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Dear Survivor 1
Dear Survivor, If Your Rage Helps You Deal With Your Pain, So Be It!

No one else gets to decide forgiveness on your behalf. No one else gets to tell you how to process your trauma. No one gets to police what you say or how you say it, or what you do.

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Dalit Lekhika
Why Dalit Lekhika Is Women’s Writing That Delivers A Punch In The Gut

Dalit Lekhika: Women’s Writings from Bengal by Stree-Samya bears witness to the lives of the oppressed women who write their own stories.

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Sushant Singh Rajput suicide
Do Knee Jerk Reactions After A Tragic Celebrity Death Really Address The Underlying Toxicity?

Mental health needs to be spoken about every single day. Medication is essential. Therapy is a boon. And there's no one way to deal with it. Let's talk.

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Cooking Does Not Come Pre-Installed In A Woman’s DNA

A woman need not 'know' or 'enjoy' cooking just on account of her gender. It has to be a choice, that even men should get - if they like to cook, they should be able to.

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Melinda Gates The Moment of Lift
‘The Moment Of Lift’ By Melinda Gates Introduced Me To My Inner Self, Again

Melinda Gates' book The Moment of Lift surprised me by showing myself a mirror, and inspiring a soul search about my privilege and what I can do.

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The Women Of The Seven Kingdoms Shine Through The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

Season 8 is finally here, and the women of the seven kingdoms are unfazed. In fact, they seem to have become stronger, cleverer, wittier, colder, and more ruthless than ever. Will the final winner of the throne be a woman?

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No Nation for Women
This Is No Nation For Women; Can You Imagine The Violence In These Women’s Lives?

Priyanka Dubey's new book No Nation for Women is extremely painful to read for anyone with any empathy. But why is it an essential read for all of us today?

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Ganga book review
Anuja Chandramouli’s Ganga Is So Much More Than Just A River Or A Minor Goddess!

Ganga: The Constant Goddess blends mythology with contemporary sensibilities to create a protagonist that feels very real to the reader.

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“Today’s Girls Are So Badly Behaved” – Is The Problem With Them Or With You?

Feminism is all too often blamed for 'girls behaving badly'. But - this allegation may reflect more on those making the accusation than on the members of Generation Z. Here's a rebuttal. 

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Sharanya Manivannan
Our Mistake Is To Put Romantic-Erotic Love Before Other Kinds: Sharanya Manivannan

"I wrote The Queen of Jasmine Country in six weeks," says Sharanya Manivannan, "unlike the five years, nine years, a dozen years that I labour over a manuscript."

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And Then My Dear, Despite It All, You Shall Blossom Again…

There will be many hurdles in your way, and trauma, gaslighting, and blame, as you grow up, but you'll still rise above that - so cherish yourself, says Anushree, to her younger self. 

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Academy Award Nominated Turkish Movie Mustang Is A Rebellion Of Sorts

Turkish-French filmmaker Deniz Gamze Erguven's Mustang deals with young girl's quest for freedom in a patriarchal conservative Turkish society writes author Anushree. 

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Sita's Curse
Sita’s Curse Is A Journey Of The Sexual Awakening Of A Young Woman. Does It Deliver?

Female sexuality is a taboo topic despite the century we live in, and very few books take us through the awakening sexuality of a woman. Sreemoyee Piu Kundu's book Sita's Curse is one such book.

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Anne with and E
Netflix: ‘Anne With An E’ and ‘Princess Bean’ Turn Conventional ‘Girl’ Roles On Their Heads

Princesses and little girls are supposed to be sweet and nice. But these brilliant Netflix adaptations of Anne of Green Gables and a 'Princess' turn those stereotypes for women characters on their head.

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Celebrating The SC Judgement Legalising Same Sex Relationships? 2 Brilliant Inclusive Films To Watch

Celebrating the SC judgement on decriminalizing same sex relationships? Spend the weekend immersing yourself in these two brilliant pieces of film celebrating a truly inclusive world.

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What To Watch This Weekend: Stree, A Rollicking Yet Incisive Laugh Riot

Stree is more than what it seems on the surface. While falling off your sofa while laughing, you also realise some feminist truths that take patriarchy by the collar. Check it out this weekend.

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What To Watch This Weekend: The End of the F***ing World And Bird Box

The End Of The F***ing World promises wacky humour, highly believable teenage protagonists and great drama. Check out our picks for this weekend!

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Rabia Kapoor
19 Year Old Spoken Word Poet Rabia Kapoor Believes, “It’s Your World To Conquer”

Even at 19, Rabia Kapoor has made a place for herself the hallowed space of poets, and keeping in sync with her generation, in spoken word poetry. Meet her at the #BangalorePoetryFestival.

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Dhadak Truly Lacks Any Dhadak: Watch It If You’re Feeling Masochistic

Dhadak is a pale copy of the free-spirited Sairat, and misses the basic connections that made the original such a delight to watch. Watch it at your own risk, says our reviewer.

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Hannah Gadsby And Her Revolutionary ‘Nanette’ Is That One Show Everyone Needs To Watch

Hannah Gadsby and her revolutionary Nanette is re-writing the very history of comedy, says Anushree. Go ahead and get your hands on it. Somehow.

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Stuck Like Lint
Women Will Find A Piece Of Someone Familiar In The Anthology ‘Stuck Like Lint’ [#BookReview]

Shefali Tripathi Mehta's Stuck Like Lint could have been an ordinary anthology of stories, except it is not. It is also a story hidden inside the short stories.

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Hush a Bye Baby
Hush A Bye Baby Is A Medical Thriller That Plunges Into The Womb Of The Sinister [#BookReview]

Deepanjana Pal's Hush A Bye Baby is a thriller that takes the reader into the dark underpinnings of a celebrated gynaecologist's practice, delving into what goes on behind doors.

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My Ex Told Me That I’d Be ‘Allowed’ To Visit My Mom Once In Two Months

Misogyny is everywhere, but we can ensure that we do not allow it in our own homes, and make enough noise to make others around us aware of it.

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Men Who Tell Women How They Should Look…Mind Your Own Business!

If Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb speaks some more about Indian women and Hindu culture, I may probably roll my eyes so hard, I’d vanish in a different universe.

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Parrots of Desire
The Parrots Of Desire: The Irony And Ecstasy Of 3,000 Years of Indian Erotica

Parrots of Desire brings to us valuable sources, conversations, and insights into human sexuality as it is perceived and experienced by ancient and contemporary Indians.

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tolerance in women
Women Are Not Born With Submission And Tolerance Coded In Their Genes. Certainly Not Me!

Submission and tolerance in women is not inherent, as much as a feeling of supremacy in men is not. It is time we stopped defending these ignorant stereotypes!

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why I am a feminist
I Am A Feminist Because… Go On, Join In And Add YOUR Reason To Be One!

It is at times like when I get misogynistic comments from those who I think are friends, that I tell myself why I am a feminist. A personal POV.

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women are under-represented
Hollywood Or Bollywood, Women Get Less Representation In Movies, But Men Still Grumble

Women are under-represented in movies, and speak a lot less than men, as a study shows. Why, then, are men so agitated by this fact?

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Abhigya Shukla Akester & Jemimah Marak
Abhigya Shukla Akester & Jemimah Marak: Spreading The Joy Of Reading In Remote Regions #IWD2018

Meet these superheroes armed with words and books - Abhigya Shukla Akester & Jemimah Marak, who do their work in remote areas in India.

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rewriting Indian epics
A MONSTER List Of Women Writers Rewriting Indian Epics, Re-Defining Familiar Characters And Narratives

Rewriting Indian epics done by these women writers have brought to us the stories of women and other minor characters in these stories. A MONSTER list for you.

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I HAD To Act When I Saw An Elderly Man Flash At A 13 Year Old Girl In Broad Daylight

Perverts abound in this world. Bystanders need to keep their eyes and ears open to protect others from molestation. Bystander intervention is important.

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On Solitude: Teach Your Kids The Resilience Of Being Comfortable In Their Own Company

Stress and suicidal tendencies in the youth. Maybe this happens because kids are pushed to be not themselves, especially introverts? Some musing on solitude.

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Her Story – A YouTube Web Series That Will Blow Your Mind – Towards Inclusion

Her Story is a web series completely written, acted and directed by transwomen. If you believe in inclusion, you should watch this and learn!

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4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days – This Cannes Award Winning Movie Deserves Your Time

With its brutal portrayal of control over women's bodies, the movie 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days is disgusting, creepy, hideous, dark and terrifyingly disturbing.

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feminist paranoia
Accusing Us Of Feminist Paranoia? Here’s Why It Is Necessary!

Are you ever told you are too touchy over (sexist) jokes and suffer from feminist paranoia? Here's how you counter all those telling you to "chill".

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Lindy West’s Memoir Shrill Demolishes Any Apologist Notions About Being A Loud, Fat & Feminist Woman

What a roar of a book! What a shattering, piercing, on-the-face memoir! Lindy West has tore apart every apologist notion to shreds, in her screaming memoir Shrill.

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the adivasi will not dance
Banned Books That ‘Offend’ Moralities – With ‘The Adivasi Will Not Dance’ [#BookReview]

Is there any logic in banning books? What is 'offensive', and who decides it is? A look at The Adivasi Will Not Dance by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar.

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Tanu Shree Singh
Spreading The Love For Reading With Elan – Tanu Shree Singh And Her Reading Raccoons

With a raccoon-ish love of books, complete with dark circles due to reading at all odd times, Tanu Shree Singh talks about the online reading groups she admins.

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books on feminism
15 Feminist Authors You Must Read That Shine A Spotlight On The Feminist Movement

Want to know more about the feminist movement and what it means to be a feminist today? Check out these books on feminism that can unpack it all for you.

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Difficult Women
6 Quotes From The Book Difficult Women By Roxane Gay That Ring True Across All Societies

Difficult Women, a book by Roxanne Gay is a hard look at strong women who face tough challenges, and are found everywhere among us.

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Broken [#ShortStory]

A woman faces a lifetime of an abusive marriage. Or does she? Find out in this gripping short story.

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Urvashi Butalia
“What Do Women Write?” How Feminist Publisher Urvashi Butalia Answered This Question

Urvashi Butalia, the founder of Kali and Zubaan Books is a feminist writer and publisher who is very clear what 'feminism' means in the Indian context.

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I’m A Woman – Unapologetically So! [#Poetry]

So many things that a woman is 'not supposed to do'! It is time we stand up against this tyranny of men! I'm a woman, and unapologetically so!

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How to be a Bawse
In Which YouTuber Lilly Singh A.K.A Superwoman Tells You How To Be A Bawse In Your Life [#BookReview]

How To Be A Bawse is YouTuber Lilly Singh's (better known to her fans as Superwoman) much awaited book that speaks to her teen and YA fans about life.

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destroying stereotypes
Parents! Make A Conscious Decision Today To Destroy Stereotypes

Destroying stereotypes to bring up a more gender equal generation is a slow process, but it can be achieved if every parent decides to do it in their homes.

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Dear Ijeawele
Here’s Why Dear Ijeawele By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is A Must Read For Every Parent [#BookReview]

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Dear Ijeawele or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions is a must read for every parent. Here's why.

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Bag It All
“Women Can Have It All!” Says Nina Lekhi (MD Of Baggit), In Her Memoir, Bag It All [#BookReview]

Bag It All, by Nina Lekhi, MD of Baggit, is the story of the woman who founded and grew the Indian handbag company to a the giant it is today.

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how to define rape
Rape Is Not Always Physical [#Poetry]

How to define rape? Is it always only if there is vaginal penetration? What if a woman feels assaulted by less than that?

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a free woman
I Am Not A Whore, Just A Free Woman!

I am a free woman, but even if that freedom makes you uncomfortable, it does not make me a whore. And if you think I am, that is just your opinion!

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Dear Prospective Mom-In-Law, You Just Lost The Chance To Have An Awesome Daughter In Law!

The expectations about a bride are to be seen to be believed! A writer shares her personal experience of just such expectations.

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Ladies, Stand Up For Our Right To Dignity With A #PledgeToSurvive

We women have been pushed around too far for too long. Maybe it is time to rebel, to stand up for our right to dignity and a life on our terms! #PledgeToSurvive

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