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Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

Bindiya is a linguist, who works at a diplomatic mission, is a wife, a mother, and an Indian citizen who is passionate about living life to its fullest. She is actively involved in several social initiatives for women and children through her organisation ‘Mil Baant Ke- Sharing With Dignity´. She is committed to health, literacy and skill building projects. Having travelled widely, her sincere involvement with people and her awareness of the world around her find expression in her sketches, poetry, and articles. She has authored the book "Dream Keeper A Poetography Ensemble" with her sister Komal Bedi Sohal, a photographer. It is an exploration of relationships with self and others in a poetographic format. Bindiya´s poetry has been published in a few anthologies and her second book is in the pipeline.

Voice of Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

Why Many Survivors Of Sexual Violence Seem To Freeze And Not React As Expected

Has anyone ever experienced this feeling of momentary blankness, an involuntary paralysis, when faced with a horrific, unknown situation? As if frozen.

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Dear Husband, I Want To Be Your Partner And Not Your Mom!

Instead, we women give solutions and try to help too much. If he needs money, she tries to arrange that for him too. Why?

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She Is Involved With A Rich, Married Man And Not Getting Married!

“Is it my fault I cannot find the right guy? I want to get married, but the eligible guys fail my test. Men of 50 are so boring."

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Girl, You Need No Validation!

Women need to stop judging themselves and looking for validation from others!

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podi idli
As The Rain Poured I Ordered Podi Idli & Steaming Hot Sambar…I Was In Heaven!

The rain reminded me of hot sambar and podi idli. My son was visiting & husband was home too... so I thought why not order some podi idli!

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Taking On My Fear Of The Kitchen During The Lockdown

We all want to learn that one thing but never do, blaming lack of time. For Bindiya, it was cooking. Lockdown gave her the time she needed.

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Despite All The Heartache, I Want To Thank 2020 For These Things

2020 turned out to be quite the 'cursed' year for almost all humanity, but there are a few things that I am thankful for. What about you?

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Autumn Knocking

A mother is in dilemma, whether to sell her family home or not. She beautifully pens down her emotions in this heartfelt poem

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Awaken – A Poem

Read this beautiful poem about planting desires and realizing them.

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It Took Me Years To Realise That Being Born Dark-Skinned Didn’t Automatically Make Me Ugly!

My financial freedom gave me wings, as a harsh reality stared at me. In my quiet moments, my childhood fears haunted me. I was unmarried, dark, alone & 40.

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A Story On The Fears Of The Pandemic, Is There An End To It?

Here is a story about the pandemic, but what about the end? Will there be an end, what if there isn't?

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Is There A Way To Navigate Distance, Sex And Love

It is hard to navigate modern-day relationships as we struggle with sex and intimacy when we are not physically present with our partners.

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In Giving We Receive…

On Mother's Day, it's time to remember that mom and dad both need to lead by example.

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I Wait For The World To Heal

Closeted inside homes, women, men, children, all are prisoners of a pandemic that has taken over. When will it end?

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Though Abused And Controlled For Years, She Quickly Changed Into A Tigress Protecting Her Cub

She had had no support back then, and nowhere to go. But this time, something kicked her reflexes into action, and she stood up strong beside her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter.

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Hope And Confidence

Larissa made a solemn vow “I will not think of the misery, but of the beauty that still remains in the world and I will find it”.

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“I Am 52 And Am Only Now Rethinking How To Live In The Time I Still Have…”

Have you ever wished to radically rearrange your life? What is stopping you? This post will make you think. 

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Magical Dreams

Each of us must make an effort to be better, to do better, and to take better care of ourselves and others.

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Postponing Life?

The time in your life when you want to postpone every small activity, but much as you want, can you really postpone life?

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Of Loneliness & Struggles, Hope & Despair

The first sign of Reena's rebellious nature revealed itself to me the day she ran away with a boy she fancied.

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Happy Holidays – Without Irony

The thought of restful, happy holidays went wrong, running between monuments, pubs, avenues, stopped at none; each day it ripened and fell like a fruit.

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Have you ever experienced the unconditional love of a pet?

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My Home Your Home

What must a snake be feeling when he comes to the human establishments?

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Isn't life all about the choices we make? Some right, some wrong...some weak, some strong.

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A tea gaden invokes a myriad of emotions...awe, fear, gratitude and much more!

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Wherever we see, there is terror and violence. Is humanity dying?

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Radiance or Contrived Glitter? Choose Well!

Can we really live like yo-yos all our lives? Alternating between extreme emotional states can be very draining and limiting.

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Silence Speaks!

A love poem on Valentine's Day- Read on and feel the love!

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Happily Ever After?

"Own yourself with the angel and the devil within. Do not blame the proverbial other. Be strong and be true to yourself, for if you do not love yourself, no one else will."

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Pursuit Of Happiness

Are you happy? Being associated with beautiful things make you happy or happiness is a state of mind? Read on to find out!

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And One Still Wonders Why Me?

"Why have the hearts within families become so cold and distant"-  The author questions those who have turned away from their own near and dear ones.

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Finding My Health And Happiness Quotient

The author believes that to lead a harmonious life we need to strike a balance between body and mind. Can we find a 'Health and Happiness' quotient to live joyously?

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