Finding My Health And Happiness Quotient

The author believes that to lead a harmonious life we need to strike a balance between body and mind. Can we find a 'Health and Happiness' quotient to live joyously?

The author believes that to lead a harmonious life we need to strike a balance between body and mind. Can we find a ‘Health and Happiness’ quotient to live joyously?

‘Health’ and ‘Happiness’ are synonymous in more ways than one. Both need a balance of correct food for body and mind. Are we giving our body and mind the right inputs? Modern science advancement has made many diseases curable or let’s say treatable. Life expectancy is also higher. But on the other hand, mental diseases are on the rise. Why so? Is there a quick fix for stress and anxiety? New age healers proliferate; so many alternative medicines are available off the rack.

Barely qualified counselors, miracle workers, soothsayers give out easy to follow prescriptions for the happiness solution which alas, remains elusive my friends.

Since childhood we have read the Roman saying, “A healthy mind in a healthy body,”(The phrase comes from Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal), which clearly expresses the need for both physical and mental well-being. It is essential to have a life of balance in tandem with the environment, for good health and minimal diseases.

Have we understood it? Do we want to go to the root cause of the mind at unrest? What is it that we really need to live life in a joyous, unperturbed state of equanimity?

Questions and questions galore, playing havoc in my mind! My life is a continuum of work, family, social commitments, and learning – a constant race. Where is the ease of balancing all and more into a symphony of many instruments playing along in a divine rhythm of achieving daily targets as well as enjoying life?

I need a philosopher physician who can restore and strengthen the balance of my body and mind. I need to activate my inherent healing system. I want a factory reset of my conviction system so that there is strengthening of the harmonious balance required to conquer sickness of mind and body.  I want to lead a healthy life rooted in a strong sense of purpose and energy. Is this doable?

In today´s age of instant solutions, illness is looked at as an aberration. Is it? No, this is in itself faulty thinking. For sickness and wellness are part and parcel of one large continuum. Illness will not be eradicated totally inspite of worldwide medical research and subsequent solutions.

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Life is a journey or rather journeys of ongoing challenges. Let me try to build a relationship with life based on sharing and caring for the world. Let me learn to live a life of acceptance and kindness. Our world is getting very harsh. It is important to trust in life, in the inherent power of life. If I can balance my mind and body, I can lead a healthier, happier life. A happy, healthy life is one that creates value and constantly expands the frontiers of our own being. Therein lies my HHQ – my health and happiness quotient.

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