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The Festive Season Is Here! Let’s Take A Moment To Think About Our Health!

Posted: October 22, 2018

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The festive season is in full swing in India and it’s the time for merriment, late night parties and good food. But most importantly, we also need to figure out how to stay healthy during these festivals!

Here, I will be talking about how we can keep our health in focus, whether it’s in the short term (such as during the festive season) or in the long term (such as preparing for critical illnesses which might affect us in the future).

We should be enjoying ourselves during the festivals but also be mindful of our health. This is the time of the year when we overindulge in rich and oily food, late night outings and gorge on delicacies and desserts. The endless parties with the lavish spreads are tempting even for the most health conscious and disciplined people. Our schedules go haywire and sleep deprivation is common. Festivals are only an example of how living in the moment without thinking about the future is not ideal from a health perspective. One should always plan for the future keeping all kinds of contingencies in mind. I believe healthcare is a continuous process. So, on a regular basis, I break my fitness goals into smaller, manageable objectives which makes it easier for me to achieve them. It also makes me happier and gives me more time to party and occasionally overindulge, especially during the festive season.

Here are a few things that I do to stay healthy while also planning for the future:

  • I go for smaller meals and keep a mental note of my food intake
  • I continue with my exercise plan even if I have to drop it on a few days like during the festive days
  • I adopt a flexible approach. There are bound to be days during the festivals when I am visiting friends and unable to stick to my health routines and exercise schedules – that is perfectly ok for me. But I ensure that I pick it up from where I left off. Having a little fun is important and definitely beneficial, don’t you think?
  • I take some time to think ahead. However well I manage my fitness, disease or ill health can strike anytime but I do not want to live in fear. Preparing to face it can keep me healthier, since the stress and anxiety associated with it is gone. It is therefore important to have a backup plan. So protecting yourself with a plan like ICICI Pru iProtect Smart is essential.

ICICI Pru iProtect Smart is a holistic term plan that is flexible and comprehensive. The plan provides a cover against 34 critical illnesses including heart attack, chronic liver disease, kidney failure, brain surgery, major head trauma and Alzheimer’s disease. With longer life spans today, the chances of any of us falling prey to a critical illness cannot be ruled out, and a term plan is therefore a must for every family. Also, the plan includes a life cover which protects my family, in case of my absence.

This festive season, let’s remember that it takes only a moment to change the course of our lives; a moment is all we have, a moment, now and here. As we cherish this moment and enjoy the celebrations, let’s secure our future and live a stress-free life.

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