Inderpreet writes for her love of writing, edits manuscripts and reads endlessly. An authors' editor with a decade of experience, she provides manuscript critique, linguistic editing, substantive editing and developmental editing for fiction and nonfiction. Inderpreet enjoys romance, paranormal and contemporary fiction while ignoring horror, violence and gore. Books, editing, and book reviews keep her busy whenever she gets a breather from mothering her 'I am too tricky to handle' son. Inderpreet is the author of Generously Yours, We Women Wonder, and Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors. She now lives in the capital city of New Delhi, where she enjoys the rich culture, delicious street food, and a lit nightlife.

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Indian Husbands Ignore Issues Of Their Menopausal Wives Making Them Feel Invisible; ENOUGH!

Just as women do not talk about their periods to their husbands, they don't share about menopause and usually suffer alone. Unless a medical issue presents itself; and by then any preventive or therapeutic medicine or treatment is already late.

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Handling Anxiety And Questions Children Have About Going Back To Normal

As the lockdown eases in many parts of India, kids have a lot of questions and anxieties about stepping out.

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Uri movie review
The Women Stand Strong In Uri: The Surgical Strike

I saw this movie to a house full crowd and yes, the Josh was high indeed! I also saw another significant message being sent out and the audience loving it.

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The Festive Season Is Here! Let’s Take A Moment To Think About Our Health!

The festive season is in full swing in India and it’s the time for merriment, late night parties and good food. But most importantly, we also need to figure out how to stay healthy during these festivals!

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When Does The Work From Home Mom Get Her Holiday?

A large number of women have chosen the ‘work from home’ option to be able to manage both work and home. Are work from home moms penalised for this choice?

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5 Vital Elements For Building Your Child’s Immunity

A fit and healthy child can achieve wonders and a child’s immunity plays a crucial role in his or her success.

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debut books
21 Noteworthy Debut Books By Indian Women Authors Published Recently That Are A Must Read

Indian women authors have been making their mark on the book scene - here are some noteworthy debut books by 21 such new authors in recent times.

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How Playing With Transformers Taught My Child Some Great Values

Using toys to teach values to your child is one easy and effective way to do it. Here, the author speaks about how Transformers helped do this!

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Shailaja Vishwanath, On Fighting Depression, Firsthand, On The Occasion Of World Suicide Prevention Day

Standing tall, speaking out and fighting depression – Shailaja Vishwanath, on how she defeated depression as she found inner strength and vocal supporters.

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How To Make Your Small Home A Big Fit For Everything You Really Need

These small home interior design tips will help you make the best of urban living in a tight space!

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How My Brother’s Trust in Me Taught Me To Trust Myself

Trusting in someone is not a question of one great experience, but of a lifetime of walking together.

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9 Fun Things I Would Do If I Had Just A Little More Money!

Life is all about making plans - but - plans have a way of fizzling out, yes even the ‘best laid plans’.

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A Mother’s Day Recipe: Fun, Food & Family, With Underprivileged Kids

This Mother’s Day was very different and special for some mothers and children across the country. Find out how!

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Preserving The Old, While Making It Anew: A Statement Furniture Dekko

Our homes are not just a collection of objects; the things in them mean something to us. What’s your story?

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This Women’s Day, I Dare Us All To Look Our Age

Regressive advertising targeted at women - please, isn't it time to wake up and realize it doesn't really work any more with the thinking woman?

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How I Got A Second Chance At Success

A second chance at success sounds great, but it doesn't always come by on its own. Sometimes, having a plan B in place can make all the difference.

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15 Things You Should Know About The Life Of An Army Wife

The army wife might be expected to be a well-groomed lady, but is she all this and more? Are we army wives really different?

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Can Jugaad Parenting Ensure Your Child’s Security? Definitely not!

Long term planning is essential to ensure financial security in our inflationary world! Here are some thoughts on ensuring your child is taken care of.

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Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal: 6 Ways For An Awesome Festival This Week!

These 6 beautiful Sankranti tips set the mood for a wonderful celebration with loved ones this week.

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Finally, Female Fighters Fly! Air Force To Induct Women Fighter Pilots in India

The author writes about the recent announcement about the Air Force allowing women fighter pilots in India.

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Love Books? Read Some Excellent Writing Advice And Also Win Prizes!

Do you love books? Then don't miss this exciting giveaway and also get some writing advice from women.

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Selling Online Has Never Been Easier For Women Entrepreneurs!

E-commerce is booming; whether you are running a home based business or want to sell in the thousands, why should you be left behind?

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10 Home Cleaning Timesavers For Busy Families

Active families need a haven to unwind after hectic work schedules – A clean home! These home cleaning tips and techniques can save your weekend!

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4 Messages To My Twenty Year Old Self On Planning For Happiness

In our twenties, many of us put off planning our finances for a distant ‘future’. But, can the future we want happen if the money for it doesn’t exist?

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20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow

Looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter, people who tweet with wit, wisdom, and passion? 20 contemporary Indian women writers you should follow.

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Toilet Troubles: This Avid Traveller’s Wish List Just Got Fulfilled

If you are a woman who loves to travel, chances are you have a toilet story to narrate! Can our simple wish for a clean loo be fulfilled?

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When Do Women Get Their Holidays?

Whether they work outside the home or not, many women find that the routine of looking after a home and family leaves them without a holiday.

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Facing Up To Life’s Surprises

When life hands you lemons, as it does from time to time, how prepared are you to make some lemonade?

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5 Simple Ways In Which Your Child & You Can Make A Difference

Our children inherit the world we leave behind. Here are five ways in which you can inspire your child to be a young change maker, and make a difference!

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Inspired by women
#InspiredByWomen Who Follow Their Inspirations (Sponsored Video)

These are the stories of women who’ve followed their inspirations and dreamed of making a big difference. What is your #InspiredByWomen story?

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Nurturing My Child’s Explosive Potential For Change

Is your child a creative soul constantly thinking up new ideas? Consider the possibility that your child could be a Young Change Maker!

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Testing for breast cancer
Are You At Risk For Breast Cancer? Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Women in India and around the world continue to succumb to breast cancer, even though it can be detected early. An interview with Dr. Randeep Singh

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#FreedomIs Walking Free

The simple act of walking on the streets reminds us that we are not truly free. Here's a take on the freedom to walk.

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One Day At A Time : Slow As A Snail

The simple pleasures of life are waiting to be noticed. Are you and your child rushing too fast? This post has some simple wisdom!

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Competing Against Super Woman

Should women try to be super-women? Is it okay to ask for help? This post has some useful insights!

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Help A Child Reach 5 [Sponsored Video]

Across many countries, thousands of children die of infectious diseases that can be easily prevented by the simple act of washing hands. This video and story bring home this simple message.

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Sharing Is Caring: How Equality Begins At Home

Love and equality go hand-in-hand. Here is a delightful read on how sharing responsibilities at home sows the seeds of love, equality, and positive change.

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When In Trouble, Whom Does A Parent Turn To?

In times of need or distress, a parent says she would prefer to seek help from a daughter rather than a daughter-in-law. Is this a universal feeling?

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Delivering what? When Kids Get Too Much Info On The Birds And Bees

Why I think the new ads for 5 star and MTS are offensive and regressive both to women and children

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My Secret Love Affair With Bread

Bread is maida and unhealthy, they say, but with the number of options now available, one does not need to feel guilty about this comfort food!

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Mother & Daughter Minus The Law!

With the changing times, many mothers-in-law want to be more supportive of their daughters-in-law, but still fear, "What will people say?"

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Father daughter
A Man Of Few Words

The words of a father may be few but they are no less precious; a father and daughter bond built over a daily walk

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