Competing Against Super Woman

Posted: July 12, 2014

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Should women try to be super-women? Is it okay to ask for help? This post has some useful insights!

Remember the MTR Ad for Instant Breakfast, comprising of Idli, Dosa, Uttapam and many more delicacies? The very smart lady, so fresh and positively blooming quite early in the morning, and cooking up a storm. It’s not just me, many women would agree that they feel the need for more than two arms and more than 24 hours in a day.

Who tells us to do everything, to ensure each thing is done on time, and each demand met as it is uttered? Sure, our families are demanding but then have you ever stopped and asked yourself, why do we need to accomplish and achieve everything?
How many of us actually make more than one dish for breakfast or more than oats or something simple and similar? Are the ads like the MTR one encouraging stereotypes of a multi-tasking lady totally capable of handling anything that comes her way?

I am not that great at multi-tasking. In fact I am usually running late for things and running out of stuff. I forget to carry a change of clothes for my kid, I over heat the baby food and I borrow clothes and food from considerate friends whenever I forget things.
Luckily, I have efficient friends who help me out in a pinch.

How do we women perceive ourselves?

How do we women perceive ourselves? Are we being influenced by the media to be super women, doing everything, and believing this is the road to happiness? Are we women not making our lives more difficult by following these stereotypes and encouraging the younger lot to be in similar trouble?

Trying to be the perfect home maker and perfect office colleague too…is it not a challenge for any super woman or super man?
I am sure if a man had to do all this and more he too would choose to prioritize and stop sweating the small stuff.

Yes, I do have efficient friends who handle their home and office seamlessly. They manage it with a lot of help from the husband, children, in-laws or parents, and hired help.

Life is easy when we don’t make it a race.So, I think I do not want to be a diva like the MTR lady, I will be just simple old me and keep asking for help when I need it.

Have you ever felt like you need more hands and more hours in a day? How do you manage?
Share your views and help me out too!

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  1. So true, when we need help, we should ask for it.

  2. Yes. We are often too critical of our own selves! Expecting too much….time that we stopped doing that!

  3. Oh I hate that ad too. I’m not a great multitasker and only I know how hard I struggle each morning with varied breakfasts and the bunch of tiffins I have to get ready. To make it seem like cakewalk is just plain unfair.

  4. Priyanka bisht -

    We women’s are best in learning thgs our way…i wud love to do mistakes and learn out of it rather than being a multitasker in everythg I do:D Im happy and contended with my 2 hands and limited hrs of wrk radr than seeking to b a perfectionist:)))

  5. True. It’s practically impossible for a lady to execute multi tasking least she has that type of support forthcoming. Listing d tasks nd prioritising them in execution will help.

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