How Playing With Transformers Taught My Child Some Great Values

Using toys to teach values to your child is one easy and effective way to do it. Here, the author speaks about how Transformers helped do this!

Using toys to teach values to your child is one easy and effective way to do it. Here, the author speaks about how Transformers helped do this!

As a single child, my son yearns for more family but meanwhile, toys are his friends and family. ‘Unhealthy’ is how most describe his fascination with his toys.

Yet, I find that these toys, their cartoons, and movies have managed to instill a clear understanding of right and wrong in him. Each toy plays a role in my child’s growth, so it is important I pay attention to what he plays with.

A green and black plastic toy dinosaur has occupied  centre stage around my house since the past couple of years. We eat, drink, sleep and if I am not looking, even bathe with it. He even tries to sneak it off to school!

How does a totally non-interactive, in fact, a bit destructive toy evoke such fanatic faith from a 6-year-old? I just cannot comprehend how it can generate so much passion. So much so that he even wishes to change his name to Orion Pax – another of the famous transformers, since his name is easier to pronounce than his own!

Yes, I see it clearly now, my son is obsessed with Transformers – especially Optimus Prime – the leader of the good guys. Grimlock is his new and current favourite as it is a ‘good’ dinosaur and an Autobot to boot, unlike Predaking who is evil and conflicted. These Transformers are his go to toys for all reasons.

Slowly I realized their positive impact on him.

Help those who are weaker

The warriors fight injustice all the time, help the ones in trouble and set a positive example for my child.

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He too stands up for injustice every time he sees it, no matter where he is.

Fight for what is right

Optimus Primus

These heroes might be the underdogs at times but they never give up on their fight, ensuring they motivate my son too. Positive roles models don’t get better than this. Keep trying till you succeed.

Perseverance pays

All that hard work and the never quit attitude also makes him understand that working for something is the best way of getting it too. It might take time, it might be difficult but it will be done.

Believe in yourself

These characters ensure that he understands the importance of believing in one’s own strength and keeping the faith.

When these transformers rise after each fall and never quit in spite of hardships, it is a perfect message for a child, especially one is trying to learn something difficult.

Sets up positive examples for children

There might be fighting, mayhem and war in these cartoons and movies but there is also saving the helpless, standing up for the right things, empathy and compassion as these machines teach a thing or two to the humans. Kindness, truth, justice, equality and compassion; all rolled into this package of strength.

This Dinobot made my son do his home work, eat his dal and keep off junk, and even watch less TV – quite a bit more than what I could have done on my own!



These transformers actually transformed a child into including the good values and behavior in his life because he wants to be like his heroes and champions. (OK, OK – and I did spin a few tales about the bots not appreciating unhealthy choices in all walks of life.)

Toys can be wonderful allies for all children and I am fine with a Dinobot being lugged around all over the country as he helps this mother raise a compassionate boy.

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