This Women’s Day, I Dare Us All To Look Our Age

Regressive advertising targeted at women - please, isn't it time to wake up and realize it doesn't really work any more with the thinking woman?

Regressive advertising targeted at women – please, isn’t it time to wake up and realize it doesn’t really work any more with the thinking woman? 

Regressive – is the word that came to my mind as I opened the center spread of the Brunch magazine this Sunday.

Patronizing and shallow too come a close second. I loved the tips provided by top fashion and beauty experts but I object to the tag line.  Extolling the virtues of their Ponds Age miracle day cream the headline “PROMISE YOURSELF TO LOOK YOUNGER THIS WOMEN’S DAY” yes, it is in caps in the ad too.

Even before I could read the whole center spread and appreciate the benefits of this ‘magic serum’ by Ponds I was put off by that headline in the advertisement. Really, are we women reduced to this shallow, skin deep existence where the importance and urgency of looking ‘young’ surpasses everything else? I am concerned about my skin and beauty as much as the next lady but trying to be something that is just not possible is not really my cup of tea. I don’t deny the importance of looking beautiful, well turned out with or without makeup, but it’s the subtle message, not so subtle in this case of big shouting letters that I object to! And the objectification of women it hints at.

So looking young is paramount, as if older women are to be disregarded and ignored? Is just having soft, supple, healthy and clear skin not important enough? No wonder my mother swears by homemade malai (cream) and haldi (turmeric) for her glowing skin.

Sharing this advertisement, targeted toward women on Women’s Day just totally defeated the purpose of Women’s Day which is a celebration of a woman in all her moods, ages, and versions – young or old. Is it not more about being self aware, freedom, and women’s choices?


I don’t deny the need to look pretty, beautiful, well groomed but why the emphasis on ‘looking younger’? Are we in a race against old age? Are the women of today afraid to age? Are we women so shallow that the emphasis on being crease-less and spotless overrides feeling good, building self worth, achieving of goals and just being ourselves? Is this the message we want to convey to the young women today? Just keep trying to defeat the change time and age brings?

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Hell, even living a meaningful life should have more importance than looking like a version of your younger self! No one ever asks a man to look like a younger version of his self. In fact, if we see an older guy dressing or behaving like a college guy, we chalk it up to immaturity but what about women? Everyone appreciates a pretty, well dressed woman but does she have to be a ‘chick’ all her life? Look like ‘arm candy’ and nothing more?

Well, I don’t know about you but I make no promise of looking younger this or any other day. I like my lines and wrinkles. They remind me of all the fun I’ve had; the life I’ve lived – full, funny and fantastic!

Go on, I dare you to look your age this Women’s Day.

Image source: middle-aged woman by Shutterstock.


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