Preserving The Old, While Making It Anew: A Statement Furniture Dekko

Our homes are not just a collection of objects; the things in them mean something to us. What’s your story?

Our homes are not just a collection of objects; the things in them mean something to us. What’s your story?

The smooth fine grain, the perfect, natural patterns, and the sturdiness of wood all add charm and homely comfort to our living spaces. Our homes are our pride and joy – all of us have our favourite corner or seat where we love to unwind, relax or just lounge.

This is a piece of ‘Statement Furniture’ that says something about you, or makes your home more unique and expressive of your personality.

I have always loved good, solid wood furniture and even though there are a lot of pieces that I like, my favorite is a Jhoola/ swing.


A little slice of home…

Yes, this simple, elegant piece was bought by my father-in- law from Jamnagar decades ago. This was the first piece of furniture that I loved in my new home after marriage. This Jhoola can be hung from pegs or the roof if needed but right now we keep it in the sitting room. A soft comfy cushion completes it and the beautiful wood does the rest.

Solid wood, strong joints and a sturdy design with a few cushions thrown on make it an ideal place to relax and chit chat. The pretty red flowers on tiles add a dash of color as beauty.

As it is a favourite piece, it has also seen its fair share of wear and tear. Over the past few months I felt the need for it to get a facelift and some care so it continues to be as strong, beautiful, comforting and stylish as it was many years ago.

The only upkeep we used to do earlier was a fresh coat of varnish and all it did was make the wood look darker. The wood has seen some pitting and scratches as well which is not covered or repaired by varnish. This time I wanted a solution that would beautify and preserve the piece as well.

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As I did some research I learned about the Colour On Wood Service on offer at the Asian Paints Signature Stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. It was the perfect thing for this beautiful and special piece of furniture.

The latest in wood preservation and care is the Asian Paints Woodtech Polyester which provides your wooden furniture with a glass-like finish, giving it an appearance of premium quality and luxury. I immediately checked out the very comprehensive website that has all the possible options and details for all types of products and woods.

They helped me by clearing my doubts and busting all the myths surrounding wood and the kind of paint that can be used. The products offered are for Indoors as well as Outdoors, the sheen can be Glossy, Matte and transparent or colored; the choices are endless. The choices are available for all styles of wood and furniture; whether retro, vintage, modern or ethnic and more as Wood Tech Studios help you transform your ideas in to art on wood!

The truth is that even one’s favourite pieces of furniture or ‘Statement Furniture’ that lend a certain uniqueness to your home, can get jaded over time. I find that giving such pieces a new look brings out the opportunity to exercise my creativity while ensuring that pieces of sentimental value continue to stay at home.

Do you have a story of a favourite piece of furniture that carries warm memories with it? Do share!

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