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And One Still Wonders Why Me?

"Why have the hearts within families become so cold and distant"-  The author questions those who have turned away from their own near and dear ones.

“Why have the hearts within families become so cold and distant”-  The author questions those who have turned away from their own near and dear ones.

The pain of your own family not understanding your dilemmas- The pain of your siblings not sharing your insecurities- Those with whom you shared the most carefree days of your life- of secrets shared amidst midnight giggles and teary joys. This pain becomes more acute when your parents have crossed over. The anguish of beautiful Tashi, a winner, who fought everyday against all odds and lead a winning life. A hard working girl born into a good family. She fought with the disease she was born with, had major operations and still won. She suffered the turmoil of a tough marriage, divorced without any greed and won again in life. With a job as great as hers, which took her places and also brought her accolades, she won every day. No children of her own, she treated her nephews and nieces as her little ones and enjoyed the rare glimpses by proxy motherhood. She won and smiled.

Is it not fair for her siblings to understand her loneliness and her battle in her growing middle age with issues of all kinds? Shouldn’t the siblings who are blessed with wonderful families be concerned of the offspring of their own parents? Why is it so hard to understand the pain of a single woman battling day in and out, just to prove her worth to her own self? The only family is the siblings. The only love and warmth an individual requires is the validation and acknowledgement of family above all successes and monies.

Why have the hearts within families become so cold and distant? Parents who struggle and bring up their brood with whatever they think is best, the least they want is the family to be together in pain and in gain. And there is never any gain at the cost of another´s pain. Only together can one win and smile, while selfish lives lead only to momentary raptures and finally attitudes get mirrored in the immediate environment. If one cannot even understand and support the immediate family, can one do anything positive for another human being. And then still one wonders ‘why me’ while being meted with the same harsh treatment at the hands of others.

Image Source: Pexels

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