I Looked Everywhere For Comfort – But Ended Up Finding It In My True Self

Our society talks about experimenting and being different, but the moment you do that, it isolates you and gives you tags like ‘weirdo’.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever thought that our society is kinda weird? It keeps talking about experimenting and being different, but the moment you do that, it isolates you and gives you tags like ‘weirdo’, ‘wannabe’ and such others. And God forbid you are a woman or girl who does something different. Well, the tag that I got stuck with was ‘behenji’.

It definitely irked me at a time when I was still not confident about my own self, but now, I am on the other side of the river. They say ‘tags’ do not leave you throughout your life. Well…I would say that the ‘tag’ does not leave you but you leave it behind. When growing up, I was looking for acceptance in what the ‘society’ labeled as cool and the day I stopped doing that I became my own ‘cool’.

The first few days as a young Management Trainee were challenging. With my ‘comfortable’ style of dressing, I felt that sassy metro girls were probably wondering if I was deserving of the position given to me. Starting out in a new division, I had to report directly into the CEO (who of course hand held and guided me in my role), but the smirks of peers clearly indicated that they were just waiting for my downfall. But, voila, I survived! And not just survived, I thrived! Seniors in the company sat up and took notice of the work done by me and the reward came in the form of the highest rating in my Management Trainee batch.

Gradually, as the days passed, I began to realize what a comfort zone meant. I imbibed some of the new tricks, and left many others. For me, confidence stemmed from comfort. And thereafter, I focused only on that. Living those choices, I found the guy I eventually married, did pretty well in my job. I realized that love and success were both possible just being true to myself.

As I grew older, the same extended to personal choices as well, like ditching the padded bras and patronizing the brand of sanitary napkins that provided me softness and comfort. Especially during periods, I realized that what mattered most was being comfortable. I’ve never thought of periods as days to sit tight and do nothing – so long as one is comfortable, period days can be as active as you feel like being. I was sent the new Whisper Ultra Soft and have found that it’s perfect for the woman-on-the-go. It’s twice as soft as a regular pad and is built for comfort. It’s still extremely effective absorbing wetness, hour on hour.

The sanitary pad is designed in such a way that the soft pores locks in the leakages and sends it to the core. This means that, on the days of your periods you can do everything you do on a regular day. Activities like running, hitting the gym or even going on a trekking based holiday is now possible. With the new Whisper, those five days are like any other in the month, you can go forth and be your best, most confident self.

To be philosophical at this time, the choices we make in life are how a person grows. But you cannot, and should not try to change what you inherently are. Chase your dreams – be yourself.

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If you don’t recognize the person in the mirror, then how will the world? Shed your inhibitions, but never your skin.

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