When This ‘Paranoid’ Mummy Learnt What True Protection Means

Do you have the urge to protect your child from all uncertainties? If yes, then don’t just think of ‘today’ - think about both short term and long term protection for your family.

Do you have the urge to protect your child from all uncertainties? If yes, then don’t just think of ‘today’ – think about both short term and long term protection for your family.

This word ‘protection’ gets a whole new meaning when you enter the world of parenting. Up until that, you were responsible only for yourself and (a little bit!) for your spouse, but there were only adults involved. The moment you have kids, you go through a sea change of emotions.

You want to protect your children from everything and everyone…from diseases and infections, from bullying, unfair comparisons, nagging individuals, heat, rain, and even from friends you think are unsuitable for your child.

As a mother of two young children, I often say that in my case it is not the children who are clingy, but the mother. And of course, I have a hypothesis to justify my actions!

I believe that two decades ago when people used to live in joint families, experienced elders could handhold the new parents and so there was less scope for any surprises.

Today, as a parent in a nuclear family set up, every new problem springs up like a Jack in the Box. So, you start being protective about every aspect of your child’s life in an effort to prevent a repeat.

My child’s raincoat Holi

You start with immunization, then ensure that your baby gets only breast milk for a good period of his life (again, for immunity’s sake) and then move on to mosquito repellants, full sleeved clothing, rationing of ice cream/cold drinks…and the list goes on!

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This overprotection can and does get ludicrous at times. What would you say if I told you of last year’s Holi rain dance when I took my kids out in raincoats and overalls? Yes, they looked funny and didn’t enjoy it one bit. But I was just ‘protecting’ them.

I think that day flipped a switch inside me. I realized I had moved from being protective to paranoid! I have eased off the motherly leash since then, and allowed them to face challenges on their own.

The meaning of true protection

With this sanity, comes the thought of what true protection really means. And the one most often overlooked is- the long-term protection of their future. It means ensuring their financial security so that they have the freedom to choose the kind of education and profession they want. You need to plan for the future today to ensure security and prosperity for your family and yourself – it does not happen automatically.

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Realistically, we all understand that we will go through the process of ageing which means that disease may strike unexpectedly and we have to be prepared for it.

They say families stick together, no matter what. I would just like to add that smart families make plans to stay together longer!

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