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Second Jobs For Women

Posted: October 30, 2012

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Jobs for women spell stability and independence. It is heartening to know that jobs for women doesn’t conform to conventional ones necessarily. Here is a compilation of articles about alternative career opportunities for women in India.

By Anne John

Women form a significant part of the global workforce today and there is a growing awareness to create more jobs for women in India. Working women from around the world face challenges that are specific to their gender; workplace harassment, juggling household responsibilities and work commitments leading to a precarious work-life balance, unequal pay, sexism at the workplace and outdated gender stereotyping. Positive steps need to be taken by both the employers as well as the women themselves, in order to optimally utilize the strength of the female workforce.

At Women’s Web, we have addressed several issues that women pursuing second careers or alternative career tracks might face. Here is a compilation of useful resources for women who have chosen to follow different career paths – either out of choice or due to circumstances.

Second careers for women

Gone are the days when certain occupations were specially earmarked as suitable jobs for women. As women continue to grow to new heights professionally, gender boundaries are slowly blurring. Not only are women not afraid to take up jobs that were previously deemed unfit for women, but they are also embracing new and emerging professions such as Jaya Narayan, who is a Life Coach.

An increasing number of women are willing to relook their career choices and assess the need for a career change. Consider Swati Ravi, who gave up IT to teach classical dance. In fact, I too, became one such person when I changed my career from Software Engineering to Journalism a few years back.

If you are also considering a second career, ensure that you introspect and consider all your options and reasons to prepare yourself for the big shift.

Returning after a career break

It is a well-known fact that many women are forced to take a career break as they are the primary caregivers for their young children. But once the children have grown up, most women plan to get back to work. Women who job hunt after a break, must polish their networking skills, should ensure that they are updated with industry trends, should pay special attention to their resumes and must be prepared to answer questions regarding their career break.

At times, career breaks happen also because many women follow their husbands abroad. In such cases, one needs to see what can be done to revive your career after moving abroad.

Instead of taking up jobs, some women also go the entrepreneurial way, converting hobbies that they are passionate about into careers that are successful and satisfying.

Non-Linear jobs for women

With work-flex jobs being a high priority for women, many consider taking up a freelance writing career. Here are 8 lessons that you need to know before embarking on a freelance writing career.

Women can also opt for offbeat or alternate careers in various fields. Check out some alternate jobs for women in art. Or if you are scientifically inclined, you could pursue alternate science careers or if you are a techie, why not try out these alternate careers in technology?

People in India have begun to realize the importance of education and a career for women. It is indeed heartening to see that the market is opening up to offer interesting and exciting jobs for women.

*Photo credit: Victor1558 (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)

Anne John loves to play with words and calls herself a reader, writer, explorer & dreamer.

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