Ujwala Shenoy Karmarkar

I am an anaesthesiologist living and working in Mumbai I love reading- biographies, newspaper editorials, op-eds, short stories, romance novels, humor....anything that piques my interest. But the leap from reading to writing has been a revelation. And now it has become a source of joy. At present, I am engaged in learning new things- in self-improvement. I am also counting my blessings and making a bucket list and ticking it!

Voice of Ujwala Shenoy Karmarkar

Frenemies… Why Did Renu Do This To Her Family, Sullu Wonders…

Sullu vows to never, ever speak to Renu again. Every time, a Hindi film song extolls the virtues of ‘Dosti’, she feels a tide of anger within her.

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I Watched My Mother As She Cried Secretly, Then Wiped Her Tears And Got To Work With A Smile…

Nirmala disconnected, and turned to speak to Amma. But she was long gone. Once more, the poor kitchen utensils were bearing the brunt of Amma’s temper.

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It Was A Painful Choice She Would Never Wish On Any Other Mother

She stood up and then did something odd. Something volunteers rarely did on a first meeting. She touched Anu’s feet. A simple gesture, yet not.

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It’s This Lack Of Marital Obedience In You Women Who’re Too Independent!

My head is full of doubts. Was I completely wrong? Am I unlovable? Could I have done something differently, changed the course of my life? Should I have ‘adjusted’ more?

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This Is How I Had Pictured Her In My Dreams…

The phone buzzes again. It is my little sister, Preeti. My confidante. The only one in my family who knows why this day is breaking my heart. To whom I have poured out my heart.

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Can I Find Absolution… For My Mother’s Sins?

Ever since Amma’s death, she had felt so alone, all alone in a world full of people who wanted to know her, be with her, but none of whom she loved or wanted to know.

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This Sisterhood Of Our Daily Train Commute; Nourishing Us Like Our Lifeblood…

The younger girls openly approve of this, while the older ones are contemplative…perhaps thinking of their own compromises and adjustments, voluntary and involuntary.

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You Waited To Be Born Until That Monster I Married Had Died…

Oh, but it is true, child. For most women, the waiting comes from their earliest years. Waiting to be asked to choose, waiting to be heard, waiting to be loved, to be appreciated. 

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The Unknown Face Of My Mother

In a society obsessed with bloodlines and family ties, inherited traits and nature versus nurture, however, it was just a matter of time before this rickety house of cards collapsed around me.

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Will All Our Sacrifices Be In Vain?

To the world I may be Dr. Anandi Joshi. But it would please me immensely if you could call me Yamuna. It is the name that I was given at birth.

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For I Am But A Stranger To Her, Though We May Be Sisters From Another Life…

She steadies me and looks at me with a thousand-yard-stare that looks into my soul. Then she stands up and in front of me, protecting me with her body.

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Will The Avenging Red Witch Be There?

The men who held down the hand of a five year old and burnt her hand have been destroyed, at least in my mind.

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Sand ki Ankh review
Saand Ki Ankh Is An Inspiring Story Of Sisterhood Across Generations, Standing Up Against Patriarchy

Saand Ki Ankh is a movie worth watching, for the sheer solidarity between women who face the same adversary - patriarchy - while also being an inspiring sports film.

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It Would Be Her Story, Sunaina’s Story, Only Hers!

Although the attention that it had garnered in Samir’s social circle was a deterrent to an outright ban on writing, the downside was that Samir had carefully read every story, and given ‘suggestions’.

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Because Once You Let Them Take Away Your Dream, You Become Diminished…!

“Sia. You have had that gleam in your eyes.... a joy ...You found that one thing that made you more complete, like I do when I tie the ghungroos and dance! Today I can’t bear to look at the sadness in you.”

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MOTM July 2018 winner 1
And That Will Be My Guru Dakshina!

So many of us have been touched by your presence in our lives, at a vulnerable time in our lives. A time when we could have been led astray or felt deficient or just different. 

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A New Hope In My Heart

"Don’t second guess yourself. I have always believed that ‘A child gives birth to a mother!’ and not vice versa."

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Chinmayee's Question
Chinmayee’s Question

Furthermore, if they sighted her, they might blame her for any calamity that would befall them during the entire day as the mere sighting of a widow was considered inauspicious.

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resting peacefully
A Mother’s Work Is Never Done!

Nitu looked thoughtful, “But something happened, didn’t it ? You came home pouting and angry. And, didn’t talk to Amma for two full days.”

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passing on the baton
Passing On The Baton [#ShortStory]

Ritu grimaced inwardly. “Now why on earth did I, of all people, commit the error of assuming that the surgeon would be male?” she thought.

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illness in women
Why Is Illness In Women More Likely To Be Wrongly Diagnosed And Treated?

Medical research has always been done with men as the default, and the 'one-size-fits-all' approach does not work well in diagnosis and treatment of illness in women.

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7 Bonafide Tips For A Working Mother To Live Life On Her Own Terms

Life isn't easy for working moms, we know that. These tips for a working mother come from a place of experience - read and don't forget to share!

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never say die
And My Child Still Lives… Never Say Die! [#ShortStory]

This was no ordinary volunteer. Gauri’s attitude and voice flowed with simple eagerness to please, her eyes full of some emotion... what was it? Reverence? Affection?

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Attagirl Karla! A Woman’s Identity Is More Than Being Wife Of Mr.So-And-So

Why is a woman's identity reduced only to being wife-mother-daughter of someone else? Entrepreneur Karla Bookman's recent experience at a business event was startling.

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Dear Kareena Kapoor Khan, Please Don’t Feel Compelled To Be A ‘Yummy Mummy’ By Crash Dieting

Dear Kareena Kapoor Khan, I happened to watch your interview on Koffee with Karan, where he was gushing over how much busier you have been during your pregnancy. That is indeed true. Over the last few months, during your pregnancy, we have been inundated by pictures of you. You have been walking the ramp or posing […]

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PMS Is Real, Not Just ‘In Our Heads’! Can We Stop With The Sexist Jokes, Please?

Nearly 90% of women suffer from it. We may have stopped telling women that it is in ‘all in their heads’. But sexist jokes about PMS still abound.

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Indrani Mukerjea’s Trial By Media: What Do We Learn From It?

Why are we so interested in Indrani Mukerjea's trial? Is it because she is a woman who married thrice and is rich too?

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Sexual Harassment At The Workplace: 9 Myths And Facts You Must Know

Sexual harassment at the workplace in India is more common than you think. Here are 9 Myths and Facts you should absolutely know about.

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Pandora’s Box [Story]

We live in a society where merely discussing women and sexuality will earn angry looks. The burden of virtue is thrust on women, says this story.

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female commuters in delhi
Two Years Since Nirbhaya: A Mumbaikar Remembers

Two years since a woman many now call 'Nirbhaya' was assaulted, how different is the state of public transport and women's safety in Delhi?

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The Phoenix

Constantly being asked to change your ways is tiring. Don't succumb, rise like the phoenix, says this winning entry for our muse of the month contest!

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The Lives Of Inspiring Women: History Repeats Itself!

The stories of inspiring women are eerily similar - disapproval from society, a danger to life and liberty, and eventually, breaking barriers.

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5 Signs That Your Partner May Not Be Right For You

We all have a list of traits we desire in a partner. Have you given enough thought to what you don't want in a partner? Here's a quick guide!

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Kiss Of Love : Kiss Moral Policing Goodbye!

The Kiss of Love campaign is a response to moral policing, which seems to be taking over the lives of Indians, slowly and steadily. It's time we resist this policing, says this post.

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My Work Will Go On

As long as there are people, the complaining will go on. Here's why nothing will help those who complain, except their own efforts.

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Being Yourself : From Sushi To Sushmita [Story]

Your choices will be judged, opposed, and eventually, supported, if you stick to your guns and continue to be yourself. Here's a warm reminder.

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Corporate Choices: Honey, Do You Want To Freeze Those Eggs?

IT Giants Apple and Facebook announced that they will pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs. On the face of it, this seems like a wonderful new choice. But is it, really?

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The Antifeminism Trend : I don’t Need Feminism Because…

The antifeminism trend is creeping up on us stealthily, with the internet allowing for a wide reach. What does antifeminism look like? Will it hinder the growth of feminism?

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Your Children Will Leave Home. What Next?

The empty nest syndrome has become common now that more children choose to leave home in the pursuit of their dreams. What can parents do to prepare for an empty nest?

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Shaping Children To Be Fair, Not Look Fair!

Can we be fair to 'un-fair' people? Can we help beat the idiotic craze for fair skin in India? Can we shape our children into fair adults? Yes, we can!

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Modern Parenting Dilemmas: The ‘Only English’ Child

Is the rising tide of young people in India who can only speak English, a natural by-product of globalization? Or a modern parenting dilemma?

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No More Roadside Romeos: Is Stalking A Tragedy In The Making?

The discussion on women's safety is incomplete without addressing stalking. When will India realize that without strict laws, stalking is a tragedy in the making?

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The Exorcism

Within us lies immense strength to vanquish the demons of our past, says this wonderful story of triumph.

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Having The Last Laugh: Set Your Own Rules, Woman!

Who decides how a 'good girl' must behave, and why should anyone else set the rules for women? - asks this insightful article.

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the bad caregiver
The Bad Caregiver: Why It Need Not Be A Nanny

Dual working parents often do need to depend on paid nannies for childcare help. However, bad caregivers can be anyone - not just nannies or non-family members.

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Then And Now

Not only does the wheel keep turning, you can never really go back to where it was before - only look at it from where you are now.

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Of A Million Indra Nooyis And Their Mothers

Pepsi Co President Indra Nooyi's mother asked her to leave the crown in the garage. As mothers, how supportive would you be of a daughter's career?

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Technology addiction in kids
Technology Addicted Kids: The Why And How Of Tackling It

In our increasingly hyper-connected world, tech addiction in kids are no longer a rarity. A look at the whys of tech addiction, and what parents can do to tackle it.

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A Helping Hand

Our untold stories have more in common than we think, as this woman realises. Would it help us if we were to reach out to each other?

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Working mother and the nanny
The Curious Case Of Nannies, Spycams And The Working Mother

Many working parents seek the support of a nanny to help care for their child; while a few cases of abuse exist, it is no reason to judge a working mother.

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10 Really Important Things Ekta Kapoor Has Taught Women

Ekta Kapoor is the reigning Queen of Indian Televison. Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at the norms she and her contemporaries dictate!

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To Coach Or Not To Coach? That Is the Question

Should you coach your children? What is the best approach to your child's exams? This insightful post has the answers!

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Comparing your child to another never works
Of Apples And Oranges (Part 2): Why Comparing Your Child To Another Never Works

As parents, we know that comparing a child to another brings no good results. Yet, we persist with our quest for the perfect child.

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There Is None More Blind

When the rest of the world is blind, can the ones who see stay quiet? A story in which a murderer takes charge of the world.

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Of Apples And Oranges (Part 1):Why Comparing Yourself To Your Children Is A Bad Idea

When our children's choices, challenges and competition are all so different from ours, why do we insist comparing ourselves to them?

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Why women are the real casualty of war
Guns And Roses: Why Women Are The Real Casualty Of War

Watching a play, Nine Parts Of Desire, brings home that women and children are the soft underbelly of any civilization and the most tragic casualty of war.

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I Know What You Need, My Love

Sometimes, what you want is not within reach. This is a story of tough choices, of overcoming the weakness of wants to make the right decision.

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Letting Your Children Fly: The Blinkers That Parents Need To Remove

Parents who can look at the new generation, without wearing the blinkers of an earlier one, forge a healthier relationship with their children.

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Cord blood banking in India
Cord Blood Banking: Facts, Misconceptions & Realities

Cord blood banking in India targets parents' desires for a heathy future for their child, but it is important to distinguish the claims from the facts.

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Racism Unchained: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

What can Indian feminism learn from the fight against racism in America?

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Much Ado About Nothing: How Obsessing About Trivia Is Affecting Us

Why this obsession with table manners to the extent of dictating the 'right utensils' and the 'right way' to eay?

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The Most Precious Gift

What is the most precious gift a parent could give their child? Read this beautiful father-daughter story to find out!

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ASSUME: Makes An Ass Of You And Me

What does it say about us when we judge people based on their appearance and looks, and do not take the time to know them?

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Religious customs
Why Take Part In Outdated Religious Customs?

We are often party to customs which shun single women and widows. Are we right in being party to outdated religious customs?

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Working during a childcare emergency
Does Working During A Childcare Crisis Make You A Bad Mom?

Every working mother knows there are days when things go wrong, despite your best efforts. That does not make you a bad mother.

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Devyani Khobragade – Justice Or Prejudice?

We may accuse the U.S. of double standards over the Khobragade case, but the Adarsh scam report shows India is not far behind!

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Delhi gangrape protests of 2012
A Year After Nirbhaya

A comment on what has changed an year after Nirbhaya - while crime has not gone away, our response to rape as a crime has changed

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Good News & Bad News From Tehelka

What does the Tehelka sexual harassment case means to us in the broader scheme of things?

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sex education for children
Sex Education For Children: How To Explain Alternate Sexuality

Sex education for children is a must, but many parents aren’t very confident discussing sexual matters, leave alone alternate sexuality. Tips for Indian parents:

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The Rights Of The Victim

The rights of a rape victim include the right to have her privacy respected. Let us curb our ghoulish curiously about the Tehelka episode

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junk food and hormones
What Eating Junk Food Does To Your Hormones

Junk food and hormones: Is there a connection? Yes, 'modern' eating habits cab result in hormonal imbalance. Read on!

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Respect For Every Mom!

Working mom or homemaker - every mother has her child's best interests at heart. Let's learn to be less judgmental of mothers.

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