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Radiance or Contrived Glitter? Choose Well!

Can we really live like yo-yos all our lives? Alternating between extreme emotional states can be very draining and limiting.

This world we live in is a place of inherent contradictions and untold mysteries. So many hidden secrets exist in all the corners around us. There is a fair chance that we may spend our life without discovering anything beyond the visible. The universe encompasses the past, present and future. There exist unknown planes which we hear about during various meditative practices. And we wonder do they really exist? Do we have eyes that can see beyond the immediate?

There is an ongoing race in our overpopulated day of innumerable commitments. The question plaguing us is what is the future going to be like? Aren’t we in such a hurry to find out from astrologers, soothsayers et all and sundry. Why? Especially when we are depending on the viewpoint of another human being? Does an astrologer have perfect knowledge and can enable us to act in certain ways to resolve our problems and influence our world? Is it really possible to give the power to take decisions to another person, also a mere human being?

Nowadays, one finds healers, astrologers, hypnotherapists, card readers, crystal therapy experts and what not at every nook and cranny. Is it stress that makes people seek these alternative therapies which may or may not work? Or do these have a placebo effect only? Sometimes they are like counsellors who give a patient hearing with a few inputs here and there. Is it really possible to resolve deep-seated karmic patterns with superficial, external help? Isn’t it like passing the buck to another person in exchange of money and hoping for transformative miracles? A quick fix is what we want, a bit like instant coffee.

We human beings are so weak that any kind word said is good enough to give us some relief from our own lacunae. So much insecurity prevails all around us that the mind is entrapped with constant anxiety. Young girls, having great jobs, still feel insecure about themselves. The beauty of the world is lost in front of the pressures mounting up. Instead of going beyond the immediate gratification of all five senses, we are simply looking for validation from our partners, children, bosses and from the world all around. Why does a woman want constant validation?

Relationships in the present lifetimes are ever so transient and dynamic. If we revolve our life around people and relationships, there is bound be a constant fluctuation between emotional pangs of immense joy, rapture and intense unhappiness when expectations are not met. Can we really live like yo-yos all our lives? Alternating between extreme emotional states can be very draining and limiting. It reduces our output and makes us very edgy all the time. This kind of inherent fragility leads to the requirement of the so-called God-men, astrologers and the likes, who eventually make a lot of money while giving a completely false shoulder to a vulnerable person to cry on.

Without being overly simplistic, I would say that many a troubled soul has committed suicide, got involved in the wrong company, drugs and what not, in this quest of finding the elusive happiness. Of course, it is true that the universe touches us through people. It touches us through nature and in so many ways if we are open to it. There are positive and negative functions all around us. If we are weak and unstable emotionally, we do become victim to the negative forces and can complicate our situations from bad to worse. On the other hand, if we have the strength to look in the mirror, accept the problems and start solving them one by one, it is surely possible to fit the pieces of the puzzle into a beautiful picture of a joyous, value creating life.

Basing our life on solid principals of love, truth and simplicity make everything easier. It creates a bridge over obstacles. It helps to destroy the lower self of never-ending desire for things, money, power and recognition and praise. If we try to be in sync with our inner, higher self and strive to avoid the negative path very strongly, we surely can.

We do need a solid philosophy to base our life on and a guiding light. It has definitely enhanced my ability to see beauty in the world around us in spite of the ugliness which exists alongside. The eternal truth is quasi-impossible to fathom. But what is possible is a life of love and simplicity lived in tandem with the truth. It is possible to live in a way which can be enjoyable and also be of service to our world. If we can inculcate the spirit of contribution by way of our thoughts, words and action, we can live a life of divine radiance. Then, the universe takes on a different hue and speaks to us in myriad ways. Radiance in the world we find as in ourselves. It is really our choice to pay heed to the inner voice or remain lost in the endless race for contrived glitter. Choose Well!

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Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

Bindiya is a linguist, who works at a diplomatic mission, is a wife, a mother, and an Indian citizen who is passionate about living life to its fullest. She is actively involved in several social read more...

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