5 Simple Ways In Which Your Child & You Can Make A Difference

Our children inherit the world we leave behind. Here are five ways in which you can inspire your child to be a young change maker, and make a difference!

Our children inherit the world we leave behind. Here are five ways in which you can inspire your child to be a young change maker, and make a difference!

I live in an imperfect world, and I know it can never be like the idealist vision that is often portrayed through various mediums. However, it does not stop me from trying to find my own little piece of heaven, the tiny slice of goodness, happiness, and sharing.

All of us love to discuss and talk about all that is wrong in our country but do we ever think of how we can put our words to good use? Just imagine if we could take action on all the small and simple ideas we discuss and share?

It is not too difficult to find ideas and work on them, to make a small difference in our lives and those around us. If you are a parent, working together with your child on one such idea can be a great experience.

If you are a parent, working together with your child on one such idea can be a great experience.

A ‘good idea’ does not need to be difficult, it does not need to be technical, it does not need to be big; all it needs is the drive and passion by your young achiever, to make it a ‘great idea!’

Here are 5 simple, effective ideas that can make a tremendous positive change in your life, environment, and country:

Create a library

Donate your books and books from your neighbours and friends to make a free library in your neighbourhood. Teaching children how to share with the less-privileged and learning it yourself too is great! Having reading sessions with children every Sunday afternoon is an easy way of sharing knowledge and education with the disadvantaged.

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Clean up on weekends

Go on a cleanliness drive/picking up garbage around your apartment complex every weekend – just lead the children, and other adults will follow. Plus, there’s a new, clean place for you to unwind!

Paint a picture-perfect view

Beautify the walls of your neighbourhood – use the talent and enthusiasm of children to paint and decorate the walls. Making them visually appealing to discourage strangers who use them as free space for useless posters, as well as those who pee in public!

Old buddies, new ideas

Have a weekly session of antakshari, quizzes, and discussions with the seniors of the block or neighbourhood. Our children will gain wisdom, and know the importance of elders. It is also a tiny ray of hope for the many senior citizens, living alone. A simple yet effective way of learning and growing while giving back.

Run for fun

Have a weekly or bi-weekly initiative where you can involve your neighbourhood, schools, and all your friends to participate in a run. It can include all age groups; young and old. Healthy families – who spend time together and learn – enjoy and grow together.

Think about it, give it a try. See the churning of young minds as they come together to create a force of change. Slowly turning India into a healthy, educated and happy India!

The Happy India initiative is one such platform that is helping me and my child change our dreams and visions into reality. Can you see the young change-maker in your child? Perhaps the next innovator of our times? Ask your child what moves her. Give your child the platform to spread their ideas!

Can your child be a young change maker?

Your child, your genius, the bright spark, can be a part of this initiative and add their fire to this project. Happy India will see participation from over 20,000 students from over 500 schools across 15 cities.

As a first step, help your child submit his/her idea. If Happy India has not reached your child’s school as yet, just mail your school details to [email protected]. (Dates now extended to the 14th Dec)

Currently, students in the age group of 11 to 16 years old can participate as a team. Schools based in Mumbai, Nashik, Baroda, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ajmer, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijaywada are eligible to participate.

This is a lovely opportunity for the young minds to identify social issues that bother all of us, and present ideas on how to solve these issues. Happy India, in turn, will support the 25 best ‘ideas for change’ with a grant of INR 50,000 each, enabling your young change-maker to create the change he or she dreams of.

The 25 best ideas for change will also be mentored by industry stalwarts – innovators, social scientists and authors – during the entire implementation phase.

The top 25 projects will also be printed in the ‘Young Change Maker’ compendium, inspiring future change.

Find the passion you felt as a child, when you thought anything was possible – it still is! Guiding our children and channeling their initiatives can bring about a sea change in our country.

“Catch them young, watch them grow”, and create a better way of life for the next generation.

This post is supported by India First Life Insurance, and the India First team is available to answer any additional questions you may have about participation at [email protected].

Happy India is a CSR initiative of IndiaFirst Life and is not connected to any insurance sale.  For further information about the company log onto www.indiafirstlife.com .

Pic credit: Image of a child with an idea via Shutterstock.








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