An Ice Cream Diet In Pregnancy Is Delicious, But Comes With Strings Attached!

Weight gain in pregnancy is a given! The mantra to follow is healthy weight gain, following a balanced diet and loving the changes in your body.

Weight gain in pregnancy is a given! The mantra to follow is healthy weight gain, following a balanced diet and loving the changes in your body.

Ready to flaunt your baby bump? Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of a woman. It is one of those phases that do not hit you instantly (in most cases). Instead, you have to mentally prepare yourself to take it on.

This mental preparation consists of preparing yourself for the changes in your body, altering your exercise regimen, getting used to taking extra care of yourself, taking out time for doctor visits, attending pre-natal sessions and much more.

Amidst all this, your body changes and you observe it as it happens. It is a little natural to feel odd about your body when you notice the world looking at your bump with prying eyes; especially in India, where everyone is eager to know your ‘baby plans’ the moment you get married. Eventually, you get used to it and shrug it off!

Weight gain in pregnancy: Myths Vs. Facts

Weight gain in pregnancy is absolutely normal and should be approached in a scientific manner for the sake of the baby as well as mother’s health. Here I am discussing certain myths that you need to know about as you start your beautiful journey.

You must eat for two people during pregnancy

How much can a baby really eat? To keep the little one inside you healthy, you do not need to increase your calorie intake by more than 300 calories. 300 calories is just an extra bowl of yoghurt or a slice of bread! Make sure you do not go overboard as the extra calories will only lead to excessive weight gain.

Here is an article on Healthy Pregnancy diet as recommended by the Doctors at Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore.

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Cravings are natural and you must respond to them at all times

If you are craving for ice cream all the time, then this may not be a healthy craving at all. Just as you maintain a healthy diet at other times, you need to do so now too! Don’t deprive yourself; include your cravings as a part of your healthy diet, but do justice to your body too by eating balanced meals.

Celebrity fun fact: Did you know Kourtney Kardashian craved for bagels during her pregnancy and added on 18 kilos of weight during her pregnancy? She dropped 15 kilos in just 5 months after the birth of her third child, but very fast weight gain as well as loss may not work for most of us, and in fact, could be unhealthy. So – indulge your cravings but don’t go overboard!

Here are some foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Any amount of weight gain during pregnancy is normal

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal but gain beyond a certain amount does you no good from a health perspective. Ask your gynecologist as to how much is the ideal weight gain for you. Depending on your BMI, your doctor may advise you to gain anywhere between 12-18 kilos of weight.

Celebrity fun fact: Mandira Bedi added 22 kilos of weight during her pregnancy, which was much more than what the doctors had advised her. She managed to come down to her pre-pregnancy weight six months after the birth of her son, but not without a strict exercise and diet regimen.

You must hide your baby bump at all times

In some Indian families, women feel the need to hide their bump at all times. Elders in the family advise against showing off for ‘nazar’ (evil eye) and various other reasons. Logically, showing your baby bump would actually ensure that people around you are more cautious and will be considerate about your safety. Moreover, there is no reason for you to feel shy about it. Love your body and love the changes that are happening in your body.

Celebrity fun fact: Get inspired by Konkana Sen Sharma rocking her bare baby bump on the cover of OK! Magazine. Like most others we know, she also had a safe pregnancy and has a healthy and happy baby.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can lead to many problems like high blood pressure, varicose veins, discomfort and even gestational diabetes. There can also be a situation of premature labor and obesity post the birth of your child.

Remember, the mantra is to enjoy the process and satisfy your cravings yet maintain a healthy weight balance. Love your body as you will miss this phase and everything associated with this phase once our baby arrives.

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Trust me, there will be bigger things than weight on your mind once your baby is here!

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