A Survey On Parenting Books

Posted: February 27, 2012

Dear parents, we need your help! Please participate in a short survey by clicking on the link below and let us know your thoughts on parenting books. We intend to come up with a list of top parenting books based on your recommendations.

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Some people say that no book can teach you how to be a parent. And yet there are some others who vehemently swear by them. Which type are you?

Our grandparents and even many parents did not raise us by referring to any book. But in today’s rapidly changing world, where there are unreasonable demands on everyone’s time and an immense amount of stress to be kept at bay, are parenting books a boon or bane? While it is true, that parenting skills are learnt by many “on the job”, could we perhaps do with a little help from parenting books?

There is a plethora of books on parenting available in the market, each catering to different target groups and tailored to suit varying tastes (as well as budgets) and written by a gamut of authors, ranging from celebrities to debutantes. If one speaks about dealing with the terrible twos, another doles out advice on getting those essential nutrients into your fussy toddler, while another talks about handling your adolescents mood swings.

So how do we separate the grain from the chaff? What would make you choose one parenting book over another? In your experience, which are the parenting books that have most impressed you? What did you like about them? These are some of the questions that we’d like to find answers for – so dear readers, do tell us! All you have to do is click on the above link and answer a few questions about your experience with parenting books. So what are you waiting for? We’d love to hear from you!

P.S: Survey open till 5th March 2012

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  1. Good topic taken i think its very essential in today’s world to have a book that can guide you as normally we stay in a nuclear family with no elders around. Also the children’s nowadays are very different(bold and exposed to lot of things) from what they used to be.
    little millennium

  2. Rina Mukherji -

    You can have all the books on parenting you can find; but ultimately settle for eliminating all that you disliked in your parents” methods of brionging you up, and doing all that you admired in how they brought you up. To me, this was the ideal parenting I followed. And I daresay, it has worked very well!

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