What Kind Of Emotions Do You Experience Often? Spend 5 Minutes And Find Out For Real

We live in a stressful world! Today, many of us are looking to ward off negativity and consciously achieve positivity in life. Why is it so important?

We live in a stressful world! Today, many of us are looking to ward off negativity and consciously achieve positivity in life. Why is it so important?

You are what you feel. We all want to feel good and happy. When something is upsetting us, all we want is to feel better as soon as possible. When you make conscious efforts towards feeling better, in the face of stressors, and as a whole, experience more of positive emotions, you are good at coping with stress.

Find out if that person is you!

As Rhonda Byrne’s explains in The Secret, “You are what you think. You attract what you think; your life is a product of your thought and belief; nothing in the world can change this fact. To alter your life the only course open to you is to alter your thinking.”

It is your mind that has the angel and the devil within. So, how do you find out if you are really a positive person or need to up your positivity quotient? As Teju Nageswari, the Founder of nSmiles.club, India’s first online wellness club tells us, “The first step to fixing any problem is to identify that there is a problem. The same rule should apply when it comes to feelings. The first step towards feeling better is to admit that you’re not feeling good

Does your demon ask you negative questions?

Consider any situation at home or at workplace, and you can actually have the angel and the demon in your mind having a conversation over it. Does the ‘demon’ of your mind rule over the ‘angel’ by bringing forth everything that could go wrong with it?

“What if my boss does not realize my true potential?”

“What if I am sidelined by some other stronger and influential colleague?”

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Do you find yourself asking a lot of negative questions like these? It is good if you are nodding because the first step to ward off negativity is to be ‘aware’. Awareness about the situation will lead you to understanding the importance of positivity and how you can achieve it.

Do you know how you feel?

What are the repercussions of a negative mind?

To know if you are affected by negativity, think about your emotions on an average day last week. Did you feel stressed? Did you have bitter thoughts about people in your life? Did you lose your temper or react harshly for minor reasons? If you nodded to many of these, you probably need to rethink your positivity quotient.

Do you really know what you want?

The rigmarole of life takes its toll on all of us, and like everyone else, you too are running against time the whole day. But, on a quiet and peaceful day, take out an hour for yourself to take the first step towards positivity. Think about yourself, your emotions, your loved ones…the little joys in life that excite you.

Do you have an interest that you want to pursue? What is it that puts a smile on your face? What would make your loved ones happy? Create a bucket list and write down all that you want to do before you kick the bucket. These thoughts will sow the seed of positivity in your mind. At this time, do not think of deterrents in the way of achieving all this. There are no deterrents actually, there are only challenges…and you will have to take it as it comes. No point mulling over it now!

The truth is that it is hard to know oneself and really figure out how to be a more positive person. After all, if it were that easy, we would all have done it by now, right?

To get you started off, here is a test that helps you figure out what kind of emotions/feelings you , as experiencing right now. Are you hurt, angry, happy or excited? This test is part of the My Wellness Assessment suite from the nsmiles club, India’s first online wellness club.

Be it marriage, work life balance, career or profession that is bothering you, the My Wellness Assessment suite helps you assess your own wellness across 6 dimensions of wellness like Physical, Intellectual, Occupational, Social, Spiritual and Emotional and help you see gaps in a non-threatening way, empower you to take actions towards achieving a happier life.

The assessment suite of 7 tests has been put together by eminent psychologists with over 35 years’ experience, who have amalgamated their experience with their knowledge to create a standardized and tested tool that can help you in understanding the gaps and strengths. It covers the following areas:

  • Your wellness component in each of the 6 dimensions explained above.
  • Your stress coping preferences and knowing the better ways.
  • Your way of feeling loved
  • Values that are important to you at this point in time.

Understanding each of these aspects will help a person proactively plan a personal wellness plan for:

  • Effectively managing your stress
  • Improve your health
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Boost your productivity

Spend 5 minutes to take this preliminary test, and you might just find out a few things about yourself that you didn’t know!

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