How To Make Your Small Home A Big Fit For Everything You Really Need

These small home interior design tips will help you make the best of urban living in a tight space!

These small home interior design tips will help you make the best of urban living in a tight space!

A spacious, aesthetic house and a neat, clutter free home is a dream for every urban family. However, we are not always lucky enough to get all these desired elements in the home we end up in!

As an army wife, I move across the country every few years and get a clean slate to set up my perfect home. The interiors and style of the house are usually far from perfect and need a bit of innovative styling and tricks to shine.

That’s also why ready-to-go solutions for kitchens and bedrooms such as the ones provided by Capricoast make life so much easier for the busy urban family. Draw up your requirements online, choose from helpfully provided options, and voila! You don’t need to worry about the finish or chase up with always-delayed carpenters!

Such design ideas are especially important for small homes where storage often becomes a problem in the long run.

Small home interior design tips that work!

The house one ends up with is often limited by various factors and size is a major concern, especially with the kids. With children growing up and guzzling up all possible space with their ‘stuff’, (the knick knacks, toys, books and the endless trinkets!), any house can end up looking stuffed.

When you can make use of every nook in the house with personalised designs and advice for each, the end result can be practical as well as super stylish.

Here are a few small home interior design ideas that can help you get the best of your home!

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Small Kitchen, big ideas – Small kitchens have been the bane of food lovers, especially if like me, you love to cook up elaborate meals. I found that picking a modular kitchen solves the space issue and it is a delight to cook when all things are in their place. Irrespective of the design/style (or lack of it!) in the kitchen, it can be personalised to suit the most eclectic user.

Partial or semi-modular kitchen – Another option I found very useful is the semi-modular kitchens as they give the flexibility and convenience of personalising a kitchen that is already made. I found that a certain level of customisation is perfect for Indian kitchens especially since needs may differ based on your family size.

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for small homes

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for small homes


Wardrobe designs and options – Almirahs and cupboards are my salvation from the endless piles of clothes but I have not always found the perfect design. In one home I just had the alcoves marked out with nothing but the slabs! Even if your wardrobe is tiny, you can make good use of it with these storage hacks such as multi-purpose hangers and S shaped hooks and chains.

S-hooks let you put up many garments in less space

S-hooks let you put up many garments in less space

Transformation and décor simplified – Since I move around a lot I tend to collect memorabilia from each trip, adding to the things to keep, display and store. The use of an old trunk as a storage option, which also doubles up as a coffee table or bench is often a well placed central theme.

Old trunk becomes coffee table too!

Old trunk becomes coffee table too!

Guidance, help and support – Each house has its own vibe and when we personalise it with a little bit of professional advice, it goes a long way for making the transition from ‘average’ to ‘super’. The out of place door, the rack that obstructs or the window that is in the middle of the sitting room are a few challenges I have faced and solved.

A partner in designing and aesthically setting up my dream home, Capricoast brings together both style and sturdiness making it an ideal collaborator. The choices for décor are mind boggling but with the right guidance and a clear vision, my home shines and stands out in the bevy of similar structured houses.

CapriCoast is a platform that has many brands and design firms- it is a one stop solution for home interiors and helps you design your new home by finding what best fits your budget as well as design sensibilities. Now I look forward to the next posting station we will be moving to!

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