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Anne John loves to play with words and calls herself a reader, writer, explorer & dreamer. She has a wide range of interests and has recently jumped onto the Mommy Vlogger bandwagon!

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best age to get married
What’s The Best Age To Get Married? You’ll Be Surprised

Wondering when to get hitched? Trust the reliable sources quoted below to figure out the best age to get married! Go on, check them out!

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The COVID-19 Checklist According To A Very Privileged Indian Woman (Hint: Includes Lots Of SM)

What? And you thought I'd be talking about groceries and masks?! Get a life! Or rather, I should get a life!

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The 4 Stages Of COVID-19 According To A Privileged Woman, Beginning With Disbelief

No, no - not infection, transmission, community transmission. A privileged woman may look at the stages of COVID-19 very differently.

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What Is A Feminist? An Alien Creature? The Latest Buzzword? A Fast Fading Fad?

What Is A Feminist? An Alien Creature? The latest Buzzword? A Fast Fading Fad?

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how to be a good wife
A 6 Point Guide For Indian Women On How To Be A Good Wife

Ever wished to attend a course on how to be a good wife? Don’t worry, here is a primer from the University Of Sanskaari (established circa 1761).

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good sex
Good Sex? Aiyyo! Shy Is Coming!

Flowers caressing each other have been replaced by actual French kisses onscreen today, but has the modern Indian household moved past its coyness towards good sex?

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what to tell a gynaecologist
What To Tell A Gynaecologist At Your Next Appointment? Don’t Miss These Symptoms!

Meeting your gynaecologist? Stop playing to-tell-or-not-to-tell and disclose all your symptoms for the right diagnosis! Here’s a list of what to tell a gynaecologist!

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bad mother
What’s A Bad Mother? We Indian Women Are No Longer Scared Of Such Tags!

Judge me all you want, but I know that I’m not a bad mother! Say the bold and gutsy Indian mothers of today!

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fat or thin
Why I Refuse To Body Shame My Child – And You Shouldn’t Too

People will comment on you child's being fat or thin, colour, and much else. As a parent, you teach them to handle it with grace and not let it bother them!

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ear piercing
Is Ear Piercing For A Baby OK Just Because It’s Tradition? Doesn’t Your Child’s Consent Matter?

Ear piercing in infancy as a tradition - aren't we violating the child's autonomy over their body? Isn't their consent important?

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learning to drive
Why Am I Learning To Drive? So That I Can Be A Badass Role Model For My Daughter!

Learning to drive was necessary for this young mother who does not want her daughter to feel that her mother depends upon her father for everything!

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Oh My Maternal Instincts, Where Art Thou?

My baby puzzles me. I’m a mother but apparently my maternal instincts are facing some unexpected delays in reaching me!

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Indian Women, Here’s How To Make Your Man Happy! After All, Isn’t That Your Duty?

Getting hitched soon? Congratulations! Feeling jittery? Don’t worry, we have some awesome tips for you on how to make your man happy!

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Are Modern Eating Habits Making Women Afraid Of Food?

Do we relish food today or are we forced to have a rather uneasy relationship with food, thanks to modern eating habits?

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These Tasty Millet Recipes Will Have You Swear Off Quinoa For Ever!

Do millet recipes sound uncool? In our eagerness to jump onto the 'trendy food' wagon, are we guilty of relegating the traditional grains in India to second class foods?

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5 Ways To Annoy A New Mom (Hat Tip: Don’t Do It!)

Being a new mom is hard enough. Can insensitive people stop annoying women during and after a delicate period of pregnancy? 

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3 Trends For The Modern Indian Mommy

From cloth diapering and weaning from breastfeeding, here are 3 inclusive trends for the modern Indian mommy.

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The Mother-In-Law [Book Review]

Veena Venugopal’s The Mother-In-Law explores the dynamics of one of the most controversial relationships in Indian society and paints a rather appalling picture of it.

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Dr. Mathai’s Holistic Health Guide For Women
Dr. Mathai’s Holistic Health Guide For Women

Dr. Mathai’s Holistic Health Guide For Women serves as an introduction to holistic healing, giving us a peak into the different dimensions of holistic health.

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Here’s How A South Indian Christmas Is Celebrated, Did You Know?

Is Christmas all about cakes and wine? No! Here’s how a typical, south Indian Christmas is celebrated, plus an Indian Christmas recipe!

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Why The Small Things Matter

Why the double standards for women when it comes to everyday life? If we want our girls to rock, we have to start with the small things

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5 Reasons Why Indian Girls Must Marry Young

Why are Indian girls "readied" for marriage so young? A sharp satire on marriage in India!

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Indian woman & fairness
5 Reasons Why I’m Happy To Be Brown Skinned

Why the fuss about fair skin and fairness creams? Why Indian women should love our brown skins!

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Easy cooking for solo Indian women
8 Easy Cooking Tips For Solo Indian Women

Think cooking for one is too much of a bother? We come to your rescue with 8 easy cooking tips for solo Indian women!

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A vacation with the MIL: Indian women's nightmare?
A Vacation With My Mother-In-Law

A vacation with the mother-in-law – sounds dreadful? One Indian woman shares how she and her mother-in-law actually had a lot of fun on a holiday together!

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Neha Juneja: Co-Founder Greenway Grameen
Neha Juneja: No Smoke, Only Fire

Neha Juneja, the Co-Founder of Greenway Grameen Infra, aims to improve the lives of rural Indian women by transforming the way they cook.

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Why Can’t I Be A Housewife?

Choosing to stay at home or go to work is a personal choice. Why do we need to judge and look down on women who choose to be housewives?

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How can working women in India practice disruption?
Working Women In India: Disrupt Yourselves!

Unusual career growth tips for working women in India, based on the idea that sometimes, Disruption can be a good thing.

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Quick weeknight dinners for working women
One-Pot Meals: Less Mess, Less Stress!

One-pot meals are a blessing for busy working women in India who need quick weeknight dinners. Some delicious ideas for you!

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Having a child abroad
Embracing Motherhood – Abroad

How does it feel to go through a pregnancy away from home? Some Indian women share their experiences of having a child abroad.

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Rashmi Bharti of Avani
Innovator In The Hills: Rashmi Bharti Of Avani

Rashmi Bharti, one of India’s innovative women achievers, shares how simple living and high thinking helps Avani empower people in the Himalayan villages.

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whole grain recipe
7 Ways To Add New Food Grains In Your Diet

Include different types of food grains in your diet to increase health and nutrition. Check out these 7 whole grain recipes!

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Seema Dholi of Farm2Kitchen
Seema Dholi: Bringing The Farm To Your Kitchen

Meet Seema Dholi, the founder of Farm2Kitchen, a website trying to make reliable organic products available in India.

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Review of Tanya Mendonsa's The Book Of Joshua
The Book Of Joshua

Tanya Mendonsa’s The Book Of Joshua, is a simple and heart-warming tale that will charm you – animal lover or not!

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Mansi Jaysal: The Great Indian Dog Project
Mansi Jaysal – The Champion Of Indian Dogs

Indian dogs are as adorable as most expensive breeds, says Mansi Jaysal of The Great Indian Dog Project. Adopt a dog today!

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Book review of Janice Pariat's Boats On Land
Boats On Land

Janice Pariat’s Boats On Land brings us a selection of short stories that are both believable and unbelievable all at the same time!

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Rathika Ramasamy: Professional wildlife photographer in India
Rathika Ramasamy: The Wildlife Photographer

Meet Rathika Ramasamy, a professional wildlife photographer in India who began with photography as a hobby but made it a career

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Jobs for Women
Second Jobs For Women

Jobs for women spell stability and independence. It is heartening to know that jobs for women doesn't conform to conventional ones necessarily. Here is a compilation of articles about alternative career opportunities for women in India.

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What to do after messing up an interview?
5 Things To Do After You Goof-Up An Interview

So the interview didn’t go as intended? It’s okay! Stop cursing your luck and see what you can learn from it.

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5 Tips For Your Honeymoon Travel

Excited about planning your honeymoon travel? Have a great time with these simple tips for honeymoon trips!

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Book review of The Snow Child By Eowyn Ivey
The Snow Child

Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child is a magical, if somewhat puzzling tale, of a mysterious girl in the life of an heartbroken couple.

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Cooking And The Modern Indian Woman

Do “modern” Indian women cook? Yes we do – but mind you, only if we want to!

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Book review of Kyung-Sook Shin's Please Look After Mother
Please Look After Mother

Please Look After Mother by Korean author Kyung-Sook Shin is a somber tale that talks about the sacrifices behind motherhood.

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Shivya Nath of India Untravelled - a niche travel company in India
Shivya Nath: The Travel Entrepreneur

Frustrated with insensitive and mundane travel companies in India? Shivya Nath tells us about her fledgling travel company India Untravelled.

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5 Ways To Spend Less Time In The Kitchen

Cooking can easily eat into your time and sap your energy. Some kitchen tips for simple, efficient cooking!

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Author’s Corner: With Shakti Salgaokar

In the ‘Author’s Corner’ series we shine the spotlight on promising first-time female authors. Hope you enjoy reading some fun facts about them!

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Ekotribe: Going Green In The Desert

Sustainable living has become a necessity today says Anu Agarwal of Ekotribe, a business supplying eco-friendly products and services in the Middle-East.

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Ameesha Joshi and Anna Sarkissian
With This Ring: Ameesha Joshi & Anna Sarkissian

Ameesha Joshi and Anna Sarkissian shine the spotlight on the members of the Indian Women’s National Boxing team in With This Ring.

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Useful Parenting Books Come To Your Aid
Parenting Books: What Works?

We asked the parenting community at Women’s Web to recommend some great books about parenting. Here are the top six favourites!

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A Calendar Too Crowded

Sagarika Chakraborty’s A Calendar Too Crowded has its ups and downs; nevertheless it stands by womanhood and speaks out unflinchingly.

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Celebrating Myself

You know, the people whom I work with, have come up with this fantastic contest called ‘Celebrating Myself’ for International Women’s Day 2012. Yep, you’re right! I am talking about the Women’s Web’s contest right here and since yours truly is the Content Manager around these parts, I am not eligible to compete – which […]

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A Survey On Parenting Books

Do take the Women's Web's survey on parenting books and help us develop a list of the top parenting books liked by Indian parents

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Watching Our Thoughts

When couples with colourful pasts have moved on to start a family together, why do we insist of pulling out hidden skeletons?

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Monica Bhide
Monica Bhide: How To Become A Food Writer

We talk to Food Writer, Monica Bhide, on whether food writing has come of age in India with the explosion of interest in novel cuisines and healthy eating.

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Why This Kolaveri?

Women who smoke or drink in India are viewed through a different lens by society.

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The Average Indian Male

Taking digs at the Indian psyche, Cyrus Broacha’s ‘The Average Indian Male’ makes for a fun and entertaining read.

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Women At Work 2011

With 2011 drawing to a close, we look at 10 Indian women achievers - with some interesting ‘firsts’ to their credit.

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Shifting careers - change story
Shifting Careers: My Story

Choosing to chase your dreams is not always easy. The tradeoffs and challenges that came along with my career shift from IT to Journalism.

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Would You Share Your Husband’s Facebook?

When a woman does not have a facebook account to call her own and instead uses her husband's regularly, is it romantic or loss of identity?

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The Fatwa Girl

Akbar Agha‘s, The Fatwa Girl, while a youthful tale of love and dreams, also addresses the complicated issues of religion, tradition and beliefs.

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Every Ending Is A New Beginning

I am at a stage where half my friends have just settled into married lives and the rest are busy bride/groom hunting. A few exceptions include people who married early and have just begun enjoying motherhood. Therefore divorce hasn’t come visiting my immediate circle yet. That is until quite recently, when I heard about S. […]

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Interview with Aarti Mohan
Aarti Mohan: Aiding Social Change in India

An interview with Aarti Mohan, Founder of The Alternative, a website focusing on social change in India

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What’s Up With You Flashers?

It was a warm summer afternoon and I was walking home after class, which was in a supposedly decent residential area. The streets were relatively quiet with few people around when I was approached by a middle-aged man on a bicycle. Naming a school located nearby he asked me for directions. I was looking at […]

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Hetal and Anuja of Show Me The Curry
Hetal & Anuja: Show Me The Curry!

Meet Hetal and Anuja, the talented cooks and presenters behind the popular website, Show Me The Curry!

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Being A Feminist Christian

Last week, Madrid was all geared up for the Pope’s visit. An important aspect of this visit, was that the Church had granted authority to other priests who were in Madrid to give absolution to people who confess to, either having had or abetted abortion(s) – a sin which is awarded with excommunication usually. I remember […]

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Aishwarya Natarajan, Indianuance Director
Aishwarya Natarajan: Connecting Artists & Audiences

Interview with Aishwarya Natarajan, Director of Indianuance and Winner of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in Music.

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Doomed To Die

In India, no doubt everyone is aware of female infanticide. Girl babies are killed off by their parents/relatives, fearing that the child would only be an unnecessary burden. Even as social activists are fighting hard to eliminate this evil, of late a spate of baby killings is being reported in the UAE. Among several such […]

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Abused For A Living

Recently, at a resort’s swimming pool, I saw a family splashing about in the water, yelling to each other and in general having quite a lot of fun. I also happened to notice, a young Filipina lady, obviously their maid, standing off unobtrusively in a corner, keeping an eye on this family’s belongings.  With all […]

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Keeping Your Women Friends Close

We tend to lose our women friends as we grow older, but female bonding is irreplaceable - one woman's thoughts on friendship.

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Tulika Books: Empowering Children With Imagination

Meet Sandhya Rao, award-winning children’s writer and Senior Editor of Tulika Books – famous for their indigenous children’s literature.

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Love At First Sound!

Watch this beautiful mom and child video - where a child with hearing loss demonstrates the meaning of love at first sound!

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The League Of Extraordinary Conwomen

Men versus women: Are women more honest than men or do women cheat equally well?

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What Is Philanthropy? Women Answer!

What is Philanthropy? Women answer the question uniquely, even as the role of women in society changes.

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Women In The Limelight 2010

Movies, Politics, Fashion, Sports, Business and just everyday Life - we look at 10 Indian women who made headlines in 2010.

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Take Charge Of Performance Reviews

Don’t let performance appraisals become a formality - they can be a powerful career development tool for women at work.

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Unusual Career Changes: Dancing Across Cultures

Unusual career changes are happening all around us; one such story, of an engineer who teaches Indian classical dance.

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India: Confident & Optimistic Mood

The AC Nielsen Survey shows that Indians are optimistic– with only increasing food prices and work/life balance as our major concerns.

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Gestational Diabetes: Sweet Yet Bitter

Yesterday, November 14th is mostly known for being Children’s Day. When I was in school (seems like a long time ago!) along with birthdays and holidays this was a much awaited day! What fun – with teachers putting up skits and dance performances, kids running around in their best colour dresses , no classes AND lots […]

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