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Author’s Corner: With Shakti Salgaokar

Posted: May 28, 2012

In the ‘Author’s Corner’ series we shine the spotlight on promising first-time female authors. Hope you enjoy reading some fun facts about them!

Shakti Salgaokar is the author of Imperfect Mr. Right, a contemporary romance novel which makes for a light and entertaining read.

If you had not become a writer, what would you have been? 

A chef. Telling stories with food can be fun!

What is the best thing about being a published author?

Waking up to emails, tweets and Facebook messages from readers that passionately talk about your book. 

What is the hardest thing about writing a book?

Convincing others that you don’t have multiple personality disorder and that your characters are in fact characters and not some imaginary friends you’ve been hanging out with! 

If you were a man, would there be anything different about your book?

If I were a man, the book would be called Imperfect Ms. Right.

Who was the first to read your book? What was their first reaction?

My classmates at the University of Sussex, who were keen on seeing a Bollywood dance in the narrative.

One book you would love to have written?

Hard to pick one! But I would love to write like Margaret Atwood. I love the fact that her stories explore many different levels through what seems like a fairly simple story.

Future literary plans?

A few new projects are hovering around in the corners of my mind, and I am working on a cookbook. Talks are on to get Imperfect Mr Right on the silver screen, fingers crossed!

Thanks Shakti! We’ll keep our fingers crossed too!

*Photo credit: Shakti Salgoakar

Now dear readers a book giveaway for you!
Answer this question: “What is the one thing that would turn a perfect Mr.(or Ms.) Right into Mr.(or Ms.) Wrong for you?” 

Just leave your answer as a comment below – and one winner will get a copy of Imperfect Mr. Right signed by Shakti!

Please note: Only 1 comment per person. The book can only be sent to a valid address in India. Giveaway closes on 9 AM IST 4th June 2012.

So what are you waiting for? Comment away!

Update: Giveaway closed. We have a winner!

Shakti has chosen Rush’s comment as the prize-winning one! Congrats Rush! Please mail your postal address and contact number to admin@womensweb.in and you’ll get your author-signed copy of Imperfect Mr.Right soon.

Thanks for participating everyone and stay tuned for more such exciting giveaways!

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  1. the person whom you confide about all your dreams, secrets, aspirations to keep the relationship transparent turns around to be the one who let’s you down for moral societal values.

  2. The One who lacks an understanding with his partner.

  3. I feel that when the most charming, irresistible, smart person you’ve ever met turns out also to be a guy who has no value for love, affection, bonding and sentiments would be the terrible Mr.Wrong!

  4. I need to find Mr Right first! 😉

  5. The question itself is sexist.

    Is the book only for women?

  6. @Mukesh – no, but most of our readers are women, hence the question was framed that way, not with any intent to be sexist. If you’d like to participate, you’re welcome to substitute Ms.Right for Mr. – and thanks for pointing it out – we’ll amend the question.

  7. Hmmm… it has to be lack of respect for women’s intelligence, her education infact everything that makes her a woman….

  8. Nice interview with Shakti. Lack of sensitivity and utter disregard for a woman’s individuality is sure to turn Mr. Perfect in to Mr.Imperfect !

  9. Shipra Pande -

    A selfish streak!

  10. Not giving me my personal space, my personal freedom to be myself
    Trying to own me all instead of letting me share myself with me as well
    Just not letting me to be the person I am and force me to change to a person I don’t know.

  11. For me it has to be dishonesty! Without honesty, any rich, tall, handsome or celebrity guy becomes a zero.

  12. My Mr. Perfect is a guy who is loving, ambitious but has family as his first priority, will be a responsible husband, father and son-in-law; and with whom I have compatible views on life. Also he accepts me for who I am and is ready to be there for me come what may.

    So the only thing that can turn him into Mr. Wrong would be if he turns out to be gay, because then there’d always be another man (or worse other men) in our marriage, if marriage even happens.

  13. Shilpa Nainani -

    I guess the one thing that would turn it off for me would be insensitiveness… Although right and wrong, good and bad can be very relative terms, but on a general level, it’s the sensitivity in a person that helps him/her appreciate others, respect other person’s values and view-points and also give consideration for other person’s needs, wants and desires. So it’s a thums up for sensitivity for me.. 🙂

  14. Lack of love and concern would change Mr. Right to Mr. Wrong!

  15. If I discover a bias in my partner (against, for example, people with a certain identity or belief system, and especially if the bias is about the “role” of a woman in any way), it would completely change my mind about them. This would be exacerbated if my partner has a closed mind about this issue – if they’re unwilling to discuss or acknowledge their bias, or even consider the possibility that they’re wrong and possibly discriminatory.

    Many of us have some biases, many that we’re unaware of, but we should always be open to discussion and reconsidering our opinion if the bias is pointed out.

  16. Trust is important in any relationship. If your partner cannot trust you and don’t believe or support or at least don’t care to listen to you, this will change him/her to a Mr/Ms Wrong.

  17. Inhibiting the freedom of my Ms. Right would definitely turn her into Ms. Wrong, because that is most valuable to her.

  18. For me my Mr.Right turned into Mr.Wrong..when he dragged me on the road,got hold of my neck and bited my hand and to my surprise I did nothing but was caring for him even then and was homeless all night in Delhi outside his home trying to make my love perfect..but the next morning the woman inside me screamed ,’Vijeta..wake up,life wants you to be happy not sad,forgive your parents,friends,the guy for all this and yourself’.Just let things go..and realize he’s Mr.Wrong,never look back again ‘ !

  19. He may be a perfect guy in my eyes. But if he cannot reciprocate my feelings, there is no point in the match. That will be sufficient to turn him into Mr.Wrong!

  20. For me, even if my Mr. Right doesn’t woo me like Shahrukh Khan in DDLJ, or does not bend down on his knees, does not fit into a Salman Khan frame, does not sing llove songs, or even he forgets my b’day with no gifts, he still stays my prince charming, Mr. Right.

    But If the walls of trust invested in each other are broken, and he appears fake,my Mr. Right would be thrown out of love abode and would be Mr. Wrong for me and everybody. Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka, mat todo chatkaye toote se phir na jure, jude ghanth pari jaye….Once the love ties are snapped, life is not same since there will be knots….

  21. For me, a guy is Mr. Perfect if he passes a small litmus test. The way he treats his subordinates give insight to the kind of person he is.(for example, if we are in a restaurent, how he calls a waiter) I think a sensible person is the one who cares for and respect every individual.

  22. ‘Abuse’ and ‘disrespect’ are the 2 top reasons any woman would change her views of her Mr. Right to Mr. Wrong.
    I have first hand experience in the same.

    If you are looking for one reason, I’d say DISRESPECT tops the list.

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