#InspiredByWomen Who Follow Their Inspirations (Sponsored Video)

These are the stories of women who’ve followed their inspirations and dreamed of making a big difference. What is your #InspiredByWomen story?

These are the stories of women who’ve followed their inspirations and dreamed of making a big difference. What is your #InspiredByWomen story?

I am not much of a video person, in fact I have I have switched off the auto download button for all videos on my phone. It has to really have an impact for me to write about a video. So when I saw a series of videos talking about the strength of a woman and how she inspires others and finds inspiration for herself, supported by beauty brand Moroccanoil, I was quite moved.

“Tiny drops of water make the mighty ocean.” My individual effort might be quite small but it will make a difference to our lives. As a woman, I see these videos as an expression of how much women strive for something they believe in.

This series of videos presents women who are not deterred by obstacles as they follow their chosen path, fighting for the ‘underdog’; playing for the love of fun, sharing their blessings with the less fortunate. Take a look for yourself!

The women in our lives

RosieWe’re all lucky to have women in our lives who inspire us. It could be your mom, your best friend, or an iconic politician, artist or activist. In this film, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model and actor, introduces the series by reflecting on the amazing women in her life, why she pushes herself to evolve and grow, and how the women in the #InspiredByWomen series are inspiring her.

Stepping into the ring to save animals

chrissyWhat would you do to save an animal from suffering? On Puerto Rico’s ‘Dead Dog Beach’, Chrissy Beckles discovered thousands of abandoned and abused dogs – and was inspired to lace on her boxing gloves and devote her life to fighting for them. This film follows Chrissy to the Yabucoa province where she rescues the satos (the local term for stray dogs) and brings them back to their forever homes in the United States. And we see her at her charity boxing match in Brooklyn, where she fights for the funds and awareness she needs to ensure that The Sato Project continues to offer new lives to these forgotten animals.

Art for a better future for children

rebeccaSometimes, art can help give kids a voice when words fail. Rebecca Welsh’s HALO Foundation works with children facing hardship around the world, providing them with the support and supplies they need to unlock their creativity and self-expression so they can move forward and contribute to their communities. In this film, we watch as Rebecca works with a group of children to create a mural that reflects their personal journeys – the past struggles they have overcome and the futures they are re-imagining.

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Changing how the world eats with a simple idea

kavita-2The most inspiring ideas have relevance to everyone. Kavita Shukla was just a middle schooler when she realized that extending the life of food could change the lives of millions. Now, at 29, her invention, FreshPaper, is revolutionizing food storage and freshness in 35 countries and recently launched in grocery stores in the United States. In this film, we see Kavita realizing the huge potential of FreshPaper – from a farmer’s market where fresh groceries are kept at their very best, to a food bank where thousands in under-served communities will benefit from her inspired thinking.

Transforming the lives of at-risk girls

allysonHigh school is tough enough. But wearing the same hand-me-downs day after day makes it even tougher. Allyson Ahlstrom was only 14 when she realized that teenagers in the foster care system and extreme poverty shared her love of fashion and desire to succeed, but couldn’t dress to express themselves. So she founded Threads for Teens, a free boutique serving thousands of at-risk girls. Here, we’re on the road with Allyson and her mobile boutique as she transforms the looks—and lives—of some amazing young women in New Orleans.

Creating free energy using the power of play

jessicaJessica Matthews believes the greatest innovators are kids at heart. So her invention, the ‘Soccket’, is as simple as it is brilliant: a soccer ball that harnesses the kinetic energy of play to create electrical energy. For kids in developing countries, it’s a way to light their homes, keep food fresh and water clean, just by playing outside with their friends. In this film, we join Jessica as she sees how her inspired idea is changing lives across the globe.

These are their stories; what is your #InspiredByWomen story?

There is no age for being motivated, inspired or encouraging a person. As women, we see the world in all its colors and shades. Nothing is black and white; there is always scope of change, growth, learning, second chances and redeeming a person.

You might think they are celebrities; no, they are not. They are just like us, everyday women whose drive and commitment to a cause has made a tremendous amount of difference to the lives of so many.

When was the last time you were inspired?

How have you contribute to change and growth?

Has a woman inspired you?

I am inspired by many women; I see them every day or pass them by in a hurry.

I hear them, I read them, and I see them. Every single day.

Did you see the lady selling something on the wayside? She is not begging, she is working; inspiring others to do the same.

You have met the mother who works two jobs; she is inspiring.

The helper who cleans my utensils, the ayah at the school, the attendants at the malls and all such hard working, resilient women inspire me to contribute as much as I can; as best as I can.

Does anyone inspire you?

Inspiration comes in all hues; what colour is yours?

This post has been supported by Moroccanoil but shares the writer’s thoughts based on these videos.


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