Food Ideas For Kids! And You Get? #NoMoreFuss

Here are some food ideas for kids to get them eat what you want them to eat. After all, an ideal day for most parents with young children is when it is a ‘no fuss’ day for food! ‘No more fuss’ – the idea is easier said than executed when it comes to kids. As parents, we […]

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Pregnancy Is Special, BUT Nerve-Wracking. These Pregnancy Dresses Make It Easier!

During this very special time, finding comfortable pregnancy dresses can be a stretch! Not anymore, with these stylish, and comfortable maternity wear options.

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You Know Unicorns Are Fake, Right? Well, Bra Burning Falls In the Same Category

Bra burning is a term most often associated with the women's liberation movement. Did you know that this term is actually a misnomer? Find out why!

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How I Did Not Allow My Periods To Come Between My Sports And Me

Think we need to stop playing sports on period days? Think again! A young girl’s story of playing Kabaddi ‘on those days’ will have you smiling.

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Eve Teasing : Let’s Retire This Common Term For Sexual Harassment In India!

Do not consider 'eve teasing' as trivial. It is actually sexual harassment. Along with the law, we need a mindset change around this issue. 

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Cool College Wear You Can Use This Rainy Season    

College is the place where you can see the latest trends in clothing and fashion. College wear then becomes a major part of every college girl's life!

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Are We Teaching Our Children To Hate The LGBT Community In India?

The LGBT community in India has been fighting for their rights for a long, long time. It's time we discarded hatred, starting with home.

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How My Mother Liberated Me From The Fear & Shame Around Periods

A mother’s matter of fact approach to menstruation resulted in a daughter seeing periods as something positive and stains as normal. An empowering period story! The time comes in every girl’s life when her mother introduces her to the concept of puberty and menstruation. I was no different but perhaps, the way it was introduced […]

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These Benefits Of Figs For Women Will Make You Reach For One

Anjeer or figs are a great source of calcium, potassium and essential vitamins. Know the benefits of figs for women in particular! 

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Owning Your Sexuality…These Hot Songs Showed Women The Way To Be!

Songs through the decades have been a reflection of our society. These hot songs show pop divas owning their sexuality, and encouraging us to do likewise. A song can really make or break your mood…yes, it has that power. The power of words and music put together can really impart a message in a manner […]

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What Kind Of Emotions Do You Experience Often? Spend 5 Minutes And Find Out For Real

We live in a stressful world! Today, many of us are looking to ward off negativity and consciously achieve positivity in life. Why is it so important?

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Who Says Women Don’t Dig Tech? This Organiser Mom Loves Hers!

Who says women don’t dig tech? From being a planner, organizer to entertainer, tablets are the 'handy helpers' we just can't do without.

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Fun Clay Modelling Ideas For Children, And The Young At Heart!

Colourful clay or play dough is an attraction for children and adults alike. These fun clay modelling ideas will get you started. Give your child a piece of clay and it will be difficult for you too to resist the temptation of creating your own masterpiece with it while your child experiments with his creation. […]

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If Having Two Kids Under Five Is Driving You Crazy, You Need To See This!

Having two kids at home can be stressful, even if fun. Apart from showering them with seamless love, here are some tips for building their mutual love and c

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Why My Nose Ring Says Nothing About Who I Am

We evaluate women and their morals, attitudes and sex lives based on what they wear! It’s time to stop.

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For National Safe Motherhood Day, 8 Heart-Warming Tributes Paid To Moms By Iconic Women & Men

All of us know of Mother’s Day, but how many of us have heard of National Safe Motherhood Day? A quick look at some stats, will tell you why we need a focus on this topic! First the good bit: India’s maternal mortality rate reduced from 212 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2007 to […]

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The Modern Indian Woman Wants A More Equal Love. Is Her Man Ready?

What does the modern Indian woman (and her male counterpart) want from love? Some things are eternal, but some have changed!

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