What To Watch This Weekend: The End of the F***ing World And Bird Box

The End Of The F***ing World promises wacky humour, highly believable teenage protagonists and great drama. Check out our picks for this weekend!

The End Of The F***ing World promises wacky humour, highly believable teenage protagonists and great drama. Check out our picks for this weekend!

In a regular column exclusively on Women’s Web, Anushree brings you exciting stuff to watch over the weekend, from a feminist point of view. We can promise you – no dull weekends again.

A piece of recent news that really caught my eye was the second season of Netflix’s acclaimed The End of the F***ing World. The first season of this short British series was aired last year with the lead starcast of Jessica Barden as Alyssa and Alex Lawther as James.

The series presents two angsty teenagers, with one who thinks he is a psychopath and the other a rebel, trying very hard to mend the hurts of a broken past.

With an IMDB rating of 8.2 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 98%, the series has touched a chord with viewers all over the world because of its wacky humour and dark undertones. It has some disturbing scenes, though hardly for a few seconds – yet viewer discretion is advised. The series is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman.

The character of Alyssa is, in my opinion, a new teenage feminist icon for all of us; she gives some really loud and clear lessons on consent, taking charge of life, ferociousness, inclusivity and determination. Anything more I reveal will spoil the series for you, so go watch!

It is a short series of 8 episodes with every episode being hardly 25 minutes long, so it will get over in about 3 hours at a maximum if you binge watch. The second season is planned already on Netflix so you better not miss out on the first one because we sure have some interesting stuff around the corner. Watch it for Alyssa and her rage!

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Another good thing is in the works, although you have to wait a little to watch it (though you can get reading now). Over the last weekend, a friend casually mentioned Bird Box by Josh Malerman as a reading recommendation, saying that it has a woman stuck in a post-apocalyptic situation with her two kids.

He also said that Sandra Bullock was going to be cast in its movie adaptation releasing in Dec’18. Curious, I decided to give it a go – more because of Sandra Bullock and the movie.

Malorie is in her early 20s and pregnant. It’s the result of casual sex and now she is trapped in a situation she hadn’t expect. While she decides to keep her baby, the future worries her a little. But there is more in store. Her worry takes a backseat when she hears of a greater danger that now threatens mankind, where things that she had shrugged off as ‘ freak incidents’ were now getting eerily real and close. There is something out there, roaming, that if even seen at a glance, makes the seer go insane, tries to harm others and eventually, within a matter of minutes, kills the person.

Life is now suddenly spent blindfolded and Malorie has to now do and experience things she never thought she would be able to survive. Does she?

The premise is brilliant. I loved the book. It has a lot of moments. And every time I read it, I realized what an amazing motion picture it can become. The heroine is strong, determined, fierce and while at times she comes out as vulnerable, there are moments where she asserts her personality and does the right things despite everything.

If you are looking forward to a quality psychological thriller movie, I’d root for Bird Box that comes out in Dec’18, directed by another striking woman, Susanne Bier who was the first female director to win a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, an Emmy Award and a European Film Award.

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