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What must a snake be feeling when he comes to the human establishments?

The snake coiled
Silent, deadly
Watched humanity
Walk past his home
Destroyed in fires
Lit by human greed
“Should I strike back?
Oh human!
How much more
Do you want?
I watch your
Endless desires
Ruining my forests
Day after day
Do you want me
Resting on your bed?
I, of the great Nagas
Changing form at will
Worshipper of Shiva
Summon my magnanimity
To forgive your
Cruelty for Karma
Will play its own role;
As for me – am homeless
I search my Naga kingdom
I roam the earth
To return where I belong”.

Image via Pixabay


About the Author

Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

Bindiya is a linguist and works for a diplomatic mission in New Delhi. She is a published author, reluctant poet, passionate bibliotherapist and a happiness harbinger. Her heart beats in her community-building volunteer organization - “ read more...

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