Akshata Bhadranna

Feminist, Ecopreneur & a Zerowaste aspirant. Believes that my life purpose is to influence people to be ecofriendly and to help the girls/women of the future be more free - in who they are, what they do and how they want to live.

Voice of Akshata Bhadranna

5 Movie Recommendations For Married Indian Women

Movies can be a treasure trove of learning, so why should married women not learn from them and maybe make changes in their lives?

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find a life partner
A Ready Checklist To Find A Life Partner Ideal For You

Indian marriages are about everything and everyone except the two people who want to find a life partner. But this is changing.

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Shreedevi Roogi
Navigating Difficult Conversations And Writing Your Own Destiny With Shreedevi Roogi

Shreedevi Roogi is cofounder of Write Your Destiny, the Talent Acquisition Head- India, APAC & EMEA at Epicor Software, the WICCI- Organizational HR President, and much more.

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Shravani Pawar
7 Startup Lessons From Shravani Pawar, Karnataka’s 1st Woman Entrepreneur In Security Services

Shravani Pawar began her inspiring journey at 23, and has made a real change to lives of women with her startup in security services, SafeHands 24/7, that employs and leases out women guards.

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use of linkedin
5 Things Women Should Do To Make Full Use Of LinkedIn, But Don’t!

Women can make good use of LinkedIn as a tool to network and showcase themselves and their skills, but fail to do so!

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Life In A Metro: Sometimes, All It Takes Is Talking To A Stranger

Some times, all it takes is a ride in the metro to change your entire perspective on certain things. So why not go on a metro ride and speak to a stranger?

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What Is The Real Reason Women Don’t Get Equal Recognition Of Their Work?

An unasked question you see in many eyes. A loud question many choose to ignore. Why don’t women get equal recognition? A conversation with a colleague on gender bias is what led to this thought. “I have completed the projects assigned, brought new ideas to the table, and have client appreciation too. Yet, internally there […]

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Ariel Does It Again! New Ad Gets Us Talking On How We Raise Daughters & Sons

From a young age, girls are called upon to serve people, and help mom in the kitchen while boys are mostly asked when something has to be purchased from outside. The new Ariel ad makes us examine such differences.

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Dad, Why Do You Say I Am ‘Lucky’ To Find A Good Husband?

All that girls usually expect from their parents is nothing but love and respect. Here is a heart-touching story of a daughter and her father who rediscovered their respect for each other.  

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3 Things We Should Learn From Indonesian Women!

While living in Indonesia, the author was awed by the fierce and resilient Indonesian women. She talks bout three things which we all should imbibe from these strong women.

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*Ting Tong* Sanskari Sundar Silent Selfless Bahu Not There

It's ridiculous to still expect a Sanskari Sundar Silent Selfless Bahu in the 21st century. Women are people in their own right, and have a voice.

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Don’t Be A Victim Or A Perpetrator Of Everyday Sexism; Yes, It’s Tough But Fight It!

Everyday sexism is an evil that exists but seldom do we want to notice it, leave alone putting an end to it. Learn the meaning of everyday sexism and how we can all fight it.

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not allowed
Meet Mr Not Allowed, Whom Every Woman Knows Very Well!

#Poetry. "You can't do this, you are not allowed!" Every girl, every woman has heard this, probably multiple times in their lives. A very telling poem.

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Usha Hegde
A Force Called Usha Hegde, Who Refuses To Stop #BossLady

Meet Usha Hegde, a dentist who wears many hats, and is currently eyeing the Mumbai marathon after having done the Tri Thonnur triathlon.

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symbols of marriage
“Sindoor Suhagan Ke Sir Ka Taaj Hota Hain Ramesh Babu!” Redundant Symbols Of Marriage Today?

Symbols of marriage - the sindoor, the mangalsutra, the toe rings, etc. - do we really need to continue wearing these signs of ownership over women?

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7 Badass Moments In The Incredible Jessica James Movie

The Incredible Jessica James, a Netflix Original production kicks some serious ass. Jessica James – a badass feminist who is unapologetic and says what she wants.

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goal of life
You Are Enough, Girl! Marriage Is Not Your Goal Of Life, Just A Part Of It!

Indian girls are conditioned to consider marriage a goal of life. Which is very wrong. Marriage can be a part of your life, but not everything you work towards!

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Know Any Divorced Women? Stop The Gossip And Righteous Sympathy Right Now!

Divorced women seem to attract more stigma than divorced men do. Marriages do fail like any other relationships, and that is no reason to gossip about it!

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Starting Work This Year? Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know

If you are starting work at your first job soon, or have begun working recently, these simple tips will come in handy.

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If We Women Don’t Help Each Other, Then Who Will? Together We Can! #LeanInTogether

Women need to look out for other women instead of pulling them down. At work, find a mentor, or mentor someone. Help them. We need to lean in together.

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5 Sexist Ads That Make You Want To Question The Brands, “What Were You Thinking?”

Sexist ads abound, and it is best to take their message with a large pinch of salt. Really, what were these brands thinking?

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Embrace Your Identity! Why Are You So Afraid To Be ‘YOU’?

We all search for our identity, but often hide it under masks that allow us to fit in according to society's rules. But it is worthwhile living life unmasked.

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Do You Truly Consider Women, While Actually Marketing To Women?

While marketing to women, many brands tend to look at women as a monolithic group, or as impulse buyers. That is far from the truth!

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A Melukote Travel Guide For The History Buff Who Wants To Head Out Of Bangalore

This Melukote travel guide is good inspiration for you if you are looking for travel destinations close to Bangalore. All the more fun because this one comes from an all-girls trip!

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The Man Behind iD Foods As A Father Who Believes Values Matter At Home And Work [#Father’sDaySpecial]

Musthafa PC, the man behind iD Fresh Foods, has built a Rs.100 crore empire, but values his role as Dad above all. A Father’s Day special.

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5 Indian Brands Show Us Change is Needed…And Lies Well Within Us

These 5 Indian brands have adopted bold campaigns, unafraid to challenge gender norms. Take a look!    

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