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4 Inspiring Reasons Why All Women Must Try The Devil’s Circuit At Least Once

Posted: April 7, 2019
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Devil’s Circuit is more than just an obstacle race and women from all over the country are slaying it at the event like never before. Have you tried as yet?

Devil’s Circuit describes itself as India’s biggest, baddest and muddiest obstacle run. It is for sure all of this, but for women like me, it is much more than just an obstacle race. I look at it as an opportunity to prove to myself that no matter what, I will train for it and take it up as a challenge year on year. This is inspite of two toddlers, a nuclear family set-up, work engagements and the ‘obstacles’ that may come in the way.

So, the D- day arrived on 16th March 2019. My husband who too was looking forward to this race had to travel abroad for a work assignment. So, I chose to do it on my own (with a bunch of friends who had registered too). The event went as planned and I came back happy with my performance.

However, this time I also thought about all the other women who I tried to convince for the race but they were not willing. The reasons ranged from ‘I have never been into sports’, ‘This race is only for fit people’, ‘What if I come back with an injury?’ and so on. As a principle, I let people be, so I didn’t pursue it. But, while on my way back, I was just wondering about the kind of people I met at the event. They were all like us. Some better, some worse… but from between us.

So, this forced me to think about why all women must try the Devil’s circuit at least once in their life.

An indication of your fitness level

Much is spoken about the health and fitness of women. But, the fact of the matter is that women do not find the time, or have the inclination to pursue fitness goals. Hence, they give such events a miss.

But, I would say do this once. Understand where your fitness level is. This will force you to think and prioritise it. It is win-win either way. If you do well, you will get energised to do better and you will exercise. If you do not do well, you know that you need to exercise. Victory is yours in both situations.

Feel inspired

You see the likes of Jessie Graff and Kacy Catanzaro doing the American Ninja Warrior so effortlessly, and you feel inspired. Similarly, you see other women of your tribe doing an obstacle better than you and you feel inspired. In fact, just watching others do so well makes you resonate with DC’s hashtag #BeLimitless.

Women for Women

Sisterhood is everywhere. That is our power. This time, in one of the obstacles called ‘Acrophobia’, we had to jump into the water from a height.

When I reached, there was one girl sitting at the edge, contemplating whether to jump or not. Her partners were already in the water, so clearly she was alone now. I just held her hand and we ‘took the plunge’ together. No acquaintance and yet the connection.

Experience the vibe

The vibe at the event is at another level altogether! There are groups who are cheering each other on, there are people who fall and yet are unfazed. There are people who help each other cross the obstacles. There is music, Zumba, Bhangra and the entire atmosphere is atomic.

It is an experience in itself to be just there, especially when you reach the finish line and look back at the 5 km stretch that you just crossed.

I have been a regular at the marathons too, but the group camaraderie that we see at Devil’s Circuit is unseen anywhere else. This season is over. You have another 9 months to prep yourselves up for the next. Rope in your girls’ gang and say ‘#Booyah’ like there is no looking back.

Image credit: Ruchi Verma

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