9 Fun Things I Would Do If I Had Just A Little More Money!

Life is all about making plans - but - plans have a way of fizzling out, yes even the ‘best laid plans’.

Life is all about making plans – but – plans have a way of fizzling out, yes even the ‘best laid plans’.

Like most people, I too am always figuring out that ‘perfect’ system to bring my needs, desires and goals in sync with my plans. The most crucial thing to make it all happen? Money! It becomes all the more important to have that little ‘extra’ waiting for you, when your other plans go awry.

Sometimes, on a tough day, that small boost, the simple compliment, the sweet smile or the random hug are all that keep us going and add an extra edge to our efforts, no matter what we are doing. Having an income top up is just like that well-timed compliment by our colleague – sweeter when least anticipated!

It is that little bit extra that helps us go a step ahead with those special tasks we set aside for ‘one day’.

Just imagine a small regular fund that pays out for all the fun things we wish to do, with some extra cash. The list of what we wish for is never ending but here is my top 9 that I want an #IncomeKaTopUp for.

Does it match your list?

9 fun things I would do

The little additions, improvements and trinkets for the house that seem just out of reach. Those are the things that please our souls – I would get them now.

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The best materials for my hobby. The occasional embroidery that I do does need some expensive silk threads, designs and frames and I keep postponing their purchase. No matter what the hobby, you can freely explore it with a little extra by your side.

I can now send my kid to that coveted Robotics Summer Camp that he has been begging me for. Kids these days have such expensive tastes!


A long awaited vacation trip to visit all possible theme parks. Yes, kids love them and so do adults, they are a perfect destination for all. My boys are crazy for theme parks.

The trip to that new activity based mall in town – Kidzania, which is a whole day affair (and my son wants to experience each activity). Also the dozen other malls and events he wants to visit. Keeping the kids busy is no easy feat during the summer vacations and not cheap too!

A much-desired jewelry piece, the solitaire band. So many visits to my favorite store, since Gold Souk is in my neighborhood but coming back empty handed since it just seems a bit frivolous to purchase gold when we could use it for something it the house or kids, right? Not anymore.

A more comfortable retirement plan. With the aid of a regular Income top up, the golden years can be truly enjoyed as the extra funds keep us prepared for any eventuality.


A little extra for some shopping makes a girl’s life so fun. Who can resist those amazing new styles, handbags, and shoes? No need to resist it now.

Finally, the backup plan for any eventuality or sudden expense. This would be a secret stash for the curve life throws at us. Not all expenses are planned – some accidents put a dent on not just our cars but our pride too. A little pick me up to soothe us over.

This simple #IncomeKaTopUp plan can make our plans easy and effective. Exide Life Income Advantage Plan is a unique savings cum insurance plan that works to your advantage by providing a regular income and life insurance cover.

Having a little extra is not a license to go bonkers with your spending – but yes, it is a great way to prioritise what you need and then indulge yourself and your loved ones a little!

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