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An avid reader, a shopaholic, head over heels in love with my little bundle of joy" Angel" ,God's most precious gift bestowed upon me, not so long ago.Professionally I am a Chartered Accountant working with an Investment Bank and I love being a working woman (now a working mom!!)I would credit my little one Angel who rekindled my otherwise dormant interest in writing.

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‘Being Financially Dependant On My Husband Was Crushing’, Says This Gritty Mom Back At Work

A woman with a past career knows the sense of financial freedom and confidence a working woman has. This woman speaks about getting back to work after a maternity break.

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Cars Do Not Recognise Gender, It’s Time We Reclaim The Road, Girls!

I have always been independent in every way but one - I never got around to learning to drive. But this year, I conquered my fears, and #YesIDidIt

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What Is It About ‘Women Only’ Travel That Makes Us So Uncomfortable?

Society seems to have a huge issue with women travelling alone, or just with other women, without any men. Why, asks Akshata Ram, who has done a fair bit of 'women only' travel.

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travel on work
News Flash: Married Women & Working Moms Are Quite Happy To Travel On Work

Not considering a woman for travel on work due to a preconceived notion that as a woman, married woman or mom, she won't be interested or won't be able to handle it, is outrageous, says Akshata Ram in this incisive post.

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What’s Your Salary? And There Begins The Long Drawn Battle Of Gender Pay Gap

There are no reasons for women to be paid lesser salary than their men counterparts. All that they need to do is rise their voices and demand an equal pay.   

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Speak Up Ma! You Can’t Give Up Without A Fight For All You Have Achieved

I cannot just let them get away were her first thoughts, they can't just chuck me out like that. I will make sure I create noise about this- a lot of noise. They cannot just do what they want with Reena Mundra- use her and throw her.

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Seen, Not Heard? Is That You Woman?

Women often hesitate to speak up at the workplace, where they still are a minority. But, women should push fear away and make their presence felt. 

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2 Stories: A Woman Who Got Her Career Back, And One Who Is Still Waiting…

While there is a ray of light as women with a career break are more accepted at work now, there are still many women waiting to resume their careers...and still waiting.

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money matters
5 Real Life Couples Handle Money In Their Own Unique Ways – How Do YOU Go About It?

Do you believe in telling all, or hiding some things about your money matters in your marriage? This can be a sensitive issue in many ways.

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away from my baby
I Missed My Baby When Away On Work For 3 Months, But I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

I am glad I listened to my heart when I took the overseas assignment, even if it meant being away from my baby for 3 months - I can be a role model for her.

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she chose
And SHE Chose Her Happily Ever After! [#Shortlisted]

...unlike India family support wasn't available. The new parents were left to themselves and in such a situation it was often the woman who had to make a forced choice of quitting her career.

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Comparing Notes With A Working Woman In Switzerland, Here’s What I Found

Do women in developed countries have it all? Here's what this author found on comparing notes with a colleague - a working woman in Switzerland.

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aunty next door
Poor Aunty Next Door! What Will She Do Now? [#ShortStory]

All those girls like Rita, Reena Mathur and Sharma’s bahu - how will I even look at their face? I will lose all my respect. It's like a cruel joke God has played on me.

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Here’s Why I Am The Badass Woman @ Work – Make These Your Mantras Too!

There's no denying that women have it harder at work, but being the badass woman opens new doors for you! Here's to smashing that glass ceiling.

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lady loan shark
The Lady Loan Shark [#ShortStory]

I only knew her as my mum's distant cousin but when I heard her life story which was no less than a Bollywood movie, I was left in awe.

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long distance relationship
Despite Being A Long Distance Relationship, Here’s How My Marriage Works Wonderfully Well!

My child and I moved to a different city from my husband for a better career. This long distance relationship might be unusual, but we are making it work.

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solo trip
The Forced Solo Trip That Changed My Life For The Better

As a rookie chartered accountant in my first job, I had to take a solo trip for work to Hong Kong. It was a strange new experience that taught me a lot.

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the day she stopped crying
The Day She Stopped Crying [#ShortStory]

Her dreams were quashed somewhere in fulfilling those of others. She cried in the silence of the night for a life she dreamt of but could only live in her thoughts.

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Losing Your Job Is Not The End But Just A Bend! Here’s To Getting On With It:

Losing your job is traumatic, but it is not the end of your life. Take heart from this encouraging post on developing resilience in your work life.

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safety on Indian streets
Can I Travel Alone On Our City Streets? The Confessions Of An Indian Woman

Women are breaking glass ceilings everywhere, but what about safety on Indian streets in your own city? How does the modern woman navigate these?

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Being unapologetically myself
Being Unapologetically Myself [#ShortStory]

Just like you masturbate to release sexual tension, so do I. What’s wrong with that? Is it a taboo because I am a woman? Have you stopped masturbating after marriage? I know you haven’t.

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Mumma, I did it in self defence
Mumma, I Did This In Self Defence! [#ShortStory]

The other guys tried to overpower me; at that moment I quickly reached for my bag, pulled out the deodorant and sprayed it in their eyes. Mumma, I did this in self defence.

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ordinary woman
Ambition Can Be An Excellent Thing, But Sometimes It Is Good Being An Ordinary Woman!

The need to be the best at everything can be a recipe for discontent. The author talks about how she realised that being a ordinary woman is not a bad thing, after all!

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“Honey We Have Guests For Lunch!” Why These Words Are Alarming For Women

Having guests for lunch can be stressful for women - simply because all the work involved in entertaining falls on women (with few of the rewards!)

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wife earns more than husband
If A Wife Earns More Than A Husband, Does That Make Him Any Less Of A Man?

"Oh, the wife earns more than husband!" Why should this even be a consideration? Does a working wife, or one earning more make the husband less of a man?

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The Motherhood Penalty That Women At Work Face Fills Me With Rage

Ever heard of the Motherhood Penalty? It's what happens when we fail to see the long-term potential of an employee simply because - she is a mother.

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a new beginning
A New Beginning [#ShortStory]

Sometimes people discover it late in life like you did. Also in our case it’s not just about physical pleasure it’s about the emotional connect we share that transcends everything else.

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Knowing The Joy Of Work, Becoming A SAHM Isn’t Easy. Share Your Story!

Becoming a SAHM is often presented as an 'easy' option for women; yet, working women often know fully well how hard it is to give up a cherished career. These true life stories make you think.

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best friend of the opposite sex
Should Having A Best Friend Of The Opposite Sex Affect Your Marriage?

We all need someone whom we can talk to without holding back. What if it isn't your spouse or a girl friend, but a best friend of the opposite sex?

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The Intriguing Love Story Of Brigitte Trogneux And Emmanuel Macron, The New French President

While the whole world watched the French election with bated breath, Emmanuel Macron, the charming newbie made news for an altogether different reason.

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A Hardworking Man Is Supporting His Family, A Hardworking Woman? Abandoning It!

When a hardworking woman decides to take a project abroad and live away from family, why do we judge her so much? Would we do the same to a man?

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husband raping his wife
Can A Husband Rape His Lawfully Wedded Wife? [#ShortStory]

"It felt dirty. So dirty, she wanted to get rid of the dirty feeling. Would she become clean again? The mirror image mocked at her."

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need to work
In The Face Of Adversity, She Found Life’s Biggest Opportunity [#ShortStory]

“It was presumed that she had no need to work for money like the others. It was immediately presumed she was working for 'time pass'.”

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ghastly crime
My Husband Is Guilty Of A Ghastly Crime [#ShortStory]

Should he walk scot-free because I don't want society to mock at me and want to desperately keep up the image of the perfect happy couple? Would I really be happy after knowing the truth?

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mom's boyfriend
My Mom’s Boyfriend [#ShortStory]

"Rather than see our mother...as a lone widow, I would be happy to see her laugh (with) someone whom she relates to and I don’t care a damn what people think."

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being valued
Do You Feel You Are Being Valued Enough By Those Around You?

Are you being valued enough by your family, friends, and people at work, or taken for granted as 'just doing your job'?

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Kahe Diya Pardes: A Soap With So Much Promise Ends Up Stereotypical And Disappointing

Kahe Diya Pardes, an entertaining as well as progressive note in the world of TV soaps, turns out as stereotypical as most of its counterparts.

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Why Having Kids To Satisfy Elders’ Wishes Or As Insurance For One’s Old Age Is A Bad Idea

As a young married woman, have you been asked, "So, any good news"? Take the call only when you are ready for it, for having kids is no child's play.

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The Lady Next Door [#ShortStory]

Two women secretly wish to live the life of the lady next door, not knowing the truth about the other. A poignant short story.

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The Reunion Which Burnt Bridges [#ShortStory]

Four women meet at the reunion after 22 years, - and realize that their childhood friendship isn't the indestructible fortress they thought it was.

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Hey Future Husband, We Need To Talk About A Few Things Before Getting Hitched!

Here are some things that are important to today's young women, and it is best to discuss them with the future husband before marriage.

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I Get To The Top Based On My Merit, Not To Tick Off A Diversity Check Box As A Woman

Why women in the workplace should be judged by the yardstick of merit, and not by being placed in the dual buckets of diversity and inclusion.

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Of Soul Sisters – The Friends Might Move On, But Memories Stay Forever!

Friendships change with time  - we women need our women friends for many reasons, and it is important to realize that we need to keep invested in them.

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The Day I Decided To Live For Myself [#ShortStory]

Sometimes it is important to put your foot down and live life for yourself, even if as women, we are expected to run our lives around others' wishes!

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So Your Parents Are Getting Divorced? [#ShortStory]

Sometimes divorce is the best thing to happen. There is no need to worry about log kya kahenge, because people talk anyway!

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The 3 Mistakes I Made At My First Job That I Shall Learn From And Not Repeat

In a job, as in life, we need to learn from mistakes and avoid them in the future, putting our best foot forward to proceed.

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Can You Ever Be Too Old To Live Life To Its Fullest?

What does age matter if the heart is young, and willing to try out new things? Getting old need not be a problem!

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When A Mother Decides To Get Divorced But Is Urged To Stay In The Broken Marriage

Women are often urged to stay in a broken marriage with domestic violence 'for the sake of the kids'. Is this really advisable? 

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Was It Really An Empty Nest? [#ShortStory]

As children grow older and fly away to live their lives, parents are left with an empty nest. But are they, really? A sensitively written short story.

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How Different Is My Life From That Of My Maid? [#ShortStory]

A woman's life is not all housework and doing what the husband and inlaws wish her to, is it? She needs to stand up for herself and do what she needs to do.

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No, A Woman’s Biggest Achievement Is Not Just Getting Married

Why do we, as a society still think that a woman's biggest achievement is getting married? It is time we changed this mindset, and gave our girls their due.

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When A Woman Decides To Move For Her Better Career Prospects, Why Should Anyone Have An Issue?

Should women who aspire to grow in their career look at moving for work if a better opportunity presents itself? What does our 'society' have say about it?

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Fall In Love With Yourself Mommy! Being Happy From Within Will Make For Happiness All Around!

Only when one is truly happy from within, can they spread joy to others. A thoughtful post for today's woman.

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Dear Daughter, It Is Because I Love You That Sometimes I Wish You Were Born A Boy!

It is not easy being born a woman in this world, so sometimes a mother who wanted a daughter and loves her might wish she were born a boy!

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This Is Why I Will NOT Make Sacrifices For My Child

Dear mothers, you do not need to make sacrifices for your child. How you want to live is your choice, but do not put the burden of sacrifice on your child.

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My Daughter Will Not Be Contained In The 6 Letter Word – PRETTY

Next time you talk to a young girl, tell her that she is pretty awesome. Let her grow up to believe that she is not just a pretty face, but an amazing person.

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A Stay At Home Dad And Breadwinner Mom – How Cool Is That?

Isn't marriage a partnership? Should it really matter who plays which role? What if we can have a stay at home dad and mom bringing in the money?

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A Love That Transcends A Lifetime And Beyond [#ThisThingCalledLove]

True love doesn't go away, the body may give up one day but love stays as it is - in memories, and in beautifully woven moments that we create.

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Why Are Indian Working Women Scared To Ask For Their Rights At Work?

Indian working women like us are often scared of chasing our career dreams. Do not be. Put your foot down and ask for your rights at work.

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Why We Need To Put A Stop To Body Shaming Right Now

If you are a woman, it is very likely that you have been a target of body shaming - either fat shaming or thin shaming. Can anything be done about this?

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Born Of My Womb Or An Adopted Child. Does It Really Matter? (Short Story)

The love of a mother for her child. Does it matter how the child gets to her arms? If she has been been born of her womb or an adopted child? A short story.

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Things Went Wrong In My Child’s Life. How Does That Make Me A Bad Mother?

As a parent, we do the best we can, yet sometimes things might go wrong. Why is the blame so often laid at the mother's door? Does it make her a bad mother?

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Love Or Arranged Marriage [Short-Story]

Love or arranged marriage - the dilemma that haunts many young women today. A simple story about a young woman.

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5 Empowering Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother

When I look back at my life, I remember five affirmative lessons I learned from my mother.

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Second Innings: Would You Be Okay If Your Mom Considered Remarriage?

In India, dating or remarriage for elderly women is frowned upon. Who makes these rules anyway?

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Getting Back To Work After A Baby? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Are you getting back to work after a baby? Readjusting after a maternity break is tough but here's a 5 point guide to make it easier!

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My Mother, My Iron lady

A daughter's heartfelt ode to a mother who worked hard to bring her up.

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The Turning Point [Short Story]

Scarred by the divorce of her parents, a woman is confronted with a turning point in her own life.

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My Big Promotion [Short story]

An uplifting story about a woman who achieves her goal as a professional but worries about her role as a mother and how these worries are put to rest. Gazal read the mail once again. Gazal Malik, Senior Vice President of AMZ Ltd. It was her dream come true. She had waited for this day and dreamed of […]

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freelance writing sites
Why Working Moms Are Important To Workplaces: Infact They Are A Must In Every Team

Have you ever wondered why working moms are important to workplaces? They bring into the table more than the diversity factor. Read on.

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It’s Time We Stop Jugding The Mothers: WM Or SAHM Let Them Just Be

We often debate who is better, WM (working mother) or SAHM (Stay at home mother).The fact remains, that both are mothers and we should stop the judgments.

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Lessons In Marriage From Katrina Kaif: The Right Age And Time To Marry

In this post, a woman writes about the lessons in marriage from Katrina Kaif’s starrer ad. The right age to marry and the questions put up by people.

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Breast Feeding Or Bottle Feeding: Stop Judging The Mother

It seems there is nothing a mother is not judged about. From when to have the child, to how to have it, she is judged. It's high time to let her be.

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Baby’s Tummy Time And A Few Life Lessons For Me

Tummy time for babies: What can it possibly teach? A lot more than one can imagine! A mother recounts her lessons.

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