How Technology Is Enabling Women To Conceive Naturally

Having a baby is supposed to be a happy experience for couples but the process of conceiving often becomes stressful and anxiety ridden.

Having a baby is supposed to be a happy experience for couples but the process of conceiving often becomes stressful and anxiety ridden.

There comes a time in a couple’s life when they are ready to put their relationship to test by agreeing to become parents. Why I am saying is ‘put their relationship to test’ because the decision of parenting is a life impacting one. It is like saying that you agree to change your life forever and commit yourself to this new individual who is your complete responsibility.

Conception, like all other physiological processes of the body, differs from one person to the other. Women’s cycles sometimes vary by 40-50% from one month to another. This is where it helps to know your fertile days, and improve your chances of conceiving.

K Yalleshwaram, a software engineer by profession, decided to be a mother after 2 years of her marriage. Upon trying for a couple of months, the couple discovered that she suffered from PCOD. PCOD was the deterrent that came in the way of their conception process.

Similarly, A Mathur, a high school teacher, decided to be a mother at the age of 26. After 3 years of trying to conceive, the couple was totally disheartened and this is when they decided to see a doctor. Investigations revealed that she had a cyst in her left ovary and would need surgery. Two years later, they were still unsuccessful in all their attempts that ranged from IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) and various Ayurvedic treatments.

Luckily, for both K Yalleshwaram and A Mathur, help came in the form of a gadget! Yes, technology has ensured that machines understand the finer nuances of our body and steer our actions accordingly. The Inito Fertility Monitor is the device that helped them both get pregnant.

This Inito Fertility Monitor is a home diagnostic test device that enables women to track their fertile days at home. This device comes with the Inito App, Reader, and Test Strips and is very simple to use. All that you have to do is dip one end of the test strips into collected urine for 15 seconds. After this, just insert the test strip into the reader, attach the reader to the phone and open the app. The app will throw up the result that will indicate whether it is ‘high fertility day’ for you or not! Simple, easy and results have found out that this is 99.12% accurate!

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This super easy to use device has been medically tested and its efficacy is proven by the likes of K Yalleshwaram who is now in her second trimester of pregnancy and A Mathur who is expecting her bundle of joy in July 2018.

With a new product, there is bound to be some amount of skepticism and so K Yalleshwaram simultaneously also carried out ultrasound scans and lab reports for the 3 cycles where she used the Inito Fertility Monitor. Not surprisingly, the results of both were the same!

It’s put your fears to rest! Logical thinking women of this age need no ‘gharelu nuskhas’, they believe in science and technology. Take your conception in your own hands or your own test strips, as I should rather say!

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