a dramatic pause

a break in the happy humdrum

and the heart lay shattered

fearing the tomorrow

she retraced in the

dark well of the unknown

night which wasn’t leading to the sunrise

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what to do? what not to say?

silence descended and she lost her voice

all around things seemed normal

a furtive glance outside that

numbing space revealed that

life goes on

be in that pause if you must

take your time

find that comfortable moment

peep out and return when you want

the shattered heart is healing with time

don’t hurry for there is nothing to burry

but thy sorrow and grief

dramas will endure

so must your courage

little girl, go on, find that spark

even in that pause

smile and emerge from that hiatus

into a happy cacophony of the superficial

mingling with the essential drama of life

smarter, braver you

feel the magic in the mundane

go on, little heart, peep out

assume your identity and be that

big toughie with a discerning eye

to filter the faux and the real

be you, just you

raw and real.





About the Author

Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

Bindiya is a linguist and works for a diplomatic mission in New Delhi. She is a published author, reluctant poet, passionate bibliotherapist and a happiness harbinger. Her heart beats in her community-building volunteer organization - “ read more...

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