What’s The Best Age To Get Married? You’ll Be Surprised

Wondering when to get hitched? Trust the reliable sources quoted below to figure out the best age to get married! Go on, check them out!

What with laws shifting this way and that, and ‘progress’ happening, there’s much chaos around the best age to get married!

Aren’t we all incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many knowledgeable experts these days? There is this expert who, after reading a WhatsApp forward, is suddenly very well-informed about how the neighbourhood mosque was built on an ancient temple. Then, there is that expert who, after listening to a half-baked lecture, overflows with enlightenment about how a conspiracy theory is afoot to make us believe that the earth is not the centre of the universe.

In this blessed age of experts, if you are ever faced with a dilemma of the best age to get married, worry not! Consider the wisdom of the experts mentioned below:

Your neighbour knows the best age to get married!

Believe me! After all, this person has observed your comings and goings with the borrowed eye of Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps, they paid in pounds for this all-seeing and omnipresent eye. They know all about you – where you work, with whom you hang out, who drops you home at what time of the day, what you eat and what you need to change in your diet to become fairer, whether you know to cook or not, how many times you order from online shopping sites, what do you like to wear, what do you like to watch, and the list goes on. Now, tell me, who else is better positioned to tell you when to get married? In fact, haven’t they already dropped several oh-so-subtle hints about “settling down”?

You haven’t yet found someone with whom you would love to spend your life with? Meh! Love, trust, and respect are only for western marriages and celluloid, my dear. Who said that you need to like the person you marry? Most Indian marriages, survive on the pillars of tolerance, suppression, and societal constraints. You’ll be fine, don’t make a fuss!

Parents – the authorities on the best age for you to get married

Your parents have given birth to you, raised you, educated you, and have done all their duties diligently. Now, just one more duty is pending and isn’t it your responsibility to help them fulfill it? Following the age-old Indian tradition of “parents know best” – no matter if you are 4 years old or 40 years old – combined with a generous dose of emotional blackmail and a healthy dash of what-will-society-think syndrome, don’t you think that you must listen to your parents about when to tie the knot? But of course!

Eh? You don’t feel that you’re ready to get married? Oh, don’t be such a party pooper! Your parents have been collecting vessels since you were born to help you set up your new home, they’ve been “investing” in jewelry to deck you up in and show you off, they’ve even refused to pay for your higher studies as they needed to save that money for your dowry. Get on with it, I say!

The best age to get married – when your friends get married!

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Have you been bingeing on creamy payasam at a classmate’s wedding lunch, and then gorging on fragrant biriyani at a colleague’s wedding dinner?

Of late, does it seem like the usually friendly postman is smirking at you as he hands over the mail, which consists solely of bills and wedding invitations?

Is your phone constantly beeping with congratulatory messages, followed by more congratulatory messages in the next nine months!?

Certainly, then, it must indeed be the right time to get married! You’ve gathered ideas about the best wedding trousseau designer in town, you’re updated about the latest wedding trends, you have evaluated the best wedding caterers – you’ve become an expert yourself!

So, hurry up! Your friends are already standing in line for their children’s school admissions, and you haven’t even found someone to marry yet! Run, don’t walk! Grab the next available man and rush to the mandap!

The best age to get married? Ask your aunt!

Remember the aunty at your cousin’s wedding who, never fails to take the golden opportunity to exuberantly state, “You’re next!”? Aww! How sweet of her to keep at it year after year, wedding after wedding! She must really care about you to take a break from eyeing the gold and fingering the finery, just for your sake. You can practically see her eyes shining with concern for your insistently ticking biological clock.

What’s that you say? You haven’t yet found the right partner? But my dahling, you are morally bound to relieve her from the “you’re next” job so that she can then get promoted to the “any-good-news” level. Come on, yaar!

Maybe check with matrimonial sites, the professionals on this issue

You’ve been getting regular emails about the hundreds of eligible bachelors just dying to marry you. You’ve been constantly bombarded with pop-up messages trying to convince you to connect with the “tall, well-settled, handsomely-earning, own house-owning” men who seem to never be in short supply according to these matrimonial websites. Surely, the universe is trying to reach you through its angels at Shaadi.com. Take it as a well-directed sign. Snatch one of the in-demand men quickly, else, I warn you, you might just have to settle for someone staying in a rented house.

There you go! I hope you can appreciate the amount of research that has gone into analyzing the best age to get married. I am confident that I have managed to convince you about when to get married.

No? Atta girl! I’m proud of you!

I know if you are an Indian woman in her 20’s, you must be inundated with “when-are-you-going-to-marry” missiles from all directions.

I get it – it is totally annoying and completely frustrating, as though one has nothing else to do once studying has been done and a job has been secured. Perhaps, you would like to travel and explore the world on your own. Maybe, you want to study more. Or maybe you just haven’t found someone worth your time yet. Maybe, you just simply don’t feel like getting married.

They are all perfectly valid reasons.

The best age to get married would be when you want to, when you are prepared mentally, physically, and financially for marriage, and when you have found someone valuable enough to share your life with, not when your parents think so, not when your neighbour suggests, and definitely not when any random aunty says so! Go on, live your life, and let the wedding bells toll when the time is right – for you!

Note: The writer has a strong belief in her writing skills and is hence confident that her snarky cynicism comes through clearly in this write-up. In case she is sadly mistaken about her writing prowess, she would like to state explicitly that this post is meant to be sarcastic and that neither she nor Women’s Web advocates getting married just because someone else deems you should. 

Image source: YouTube/ Indian Matchmaking 2 trailer

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