Mona Singh’s Egg Freezing Tells Us It’s Not Taboo To Have Kids When You Want!

Actor Mona Singh recently spoke about having her eggs frozen since she wasn't ready to have kids just yet. What does freezing eggs mean?


Actor Mona Singh recently spoke about having her eggs frozen since she wasn’t ready to have kids just yet. What does freezing eggs mean?

With the passage of years, society is increasingly becoming more conducive for and understanding of women and their needs and desires. One such incident that reminded us that tide is turning in our favour is actor Mona Singh’s decision to get her eggs frozen at the age of 34. According to the report in Times Of India, the actor chose to do so to be able to have kids at a time more convenient and comfortable for her. This would also be beneficial to her kid/s.

Singh got married to Shyam Gopalan last December at the age of 39. She also spoke of there isn’t and shouldn’t be an ‘ideal age’ to get married and what is important is the maturity and experience of the couple together.

The report also stated how she spoke enthusiastically about wanting kids at some point in time in the future. And after consulting a gynaecologist in Pune, accompanied by her mother, she took the decision at 34.

It took five months for the completion of the whole process and now she feels completely free. Getting the process done gave her the time to live her life to the fullest, travel the world with her husband. And most importantly, it gave both of them time to prepare themselves mentally to bring a child or more in the world when they both want to.

What does ‘freezing your eggs’ mean?

Egg freezing is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. It is aimed at preservation of the ability of a person with female reproductive organs to get pregnant at some point in the future.

The individual undergoing the process is prescribed medicines to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, instead of the one monthly production. These are then retrieved after a period of 10 to 14 days via the vagina. After the unfertilized eggs get harvested, they are stored at sub-zero temperatures to preserve them for future use.

The doctor one has to visit with this requirement, who has speciality training in this field is known as a reproductive endocrinologist.  Normally, one who undergoes this procedure can go back to their normal lives in under a week. But the process can sometimes take its toll on the body and can induce vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or cramps. A health care provider needs to be consulted in such circumstances.

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Why do women go through it?

Parenthood is a huge responsibility that demands time, energy and dedication. Parents shouldn’t rush into such decisions because of the biological clock, now that we have scientific knowledge to give us viable alternatives.

The mother’s, and the father’s, emotional, mental preparations as well as career and needs should be taken into consideration through the freezing of one’s eggs. Additionally, for individuals with health issues that require medical treatment which might hamper the ability to get pregnant, this process is a wonderful alternative.

Often, the needs and wishes of women and people with female reproductive organs are overlooked in our society. However, the process of freezing one’s eggs give them an option outside the strict and suffocating, constraints that society has put in place for them.

But the decision needs to be a well-informed one, taking into account any possible health-related consequence, in addition to the benefits. It needs to be discussed thoroughly with your doctor and family. Anyone with the financial capabilities, and a thumbs up from their gynecologist, can avail this option, if they deem it helpful.

Picture credits: Mona Singh’s Instagram page

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