Pregnancy Is Special, BUT Nerve-Wracking. These Pregnancy Dresses Make It Easier!

During this very special time, finding comfortable pregnancy dresses can be a stretch! Not anymore, with these stylish, and comfortable maternity wear options.

During this very special time, finding comfortable pregnancy dresses can be a stretch! Not anymore, with these stylish, and comfortable maternity wear options.

The journey to motherhood is a very special one. Of course, the journey of being a mother too is special, but nothing can match the emotions that a woman goes through on the journey of being pregnant.

Being a mother of two adorable sons, the memories of the time when I took the first step are still very fresh in my mind. The decision to have a baby and the loud beating of your heart when you are checking the two lines on the pregnancy card…breaking the news to family members, and watching their reactions, the first sonography…all were immensely joyful yet nervous times.

In the initial stages of pregnancy, change of wardrobe is the last thing on your mind as you are focusing on your health more than anything else. As is the way of life, a few months into your pregnancy, you settle down. During this time, I am sure many mothers-to-be stuff in cushions under their t-shirts to see how they are going to look carrying that baby bump. It is all a part of the journey and still puts a smile on my face when I look back.

In my case, till about four months were over I could easily fit into my existing clothes and never went shopping for pregnancy dresses. However, the baby grew by leaps and bounds after that, as is the course of pregnancy and soon, there I was staring at a full cupboard of clothes and still having nothing that would fit me!

SOS mommy! My mother at her indulgent best came to my rescue with her idea of maternity clothing and soon I had a couple of stitched kurtas that made me look like a sack. In my husband’s words, I looked like I was wearing a cushion cover.

Aghast, I then decided to take the matter in my hands and took some tips from my colleague who was to deliver a few months before me. She recommended Morph Maternity to me and the moment I hit the website, I knew I was good to go!

Let’s get the office wear sorted first!

I started with buying the most essential clothes needed for office wear and stocked up on some kurtas. The best part about these kurtas and kameezes was that they came with an option of nursing. So I knew that I could use it not just during the pregnancy but even after my baby would come to this world.

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Here are some of my favourite picks for office wear:

maroon cotton nursing kurta

View more details here: A maroon nursing kurta with a smart ruffled neck

White printed cotton nursing kameez

View more details here: A white print nursing kameez

To break the monotony of wearing only kurtas to work, I also indulged myself with a pencil pregnancy pant. The best part about these pants was that I could team them up with both a formal shirt or a casual top. These were truly life saviours at that time since the soft elastic at the top kept the baby happy and free to move about and provided the mommy also with all the comfort.

White pencil pregnancy pants

View more details here: White pencil pregnancy pant

Pregnancy needs easy breathing!

With office requirements more or less sorted, I started looking out for casual wear for the weekends. Tops for pregnancy wear and nursing tops were both added to my wardrobe. The best part of the nursing tops is that the nursing option is so seamlessly a part of the design that it does not look odd but looks stylish.

Here are some of my favourite picks for casual wear:

Orange cotton pregnancy top

View more details here: A colourful orange panel pregnancy top

orange and blue nursing top

View more details here: Orange & Blue top with a sleek opening for nursing

And then I bought something that I just totally loved wearing…something in fact, that I love wearing even. The kaftan was my all time favorite as the fabric of this piece was so soft that I fell in love with it the moment I felt it (sounds a little corny but it’s true). I wore it to my movie outings and for travelling and basically, everywhere! When you are pregnant, you really do not like tight fitting clothing – you just want to breathe easy, and a kaftan style does that for you.

multi coloured kaftan

View more details here: Multi-coloured floral kaftan kurta

How many trips to the loo?

The later stages of pregnancy come with their own issues…well, we will not call these ‘issues’, but let us call them challenges! The challenge is that you need to pee all the time and in these times, wearing pants and salwars can be really tiring. I opted for these smart pregnancy dresses that not just looked fashionable but were actually the most comfortable at that time. You can actually wear these pregnancy dresses for parties and dinner outings too.

Here are some dresses I really liked:

black print maternity dress

View more details here: Geometric patterned black dress

Fuchsia pink maternity dress

View more details here: Fuchsia pink long dress

Plus, we need our set of PJs to curl up in and feel our comfortable best. A soft-like-a-soft toy pyjama set really sailed me through my pregnancy and new mommy days. The new mom days are the days when you really bless the person who invented pyjama sets. They are so comfortable and the nursing option makes it ideal for you to feed in comfort.

Cream nursing set

View more details here: Cream green nursing pyjama set

Pregnancy, nursing and mothering your child are precious moments in your life. Make them comfortable for yourself with comfortable clothing. As an experienced mother, I know it will make a lot of difference, both to your confidence and to your mood.

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