How Memory Foam Mattress Improves Your Sleep

For a restful sleep, it is not just your mental state that matters; it is also the mattress and the comfort that it provides that do the trick.

For a restful sleep, it is not just your mental state that matters; it is also the mattress and the comfort that it provides that do the trick.

‘Sleep is the natural restorer’ and ‘Beauty Sleep’ are only some of the many common references to sleep in our day-to-day life.

Sleep plays a big role in our mental health, physical health and overall quality of life. We all know that one friend or family member who sleeps like a log and the one who just cannot get to sleep. The former category does not understand what the fuss is all about while the latter will do anything to get a good night’s sleep!

Sleep is an important parameter for learning and we have all experienced that attention span and retention, both get substantially reduced if one is sleep deprived. Studies have shown that lack of sleep also puts individuals at a higher risk for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.

Well, we read so much about sleep and the process of sleep that we forget the physical contributors to sleep like our pillows and mattresses. More often than not, it is the inability to find a comfortable position that causes poor quality sleep.

What’s the solution?

So if the problem is comfortable position, then the solution to this problem is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam is basically high-density foam that moulds to the body when a person lies on it. Simply put, memory foam adapts itself to your body shape so that there is complete comfort and no unnecessary pressure on any part of your body.

Sometimes you may have experienced a nagging backache after sleeping on an extra soft hotel type mattress (spring mattress). This happens because the mattress is extremely soft and it exerts extra pressure on your spine to hold the weight of your body. Unlike this, in the case of a memory foam mattress, the polyurethane material makes it relatively firmer, viscous and dense. This means that neither comfort nor sleep gets compromised.

Memory foam was first used in the 1960s for NASA airplane seats. It slowly made its presence felt in the hospitals and prosthetics segment to provide higher comfort to the patients. There was a time when it was very expensive but now due to its growing demand, it has become affordable to regular people like us too.

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Moreover, companies like Wakefit provide mattresses at affordable costs as compared to their competitors in the market since they bring the product to us directly from their factory. They are the manufacturers and the retailers of the product, therefore providing assurance of good quality.

Wakefit memory foam mattresses consist of three layers, the upper cool layer to absorb the body heat, the central Body contour layer (memory foam) to provide relief from pressure and the lower Complementary support layer to build firmness and support into the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have proven benefits as certified by sleep experts. When you lie down on a memory foam material, the heat from your body softens the mattress on certain points which in turn helps the mattress to adapt to the curves and natural lines of your body. This relieves pain and prevents soreness of joints.

When you sleep in a comfortable position, you are less likely to change position frequently. As a result, the restful or deep sleep period of your entire sleep cycle increases and you wake up feeling refreshed.

Spring mattresses have coiled springs, which means that your partner’s movement may move the entire system of the mattress thereby impacting your sleep. This does not happen when you sleep on a memory foam mattress and these are just added advantages apart from the basic advantage that it relieves physical exertion like no other mattress commonly used.

So, if you are still mulling over the decision to change your mattress, go ahead and take a 100-night trial. You are sure to convert for the better!

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